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    Negative, coolant level is good, and consistent. It's perfectly normal. The golden light brown stuff is fuel & oil vapor (it gets darker as oil change is closer to due), highly volatile stuff that basically vaporized out of the hot crankcase and was caught by the catch can as it designed to do. The minimal milky sludge is just condensate from water produced by combustion, which is also perfectly normal. It's small comfort, but still good to know there is something catching that garbage instead of it going straight into my intake and coking the intake valves.
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    Seems more like condensation than a full on water/coolant leak into the crank case. Do you live in a humid climate, do lots of cold starts, and possible not get it up to temp and keep it up to temp for your drives? I would get water emulsion on the oil fill cap on a few of my cars in the colder but not frozen parts of the year.
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    Hi, I just purchased a 2021 Edge Titanium. I have owned a number of Fords before my last vehicle, which was a Mazda. (2003 Explorer, 2004 Sport Trac, 2010 Sport Trac, 2008 Focus) Glad to be back in the Ford fold. My Edge is Black. The last black vehicle I had was a 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Limited. Glad to be part of this forum. Thanks, Steve
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    I was finally able to get this working. I spent hours on this and finally found a procedure on the F150 forum that worked. Below is a copy/paste from that post. The trick to programing the new FOB is, after the 6 on-off-on clicks, during the 3 horn-honks, you have to quickly take your foot off the brake and immediately press the "arrow" button. This has to be done during the 3 honks. If done correctly, you will actually hear the horn honk 4 times in a row--the 4th time is confirmation that the FOB has been programed.
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    The contents of his catch can is normal for this time of year. In colder weather water vapor mixes with oil vapor creating the emulsion you see in the picture. The colder it gets the nastier it looks.
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    That's not good sign. You losing cooant?
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    drained my catch can. nasty light oily garbage with some milky sludge in the bottom
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    The past few weeks there's been a few accounts obviously hacked and used to post malicious links. If you see such posts best you don't let your curiosity and click on the links, and use the "report post" button. The only option was to ban the hacked users accounts. This would be a good time to strengthen your account password.
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    I updated my password after reading the first post. I also use Bitwarden password manager. I generate crazy complex passwords with it. Thanks for keeping this thread updated. Bitwarden
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    Hacker with Russian IP address has been busy today, hacked a couple of accounts of members that joined back in 2012.
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    Picking what tools, spares, and handy items I want to keep under the cargo floor, around the spare tire. In my 2017 Escape it was pretty shallow, so I had to split up tool kits usually. The Edge is much deeper, so I could put stuff back in their blow molded cases. But I fired up the CAD program, and the 3D printer, and started making holders for things. Keep stuff together, and not rattle. I like this extending lug wrench, and I like having the most commonly needed ones, even though for my vehicle, I only need one. The 3 spare lug nuts (for $1 more the seller had a 23 pack for Jeeps...3 extra for the spare mount). I tried a surround style holder, but found I could easily replicate the M14x1.5 threads with my printer: Some more of the stuff I am making holders for. The flashlight is nice because we all know that batteries in a device frequently leak and kill the device. Once I get everything in a place, I will post it. I don't really consider this emergency stuff, but when I go places I always get tapped to fix stuff, and I hate dealing with other peoples tools (or lack of), but rope, tie downs, zip ties, rain ponchos, gloves, etc are nice and handy sometimes.
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    Welcome to the Forum! This Special Service Message was released on December 23, 2021... SSM 50375 2016-2021 Various Vehicles - Loss of Navigation Voice Prompts After A SYNC Map Update Some 2016-2021 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 may exhibit a condition where the navigation voice prompts are inoperative after a SYNC map update. This may be due to an incomplete installation of the SYNC map software. If possible, using the original USB that installed the update, reperform the update and verify the navigation voice prompts have returned. Multiple reboots are expected when this update is being performed. Verify the Installation Is Complete message displays in the touch screen. If the original USB is not available, go to website https://syncnavigation.com/ford/home or https://syncnavigation.com/lincoln/home to download the files once more for the affected vehicle. For further map update support, reference the FAQ section on these websites. Additionally, the following SYNC-related Technical Service Bulletin was released on June 2, 2021... Document download link> TSB 21-2175 - 2016-2019 Various Vehicles - SYNC 3 – Various SYNC Performance Related Concerns.pdf Good luck!
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    From the 2014 Edge-MKX Workshop Manual... Document download links> Crankshaft Rear Seal - In-Vehicle Repair - 2014 Edge-MKX Workshop Manual.pdf Crankshaft Rear Seal With Retainer Plate - In-Vehicle Repair - 2014 Edge-MKX Workshop Manual.pdf Good luck!
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    Relevant sections from the 2018 Edge Workshop Manual... Document download links> Liftgate Latch Manual Release - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Liftgate Latch - Removal and Installation - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Liftgate Trim Panel - Removal and Installation - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Liftgate Initialization - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Rear Liftgate - Diagnosis and Testing - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Liftgate Wiring Diagram 1 - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Liftgate Wiring Diagram 2 - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Liftgate Wiring Diagram 3 - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Liftgate Wiring Diagram 4 - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Liftgate Wiring Diagram 5 - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Rear Liftgate - Component Location - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Power Rear Liftgate - System Operation - 2018 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Owner comments in this past discussion should be helpful to you. Good luck!
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    I was looking at the FordPass app. Did you see the info it collects and distributes? INFORMATION THAT'S SHARED: Precise location. Email address User ID User interactions Device ID "Other" stuff DATA THAT'S COLLECTED: Full name Email address User ID Address Phone number Sexual orientation ??????? And "other" stuff ????????? Health and fitness information Copies of your photos Files and docs, and Interactions of user with app. I *think* we've discovered who Big Brother really is!
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    I'm happy with the 18x8 Sparco Terras I just put on, decent price from Tire Rack.
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    What? I have it on my 2009! (Although it works a little differently). With mine, I simply kick my foot on the bottom of the cargo area and yell "Hey Linda, open the hatch". Pop's right open.
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    I get it now. That's definitely not right. I looked and mine isn't like that.
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    Dorman has an improved design Power Transfer Unit Assembly 600-234XD with fluid service drain plug and incorporates a heat shield not found on the factory part that reduces heat transfer to the gearbox lubrication by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent thermal breakdown. Fits the 3.5L for the 3.7L they only have the OE design 600-237 but are working on making an OE Fiix design, if you have the 3.7L Sport and want them to make the OE Fix upgrade design version send a message https://messenger.providesupport.com/messenger/dorman.html or send a message via https://www.dormanproducts.com/pages/forms/support.aspx to Tech Support saying you want a 600-237 in the XD OE Fix
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    For a fuller understanding of how misfire events are recognized, evaluated, and reacted to by electronic engine controls -- technical, but eye-opening... Document download link> Misfire Monitor - OBD Operation Summary for Gasoline Engines - 2016 Model Year.pdf Good luck!
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    Part # 54218A15 - Exterior Door Handle Cover, Door Locking Mechanism Cap via Ford's online parts site (webpage link)... Good luck!
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    Got hungry and went out looking for something to eat today, had a Porsche Macon GTS for lunch. lol
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    2018 Edge Sport......I wish that when you push the button to fold the seats flat from the rear tailgate you could pull them back up to the seating position with another button push