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    So....I went to the dealer this morning and met with the service mgr. They brought my Edge back to the shop and the service mgr. said he would be back in 10 minutes after a test ride with another customer. When he returned about 20 minutes later we went to the shop. Approached my car and the tech was already under it!! And he was frantically rushing. I was pissed. He had already removed the old fluid before we arrived and was starting to pump the new fluid in. As he pumps it in he shows me that its full because the fluid is OVERFLOWING FROM THE FILL PLUG. All down the side of the PTU like it should have been before! I could tell he was mad or embarrassed , and was trying to cover his tracks, he never mad eye contact. He was so frazzled to get the PTU full he knocked over the quart of fluid onto the floor. The service mgr. and I walked back into the service advisor area and I lit him up. I told him its obvious he didn't do it the first time. He couldn't wait to fill it up so oil could spill all down the side of the PTU. But I had pictures of it before. When I showed the pictures to him he didn't respond. I told him I wanted to see the dirty fluid and the fill plug and the tech purposely started before we got back there. The service mgr. said that he showed me the fill plug, and I told him I wanted to see it when it first came off and if it had any metal shaving on it. He proceeded to tell me he picked up the drain plug and "he personally cleaned off all the metal shavings with his fingers" and showed me his greasy hands. I told him thank you for proving my point. There shouldn't have been any shaving on the plug if the fluid was changed yesterday, and it was obvious from my pictures that no fluid had ever touched the outside of my PTU. He then told me he would give me a full refund for the job. Just shameful. 99.99% of people would never know that they got ripped off. Unfortunately for him, I was the .01%
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    Report it to the Better Business Bureau and contact Ford to report the shop. You caught them but how many other have been ripped off by these criminals. Don't stop at making them just do what you paid for.
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    The worst part of what they did was making you think the ptu fluid was changed, and leaving you in the position of having original fluid in there and potentially ruining the ptu costing you a lot of money to replace it down the road. That is an absolutely disgusting story, that mechanic committed fraud and I would never step foot in that place again. Well done standing up for yourself and getting a refund.
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    Soo looking Fwd to having one... for lunch...lol
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    I give up. This new format is just wasting too much time trying to use (mobile version, have not tried the full version). Too much fluff, showing posters history after each entry, stuffed with ads (dont mind, but takes up to much real estate), too mant screens to find new content where old forum was one click. I've decided to not participatr any longer. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and learn for the last 4 or 5 years.
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    Found something useful, after saving a new stream and going to it, there are 3 little icons next to the stream title, edit, delete & a grey check. Tapping on the grey check will turn it green, then the button on top next to the search icon that usually takes you to the default unread view will start to take you to the custom stream view.
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    The vibrant t-bolt clamps we used can be found at most Pepboys speed shops. Fantastic quality and they hold firm! just a little pricey. Inside secret I'll let you in on, spray a little hairspray around the inside of the tube before attaching, this helps with the seal and a secure attachment.
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    There is an option under Read Status where you can change it, but on the old software you had to click on the dot or star to go to the first unread post - clicking on the title always took you to the first page of the topic. At least that's how it worked for me for the last several years.
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    I would be very cautious about running a tune based on the need of methanol... methanol should NEVER be the basis of a tune, instead an additive. Yes methanol can be used as fuel source to richen up a mixture, should it be used for that, no. A tunes AFR targets that based and only achieved souly on the use of meth is a very unsafe tune and can lead to engine failure. How you may ask, its simple.....meth will run out before your gas does. when you run out of meth and do not have a controller (there is not one for the edge yet) you run the risk of quickly draining you meth tank and the running lean, and we all know what running lean does to engine....BOOM. A properly setup daily driven tune vehicle has a fuel setup that can keep up with demands with 15% head room for colder conditions where more fuel is needed and a few other extremes. Meth is just an additive whose sole purpose is to lower boost temps and add a little more fuel not to be relied on as a fuel source itself.
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    Depending on the severity of the damage, i would get an alignment. Light curb rash usually doesn't require an alignment, but if she did enough damage to warrant a WHEEL replacement, then I would DEFINITELY get an alignment to cover all the bases. These newer vehicles are so tight within their specs, a big curb hit could knock it out of spec (which can also be said for pretty much every vehicle). I'd plan on, at minimum & based solely on your description, 1 wheel replace & 4 wheel alignment. You may possibly need 2 new front tires, depending on the severity of the damage, which a tire shop should be able to tell you whether or not you need one.
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    Forget about what you look like to them and stand up for yourself. I'd ask to see the fluid condition that comes out of the ptu just to confirm if this is an establishment I would ever return to.
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    Says that they sucked it out & refilled. I'd check fluid with a white zip tie to co firm new fluid in there.
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    I can get used the new format. Things change. But where is the 'New Posts" option? Is that what 'Unread Content' is? Also, where is the option to view threads in which I have posted?
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    If this were me I'd pull that plug and if the fluid doesn't look new (it should be obvious if it was just changed) I'd bring it back and explain they can do it again while you watch or you are going to dispute the charges. It's bad enough how much they charged for this job, but I'm not going to let anyone defraud me like that.
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    Mine is handling well past that & doing fine. Totally agree & support your points!
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    C'mon man, don't give up! Take a couple of days off, but come back!
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    It's pretty simple, you just turn the vehicle upside down.
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    I didn't know that. Thanks for the info, just checked the owners manuals of the 2011 & 2016 the fluid capacity doubled, from 0.35 ml to 0.7 ml.
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    Don't know yet, not enough miles to have an objective evaluation. But a few units here and there have failed early on, I suppose it is bound to happen. BUT they have increased fluid capacities in the Gen 2+ PTUs, so that should help significantly over time. Plus the Gen 2+ PTUs all have drain plugs, silently added by Ford. So maintenance is still required, but should be able to get a lot better life out of them now than ever before.
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    Bolt pattern is the same, the chassis hasn't changed still CD4. as far as wheels, I dunno, if you have the brake package probably not. But rims are on the basketball court 10ft high, too hard for me to measure them.
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    I tried an electric pump, it wasn't an expensive one, and that's maybe why it didn't work, so I bought a really good vacuum type extractor off eBay. See attached photo of my oil extractor and my garden sprayer re-purposed as an auto trans fluid pump - both work great.
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    We went up north this weekend to visit some family and over the course of the visit we got around 15cm of snow with -10 degrees C temperatures. Not usually a problem except for the fact that we are still on the Pirelli All Seasons that has now covered a relatively hard 37 000km. We managed to maintain a safe speed of between 80 and 100kph without the traction or stability control needing to intervene once on the snow and Ice covered pavement. The only way you could tell there was some clever trickery going on was by looking at the Intelligent AWD display that showed how the car moved the power from the front to rear axles to keep the vehicle tracking straight and true. Had the car been fitted with its winter tires I am confident we would have been able to stick to the posted 110kph speed limit the entire way. If you are in the market for an AWD SUV and you stumble upon this whilst you are researching options, you will not be disappointed in how the Edge handles these tricky situations!
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    I've got 63,000 miles on her and I put on about 12,000 miles a year. What kind of interval do you recommend I use for the next three drain and fills?
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    I am surprised dealers don't know that Ford now has a new much cheaper solution.
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    Hate is way, way too strong a term, but...even though I love the huge sunroof on our '16 Titanium...it's three or four inches too far forward. If I don't wear a hat, and the sun is high in the sky, it blasts me right in the eyes...and either have to put a hat on...or close the roof...