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    • Got the 4 oil seal rings out (slip joint pliers), but don't have a good way of replacing them. Luckily, there is a shop within walking distance and I'll see if they will be willing to press them into place so I don't bugger the whole thing up.   Then it will just be a matter of a couple of dabs of goo, and bolting it all back together. Not sure how the wiring is going to hold up over time when I was busting the VC bolt plastic cap-holder things left and right. I'll be happy with no leaks and all the electrical plugs in place at this point.
    • 2017 Titanium, FWD. Been tracking down an annoying squeak behind the passenger seats. First thought it was the styrofoam inserts in the spare tire compartment. They do squeak from time to time. I used some foam strips on the cargo area cover. Think that solved that one. But there is a definite, different squeak coming from inside the liftgate itself. If I open the liftgate and shake it just a bit, the noise is right there; inside the interior panel. That brings me to: how do you get that interior panel off? I've looked for vids. Can't find any specific to the 2015-2018 Edge. Anyone got a vid, instructions, etc they'd care to share? Sure would like to take a look inside that panel, see what is going on. It's on the passenger side of the door. Would that be the "right" side? 
    • I went to the dealer yesterday and drove a 2018 sport and the 2019 ST. They both are huge upgrades from my 2011 but the ST handling and steering was increadible. Power felt similar but the ST is definitely much more fun to drive. The ST has the B&O sound system which definitely sounds better and more supportive seats. I would say it fits nicely as an upgrade to the sport at its price point. 
    • On the block, in the area between the alternator and the oil filter.  Can be difficult to manage with one person due to location, but not impossible.
    • Colorful history there, mwilson!  Hope the ST fares a tiny bit better!
    • I actually found a place within 45 minutes of my home, that does custom redrilling of ALLOY wheels, to the extreme! However, when I told him my wheels were actually steel wheels, he refused to take on the job, saying that he couldn't duplicate the "chamfered" (beveled) edges around where the new holes would be, and it would somehow weaken the whole rim. I found this odd, since I was examples of his work online, and some of his alloy-wheel work had holes all over the place, including the 60-degree beveled edges... far extensive work than I was asking him to consider doing. I just think he didn't want to deal with a steel wheel, that's all...
    • mwilson...Your issue is far more disgusting than mine!!  Hopefully FORD caught something on mine and that is why the delay but why not inform a person?!  Of course a number of the 15 - 16 Mustangs had drivetrain vibrations and Ford would not admit that; I purchased a one-piece aluminum driveshaft and installed it myself, end of problem without fighting Ford over it.  That Mustang is what I traded in on this ST last May.  My 2013 Edge 3.5 had slow water leak right from start; Ford said it was internal water pump and they did not have any in stock to repair.  It was a slow leak maybe 2 quarts per 3,000 miles.  So finally water pumps came in and tore it down; NOT the water pump!!  Took off the head on that side and found deep scratch all the way across the block deck so of course head gasket could not seal it.  They replaced the whole engine and dealer gave (no cost) me a new loaner car to drive the whole time it took to replace...3 weeks.  Ford said they neve seen anything like that before!!  HA!  Back to the ST, I guess the old adage always has been, "don't buy a new model anything for 6 to 12 months"!!
    • So, I have the SYNC module. Looks like I need a jumper wire, a USB wire & some instructions.   Does the SYNC module attach to the aback of the radio or does it go down inside the center console?? Can anyone find me the part number for the wiring harness?  I've seen the USB wire listed on eBay.
    • This thing comes as a kit.   It says there is wiring & instructions. Surely these items could be gotten & or copied. Without paying over SIX HUNDRED dollars!     https://accessories.ford.com/sync-accessory-kit.html   SYNC Accessory Kit Part No: 9R3Z-14D212-A SRP: $610.71 Get local pricing Includes: Jumper Wire Assembly, USB Cable, SYNC Module, Tie-Down Straps and Quick Reference Manual.          
    • If you turn you ac on max both fans should come on full.   The reason you get continuity is the fan motor is a continuous wire (its just a coil). You should see a resistsnce of a few ohms (maybe 20-30 ohms).   I hope you ordered a Motorcraft fan assembly. The aftermarket units have reported problens.
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