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    jvuckovic17: Below are relevant sections from 2018 Edge Workshop Manual, and from 2018 Gasoline Powertrain Control- Emission Diagnosis Manual, relating to potential causes of P1450 Diagnostic Trouble Code, Diagnostic Pinpoint Test HX, and other procedures, diagrams, and details, provided as PDF download links and images... Good luck! PINPOINT TEST HX - EVAPORATIVE EMISSION (EVAP) SYSTEM AND MONITOR - 2.7L Ecoboost - 2018 PC-ED Manual.pdf Evaporative Emissions - Overview - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Evaporative Emissions - System Operation and Component Description - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Evaporative Emission Canister - Removal and Installation - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Evaporative Emission Canister Ventilation Filter - Removal and Installation - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Evaporative Emission Canister Vent Solenoid - Removal and Installation - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor and Tube - Removal and Installation - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Fuel Tank - Removal and Installation - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge.pdf EVAP Components Wiring Diagram - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf EVAPORATIVE EMISSION (EVAP) CANISTER VENT VALVE - Connector C450 Details - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf EVAPORATIVE EMISSION (EVAP) PURGE VALVE - Connector C1029 Details - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Valve - Removal and Installation - 2.7L EcoBoost - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Powertrain Control Module (PCM) - Removal and Installation - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM) Connector C1551B Details - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf You may input your Edge's VIN into the factory FordParts.com site to determine which Vapor Canister is appropriate for your vehicle, and/or contact them via telephone, or inquire at your local dealership Parts counter, or via your preferred online parts seller ...
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    No one said there isn't a 3.5 Ecoboost. It's a mainstay in the F-150. Just said there isn't one in ANY Edge. This is an Edge forum.
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    While my source is Ford's secure online website for dealership service technicians, it's public equivalent is marketed through Helm on a CD-ROM for $205 + 7.95 standard shipping with state sales tax collected only for MI, CA, GA & WI addresses. Helm Service Information Manual links: 2017 Edge, 2015 Mustang. This online seller provides an image and listing of information categories contained in the same Ford Service Information Manuals they offer at a price higher than Helm's. Good luck!
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    PerfA - I can't say whether or not the extra shield has made a difference because now since I put in the drain, I change the oil regularly - every 2nd engine oil change. It is still coming out dirty but I think this is because it is still cleaning the sludge out that is in pockets in the PTU. No failure yet so changing the oil seems to be helping. I added the extra shield because of what others said about cooking the oil due to heat and of course I prefer to change oil than parts. I suppose a high temperature oil would help longevity considering the oil seems to turn to goo and that seems to be a result of overheating the oil beyond its temperature spec. Couldn't hurt.
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    Have any of you driven your Edge on a long trip over 500 miles one way with over 150K on the odometer? My Edge has 166K and looks good for the year and mileage and seems to be running good. I was thinking about driving this vehicle.
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    Hi Haz, I was able to purchase an oem hitch from a friend at a great price. I got underneath and realized that it sides into the body instead of over like the aftermarket. Now all o have to do is see how brave I am at tackling this myself. Thanks for the great info.
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    Ford's Accessories Store has listings for a 2015-2018 factory trailer hitch that mounts using existing holes, and also a 4-pin trailer lights wiring kit that splices into existing wiring, which also include an installation cost for each item at your local Ford dealer. Ford's online parts site, FordParts.com, also markets factory Accessories, with pricing that may be lower through your local dealership than the above Ford Accessories Store. Below is a PDF download link to installation instructions for the hitch, to provide you an understanding of what the dealership Service personnel are doing to earn the installation charge, or if you wish to consider installing it yourself... 2015-2018 Edge Factory No-Drill Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions 2.pdf We upgraded our 2015 MKX (GEN 1+) to full tow package specs, described with pricing in this past post. Good luck!
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    I’ve had my Edge 18 months.
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    No such thing. You either have a 3.5 NA or a 2.0 EcoBoost. 3.5 = FL500S 2.0 = FL910S Of course, these can be cross referenced to many alternatives, but nothing wrong with Motorcraft and they're inexpensive.
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    Thank you! Ended up getting P1016 wastegate Control Pressure Higher Than Expected with a recommendation to replace the turbocharger wastegate solenoid. Finished this afternoon and it seemed to fix the problem. Last night it did it again but I was able to prevent by not maintaining speed. Seems to only happen when I maintain a higher speed for a while.
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    Already had my EGR valve replaced.
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    @Haz How expensive is this type of service manual, and is it available to the general public? I've got a DVD service manual for my BMW motorcycle and it's the type of quality that you often post here, search feature and hyperlinks etc. - I'd love to buy something like that for my Edge and my wife's Mustang.
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    After re-reading your several posts here, it seems that you're describing a vehicle that's not initially recognizing its rightful keyfob as being authorized, until after you very briefly interrupt battery power to the entire system, at which point that same keyfob commands the entire system to life. Without an authorized keyfob present, most of the conditions you describe are normal: exterior keypad is functional and unlocks/locks doors, alarm sounds when door is unlocked with emergency key & exterior keypad silences the alarm, horn works. The non-working interior door switches are puzzling, though. But, you mention a distinct lack of gauge cluster messages, so your Edge did not respond with 'No Key Detected'. Looking through Keyfob / PATS-related diagnostics, I found this... Did you happen to notice if the button's LED was flashing ? Or otherwise, take note if there is a 'next time'. Step 4 is... Good luck!
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    According to my records the first V3 should be arriving soon. Hopefully in the next few days there will be a review.
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    UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED!! (thanks to a few regulars here who seem to find the time to contribute to EVERYthing) I went to a scrap yard that had a handful of 1st gen Edges in their yard last week, and managed to grab 4 different HVAC modules (along with some replacement rear parking sensors) for $75. Picture 3 is of the faulty original unit that was replaced with one of a different part #, but luckily fully compatible with all the options in my Limited (ambient lighting, automatic hvac control, dual climate control, heated seats, etc). *Note in picture 4 that 2 of the modules I retrieved were missing a receptacle. This was likely due to those vehicles not being equipped with certain options (heated seats? ambient lighting?)* After having the opportunity to tear into the scrap yard vehicles without any regard for their well-being, I devised myself a plan to easily replace the module. The first step of the process was to remove the side access panel to the dash/door vent. After opening that up, as you can see in the pic below, I used an angle grinder to cut a little access hole in the "blank" of the dash piece that lays UNDER the removeable kick panel. From these two access points, I was able to remove the plastic push-rivet that holds the vent tube to the module frame/mount; and then remove the upper portion of the vent tube entirely. After that, it's a matter of one retaining screw, and then unplugging the connectors from the module to drop it out and swap. With everything back together, you'd have no clue I was ever in there. Now the fan, lighting, etc... everything... works perfectly. No programming needed, either!
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    Update: On 9 June I lifted all the relays in the engine compartment fuse box and reseated them and since then its never misbehaved. Speculation, but maybe a little oxidation on one of the terminals related to the data bus ? Fingers crossed that its resolved. I bought a hard copy wiring diagram service manual, not as nice as the color schematics @Haz posts, but it should help if I need to do any fault finding in the future.
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    I just finished install installing a JL Stealthbox in my ST. I was just going to attach some pics and thoughts as I had not seen many on this topic. Total time to install box was maybe an hour however I did not do any sound deadening as it wont be here until the weekend. I reused old amp and equipment other than the sub. I went in with low expectations and came out impressed. Once installed I hooked the sub to the factory amp just to see how it did and it was noticeably louder and punchier than stock. Once my amp was hooked up it was completely different and I will need to add deadening material to cure some rattles. The goal was to not lose any cargo space and improve the bass output which this box worked perfect for. Can anyone tell a difference with ANC disabled or the rear mic unplugged? I have not been on the road long enough after install to tell. I followed this thread for the amp install Here is the factory sub with all panels out JL Stealthbox installed The grill that comes with the Stealthbox and finally the panels reinstalled
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    The PDF from the comment below has a good diagram showing the part. I ordered my part off of Rock Auto. I picked my car and it showed me the correct parts. I think it was around $50
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    That sounds like an aftermarket disabler. Where did you buy them? New or used?
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    You may never change them then. The Edge community is not big into aftermarket support. So Companies dont really invest much due to lack of return. It took me over 2 years of monthly emails to get H&R to make springs for 2nd gen Edge. Eibach used to make springs for 1st gens and stopped cause nobody was buying. Steeda used to make sway bars but stopped for same reason. I doubt you will see another spring from a big name brand. Coilovers from Fusion work also. With that said. My Edge Sport has lowering springs and rear motor mount and my wife has been primary driver for most of the 2 or 3 years its been lowered. She has never complained about the ride and she thinks modding cars is stupid and a waste of money (included that to show she is not used to riding lowered vehicles)
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    I installed it this afternoon, less than a 10 min job. I hope my video helps.
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    Has anyone considered Schaeffer's Specialized Fluids gear oil? Their 170 EXTREME PERFORMANCE FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 75W-140 has a flash point of 489°! Just tossing another option out there. I haven't used it yet, but I might. I plan on changing my PTU fluid every third oil change. Since I recently changed my PTU gear oil, it will be a while before my next service interval. https://www.schaefferoil.com/gear-oils-lubricants.html 271-170-td.pdf
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    This is a known problem with a lot of auto AC’s. Our 08 started stinking a few weeks ago. I bought a product called “Frigi-Fresh.” With the AC on you spray it in the air intake by the passenger windshield wiper. Working great, but it’s a temp fix. Will have to do it again and again. Bought it at NAPA. ab
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    I have 2 edges, 2010 & 2011, yesterday I was at work and went to get in the car at lunch to go eat and when I put my key in and turned the car to run there were 5 loud long beeps, and the car would not start. I checked the battery, it was good, no warning lights came on and everything worked like it should, just no start. I was able to jump the starter with a screwdriver to get it running so I could make it home. On the way home my wife texted and said her car would not start either. I make it to her work and her car does the same exact thing as mine, no start, 5 loud long beeps but will run fine when I jump the starter. She just got a new battery in hers 2 months ago. Can anyone please help me out with this? I think it's soooo crazy that we both have the same exact issue not 6 hours apart!!
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    I've got a 2016 Edge Titanium 3.5 V6 with EcoBoost and my owner manual says to use the FL500s but come to find out mine uses FL 400s. With this being the first oil change on this vehicle since I got it. I've got to put my oil filter back on because I got what the manual called for. The threads on the 500 are too big of a diameter.