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Cooled Seats

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#161 OFFLINE   omar302


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Posted 23 September 2018 - 01:07 AM


No Zippers on the Edge - Kind of like rolling a condom off. It isn't easy as the fabric and padding is stiff. You can roll it back till you get to side airbag, that gives enough room on the back to access the TED. 


There is some heavy duty Velcro in the bolster channels where it meets the seat center back that needs to be loosened to get it to roll back. Shows as green in the photo. You can't roll it much higher without getting into the airbags. Just is high enough in the back to access the TED


I've attached a picture and a PDF of the notes I sent to Tim when I did mine





Alright so I got my kit in the mail from http://seatguru.wixs...om/fordseatfix#! and didn't waste any time getting it in there. The parts look strong and well made to withstand a toddler kicking the back of the seat.

The only issue I had was finding a Torx T6 screwdriver bit at home to remove the screws. But, start to finish took me maybe 15-20 minutes per seat. But I do recommend pulling the seat out of the car for sure. 4 bolts and a few connectors.


His website does not have instructions for the Edge, only F-150. Seats are different, but seat coolers are the same. The service manual says to take the seat out of the car(which might make it easier) and then pretty much remove all of the upholstery, separate the seat back from the seat bottom...no. I didn't do any of that,

The way I did it, I just put the seat bottom up and forward, with the seat back fully forward. Underneath the seat are two connectors, small yellow connector is the airbag(I recommend depowering the airbag system, or at least unhook your battery for a half hour before starting. Although I didn't do either). Unplug these two connectors and make sure they are loose. Then, there is two bungee cords holding the seat flap to the bottom of the seat, undo these. This exposes the J-channel. The J-channel is your entry way into the seat. I cannot explain in detail how to unhook it, but definitely start on an end and I used a right angle dental pick. Once the J-channel is loose, remove the plastic from the seat pocket, then you can pull up the upholstery enough to get to the blower assembly. Have someone hold the upholstery up for you while you work. 


This project is a PITA! But well worth it! Grab a case of beer to get you through it. The F-150 seat has zippers on the side to make this job a lot easier, the Edge unfortunately does not have these zippers.


Sorry I completely forgot to take pictures while in there.

If you look on the website, the inside of the seat looks the same as the F-150, the blower assembly is exactly the same, and routing of the pipes is similar.

Here is the area you will be working in. I thought I could at least show something.





Here's some pictures of the inside of the Edge seat. I found a better way to gain more access to this, simply roll up the upholstery like you would your pant legs. But be careful of the airbag on the outer side of the seat. Still may be easier for some to take the seat out of the car.





First of all, thanks to tmarsh & Paul. Their posts were very helpful and I finally did the mod to the driver's seat. I plan on doing the passenger seat on another weekend.


The job, after having actually done 1 seat, is not really hard. Also expect some to get some cuts as others stated when routing the hose, be very careful, the seat frame is sharp & will cause the type of cuts that see after you get them (what I mean is that you'd realize you got the cut after it actually happened because you did not feel that kind of pain). Also, flipping up and back the seat back upholstery turned out to be fairly easy, one issue I should have done better to fix the hose to the exhaust fix piece before installing. These are also a few comments on things I noticed.


My Edge already came from the factory with the TSB fix, so the J-Clip mentioned is actually 2 smaller clips. They were short enough that I was able to slide the two sides of each to disconnect it.


There is a plastic piece that seems to be a protective piece to protect the back from kicks. Paul mentioned it in his post, here is a picture of it & the pouch it goes into. The 2015 Service Manual does not make any mention of it, so it might be a 2016+ thing.


Attached File  Cooled - Plastic.jpg   166.83KB   0 downloads


Attached File  Cooled - Plastic Pocket2.jpg   136.99KB   0 downloads


As I already had the sock from the factory, I decided to only use the exhaust fix. I routed the hose to right next the the seat side frame & out through the slot like what Paul did. Only difference is the kit I received had the black hose & I was able to pinch the last 1-2 inches by hand so it will go through the slot. Then at the very end of the hose, I cut about 1/4" of half the opening, my idea is that if the seat cover flap on covering the hose opening, the exhaust air will still have an exit route.


This photo is from tmarsh, only added the arrows to show my hose routing.

Attached File  Not my photo1.jpg   390.59KB   0 downloads


The slot from inside:

Attached File  Cooled - Inside - Slot Hose.jpg   97.49KB   0 downloads


Hose coming out of the slot:

Attached File  Cooled - Slot Hose out.jpg   133.36KB   0 downloads


Attached File  Cooled - Slot Hose out2.jpg   170.05KB   0 downloads


Showing the hose behind the flap cover:

Attached File  Cooled - Hose exposed show.jpg   116.88KB   0 downloads


Finished look:

Attached File  Cooled - Finished out.jpg   157.35KB   0 downloads

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#162 OFFLINE   1004ron


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Posted 23 September 2018 - 09:43 AM



Thanks for the additional info - what is your backrest cooling performance now, ...... same as the seat bottom?

#163 OFFLINE   omar302


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Posted 23 September 2018 - 10:20 AM

@1004ron, It is better than before and it does not heat up at all, that is sure, but it is still not like the bottom. There is still a considerable difference.

#164 OFFLINE   tmarsh


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Posted 23 September 2018 - 07:01 PM

Same, mine does not work as well as the bottom still, but it works. Ive also found a sweet spot for mine. To get it to work the best, turn it on high as soon as you get in. Once the cabin cools off, turn the seat to medium setting. My seat backs seem to work the best on medium setting for short trips, or low setting for long trips. The temperature of the TED does not change between high, medium, and low. Only the fan speed changes.


For my 15, I also updated my as built data for the TSB. This made a noticeable difference in fan speeds. 


I also tried plumbing the intake into the HVAC system. I tapped the duct in the center console that goes to the back vents, and had the HVAC on MAX AC, so low cool and highest fan speed, with the back vents shut. Believe it or not, this did not make any noticeable difference in seatback cooling even with the air conditioning being forced into the blower. The TED temperature only dropped two degrees. So it did make a slight difference, but under normal conditions I have my AC on auto at 70-74 degrees. So plumbing the cooled seats into the HVAC system is a bust.

Edited by tmarsh, 23 September 2018 - 07:05 PM.

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#165 OFFLINE   omar302


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Posted 29 September 2018 - 06:55 AM

Did the passenger seat yesterday & got some more photos, might be useful.


1 & 2: Show under the seat before removing the 2 connectors.

3: Shows were the strap is after removing the connector.

4: The side airbag connector removed & disconnected.

5 & 6: The J-Clips disconnected & flap partially raised and shows how the connectors are going through the 2 holes.

8 & 9: The seat back TED & intake sock.

10: Close up of the seat back TED, these are the screws that to be removed (T6 torx).

11: The route the hose will be going through.

12 & 13: The exhaust hose pinched at the end with a part cut so when the seat flap goes over it it wouldn't block it.

14 & 15: The exhaust piece & hose installed & routed.

16: A photo of the front how the seat cover is raised.


The difference I saw between the driver & passenger seats is that due to the side airbag being on the right, the hose is routing is not as smooth as it was on the driver side (due driver side having the airbag on the other side)..

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