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    We're all entitled to our own opinions, right or wrong. I've become familiar with the OP @snmjim on this forum, enough to establish the opinion that he's a suitably qualified and experienced auto enthusiast for me to trust his product opinion and review. This was confirmed by myself when installing the product and after 3 months in service. Come now, you can't hide behind the fear of law suits - you know that there's no way that you're at risk of that on this forum - maybe @akirby and put you at ease, and allow you to explain what you consider bad about this product. What brake kits do you consider better than the Powerstop and cost less?
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    3 Months now with the Power Stop front brake kit and very happy with them - thanks for the heads up @snmjim
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    Just drove 22 miles past 0 miles to empty and squeezed in 17.8 gallons. So the 'reserve' at 0 miles to go is about 1.6 gallons.
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    If an Osram branded bulb is available, I would take that over a Sylvania branded bulb any day. Time and again, I found the Osram to be significantly superior, both in output and longevity.
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    I have used VP, Torco and Race Gas products. The only one I have not tried is the Race Gas Ultra. Where I live 91 is the best you can get. Sometimes I like to run the 93 tune but to do that I have to buy 100 octane Race fuel at $9.40 per gal and blend it with 91, or use one of these additives. I decided to try all three bad to back with a tank of gas to compare. First up was the VP Madditive I rate it last place as my motor ran rough and did not make good power. I was concerned that it did not rase the octane enough to run the 93 tune although I did and there was no damage. I will not buy it again. Next place goes to Torco Accellrator this product worked well with the 93 tune providing smooth acceleration and noticeable power gains I would use it again if Race Gas was unavailable. In first place and making me a believer is Race Gas. I mixed one can to a tank of 91 and what a difference it made with the 93 tune. The car came alive and was making tons of power. The engine also sounded quieter and smoother than with Torco. I am going to try the Race Gas ultra next. It might be overkill as the normal Race Gas worked so well . I should have used my Dragy to have numbers to back up my butt dyno. Oh well next time.
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    Just an update: ordered the custom harness from TXFRDOwner which came in super fast. Finally got to try out the Nautilus cluster tonight. It turns on, but as I expected, not all of the steering wheel buttons worked. Dan at the Fusion forums said something about him using a 2017+ MKZ steering wheel control module (SCCM) but I don't know if that fixed his button issue 100% or not. It also of course had quite a few error messages that can be ironed out with ForScan (i.e. adaptive cruise malfunction, collision alert malfunction, etc.) but it did of course work well with the few things I could try - digital speedometer readout, TPMS readout, radio station, trip readout/reset, but that was about it. Gonna think on what I want to do next. I'm not totally sure the euro Edge lens will be good for this IPC, as to me it seems like it would cut off some of the LCD display. The MKX cluster has a more rounded design on the bottom and sides and this is just flat. If that's the case, it wouldn't really be worth the install, and I may just get rid of the Nautilus cluster. Long story short though it may not be a totally impossible job.
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    mirrors are sold seperatly: mirror assembly: FT4Z-17683-AA mirror glass: FT4Z-17K707-G mirror motor: AU5Z-17D696-A etc.. The matching paint cover can be removed from your existing mirror and transferred over to the new assembly. it's holding to the assembly with 4 tabs. Go to your dealer parts dpt and show them the broken part and they'll tell you if it's available on it's own. you can also check online any dealer site that has a parts catalog online.
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    I'm seeing this problem mentioned here (of course) and other Edge forums more than you'd think. Maybe it's because Gen2s are starting to pile on some mileage and the coolant intrusion into cylinder 2 is just making itself known. This the 2L engine only. Ford knows about the issue and issued this notification to dealers in August of this year: https://ford.oemdtc.com/4476/2-0l-ecoboost-coolant-in-cylinders-white-exhaust-smoke-and-or-illuminated-mil-2015-2019-ford-lincoln
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    Here are some photos of my installation of two Kenwood and one Kenwood amplifier using the I data Maestro. I replaced the door speakers what is Rockford Fosgate T2s and 2Skar DDX 10in subs. And a NorthStar Agm battery and 0ga Ofc sky high audio power wire. I also installed 4 coiling fans and cut a vent on the floor to push all the hot air out.
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    lol - I had the exact same reaction/thought! fwiw I installed Powerstop brakes on my 2012 Sonata and 2001 F150 and love them on both vehicles. Installing them tomorrow on my 2010 Suburban.
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    UGH FINE. But i need your help with it..... the first question on my homework page is: Question 1: Do paddle shifters come with a 2019 Ford Edge A- No B- Yes C- A&B D- Its a safety hazard and the owner should be reimbursed E- None of above
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    I'm 56 but it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with common sense.
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    I am not sure where you thought I did not understand the need for a larger/better intercooler. I have been and am all for one. I know the AGS has to be removed, and never said plug and play. I just would like one that 'bolts' up to the stock holes or area without modification other than removal of the AGS. On the Focus the FMIC was pretty much bolt on, at least the one I got, and was only $350 and was size wise, increase in cooling area, about the same as we are talking here if not more. I do not recall off the top of my head. It was very effective at keeping the charge air temp delta, cold side, to withing 5-7 degrees start to finish. Either way I lease so I want to be able to pull the bumper cover, remove AGS and Stock FMIC and install new FMIC and put the bumper cover back on, like I did with my Focus ST. I know when I turn it in they would not notice the holes drilled when returned to stock but I still do not want to have to drill.
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    Before you drop a massive boat load of cash next time, check out the Firestone Indy 500's, used them in autocross and dropped about .5 sec from PS4's i had on the audi, and they lasted longer! Did i mention they are also half the price?
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    Odometer read 94k miles. According to this forum, time to replace spark plugs. Bought spark plugs, PCV valve, and plenum gasket set as recommended here. Watched a few youtube videos. Front 3 were easy. Now rear 3. The coils wouldn't come out. Did twisting and pulling alternatingly. No use. Yanked really hard and they came out. Dropped 5/8" socket into the well to remove the plug. No engagement. What the heck is going on? Pulled out a mirror and looked into the well. There is rubber at the bottom! Apparently, the rubber boot was welded to the spark plug ceramic (due to heat and age I suppose). When the coil was pulled up, the bottom portion got torn up and remained in the well. What a mess! Beer time. I need to calm down. I remembered a dental pick set. Relying on the feel, I slowly detached the rubber from the plug post. After 30 miinutes all rubber pieces came out. Old spark plug gaps were between 70 and 80 mils, really worn down from 54. I thank the forum for recommending plug change at 90K miles. Could have been earlier like 70 or 80k miles. My next plug change will be after 70k miles. Lessons learned: 1) Be prepared for boot damage. Apply silicone dielectric grease to the boot to prevent boot-to-spark plug welding. 2) This video was most helpful except for a bolt in the far back (2:45) and an electrical plug (8:00). Both are missing in 2010. The electrical plug is apparently for heated PCV valve. 2010 has a non-heated version.
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    If the OM calls for 80w-90:then that’s what you need. I’d change it. That’s a big difference in hot viscosity.
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    They won't just flash it to the latest software simply because you ask them to. That 1/2 hour costs money and is NOT covered under warranty unless there is an issue the customer is complaining about. To simply say, "I want the latest software" is not a valid issue that gets warranty coverage. A particular dealer may eat the cost to keep you happy, but it's not the norm.
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    For those who want the latest, greatest version of Sync for their Gen2 Edges someone has come up with a way to install version 3.4 without having to jump through (too many) hoops. You'll find all the information and files you need here: https://cyanlabs.net/tutorials/update-ford-sync-3-2-2-3-0-to-version-3-4-all-years-3-4-19200/?fbclid=IwAR3j_xhNZg06dIXYp67VWEFESs4ez58lOtr7IcRtcmIaYhFl9grbT4YDHIc Is there any risk you'll brick your current Gen3.0 APIM? Probably. Can you roll back to V3.0 if you don't like 3.4? The page says maybe not. Is this for the faint of heart? Definitely not. If you decide to try it please post your experience and results (photos would be nice). Does 3.4 run faster or slower than your current 3.0? Are there some dandy features that really make this a worthwhile update? Is Waze now a native app for Android users or is it still an Android Auto only add on? Can users import their own custom backgrounds (like Sync2 users could)? Is something missing (like GT Theme) that you enjoyed with 3.0? Etc.
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    Here is the tune back on it, no updated revision just the update for the strategy codes. First two are stock then the second are the 93 tune. Same exact road. May have started a little bit down the road than before.
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    Thanks everyone for the info!
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    Good morning all! We are currently working with a company to bring an affordable big brake kit (BBK) to our platform. for the time being we will focus on the front calipers only as it will be expensive to get the process started. We are just trying to gauge interest, pricing will be between 1200.00 ~ 3860.00. The kit will include: - Calipers (4,6,or 8 Piston) - Custom Anodized Color - Caliper Carrier - Rotors (330mm ~ 380MM) - Pads (street, sport, race, pro-race) - Stainless Steel Lines - All mounting Hardware The kit is highly customizable and the price will change as you upgrade of course (from dust book composition to even have carbon ceramic options). The more interest there is the better (of course). If you have any questions please feel free to ask, i will do my best to answer them as thoroughly as i can.
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    What what was once thought impossible for the Edge with its weight penalty and smaller engine to the Alpha is now a reality. Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglo listed at 505hp base price $75,900 , with popular options $87,065 + tax and Lic. Alpha: PERFORMANCE (C/D EST): Zero to 60 mph: 3.6 sec Zero to 100 mph: 9.0 sec Standing ¼-mile: 12.2 sec