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    GET THEM WHILE AVAILABLE!!! I was able to persuade Zury Fabrications to produce a couple sets of 2.5" catless, downpipes with taper to fit the stock exhaust Sys. I'll confirm o2 bung placements are in easy access positions and maybe get him to include o2 defoulers for those of you concerned with emissions testing compliance. I might even be lucky enough to have him ceracoat them for extra heat management...👍👍👍 Should be available for purchase in 2 Wks. Who will be the first 2 to commit??? SpecialK: if these 2 sets aren't committed in 2 Wks please post them on the Edge FB page.
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    Long ago it became clear that the fueling system had become a choke point to higher horsepower with the 2.7EB, but no parts were available to do anything about it. Did that stop you? Nooooooo..Once again snmjim you are leading the way with new performance parts for the Edge with the Xtreme-DI HPFP and HiPo Injectors. . Thank you.
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    It was the EVAP purge valve. I replaced it and the vehicle is perfect now.
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    Good idea to add your vehicle Model Year to your profile. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=JxlRXtbqJsy7tgW0kLco&q=https+%2F%2Fwww.fordedgeforum.com+transmission+drain+and+fill&oq=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fordedgeforum.com+transmission+drain+and+&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i160l2j33i299l2.822.9474..12508...0.0..0.242.3157.6j18j1......0....2j1..gws-wiz.......0i13.9_Bw-6Nk_Nk I did multiple drain and fills, .....didn't touch the lines to and from the cooler.
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    Rolled over 40,000 miles yesterday so I decided to change several fluids. Used Royal Purple 5w30 for the engine (5.7 quarts) with a Motorcraft filter, and Royal Purple 75/140 for the PTU. Been using R P for a long time and like it. For the transmission fluid I used Motorcraft LV atf. I had the front jacked up so it only drained 3.75 quarts, so that’s exactly what I put back in. The vehicle and the atf had been in the garage for a few days so the fluids In and out were the same temperature. The fluid was not real black and had a slight red tint still. Surprised. Pretty easy job. I do it again at the next couple of oil changes. The PTU was a real pain. I loosened the fill plug first to insure I could put fluid back in, then drained the unit. Both plugs were tight as hell. I filled it using a small hand pump I had bought on amazon and it worked swell. The big surprise was that it only took less than 1/2 a quart. I kept pumping it in but it came running back out. Ugh. Then I looked in the owner’s manual which said .35L for the 2.0 turbo. So, I guess I’m good but what a pain. There was a glob of goo on the drain plug magnet but no solid chunks. The fluid was not really too bad...dirty but not gooey like others have said. I expected worse.
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    I filled up with 93 octane and installed the LMS performance tune for the first time yesterday and Wow! The ST just wants to go, the traction control light is always flashing and I'm hardly pushing it.
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    Just picked up my new 2019 SEL (Blue/Dune) and I love it, but then I would, my other car is a 2008 Taurus X 3.5L ( N-A, 6 sp) that I've had for 8 yrs. The forum is really GREAT! Thanks to all who have made it what it is. While I live in FL, I have started spending my summers in the Rockies and need more ground clearance for the boonies!
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    Furthermore, and in the last post in the thread @Gadgetjq linked to, even the taillights on the sides are different. SE/SEL have different lights than Sport/Titanium models as they illuminate differently. If you want a full bar, you'll need all three light assemblies and also programming through ForScan. In the SE/SEL side taillights, only the middle part illuminates. Low intensity for normal parking light function and full brightness with brakes/signals. In Sport/Titanium side taillights, the surrounding illuminates as the parking light (completing the middle bar) and middle part is split, top is red for brakes and bottom is amber for signal. Couldn't get better pictures, but should give an idea.
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    Very nice buy, congrats.
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    Sorry I did not make myself clear. I understand that you have to use the stock injectors while you wait for the new ones to become available. So If the new ones are not the 1,700cc Deatschwerks injectors that we spoke of, then I am assuming that the new injectors will be designed specifically for the 2.7EB. That would be great because so far there are no HiPo injectors that are made specifically for the 2.7EB.
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    The day is near. I'm just waiting for Livernois to send me the performance tune so I can upload it. 😀
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    I am sure you'll get more answers from more knowledgeable members, but I think you're asking if it would be "harmful" if you don't run 93. In that case I think asking Torrie is your best bet as he would know how he tuned it and how it react on a lower octane. In a stock tune, it is programmed to take advantage of higher octane levels and to run fine (with reduced power) on lower octanes without any harm.
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    When you select sport, it will ask you if it is a sport or not just like your picture.....then you get the unfortunate message.....
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    Yes. Absolutely, yes.
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    Just to be sure, did you get these: https://www.weathertech.com/ford/2016/edge/mudflap-no-drill-digitalfit/edge-sport/yes/ Looks like they now have the Sport version.
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    When a company finally accepts my plans
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    reading is fundamental and I totally missed the part that you used OEM injectors for the time being...
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    Welcome and congrats on the new ride. The Fusion Sport is a sharp vehicle, too bad it is going to be discontinued.
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    Welcome, congrats on your new Edge.
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    finally got around to deleting the rear wiper. A much cleaner look! I don't use my rear wiper, it's HEAVILY coated in Graphene (an upgrade to ceramic coatings) and I have zero issues seeing behind me. It has been unplugged for over the last year anway, was just waiting on time. had to cover the silicone with flat black vinyl for now, didn't notice I was out of gloss black!
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    Ok. Now it is clear. See this from the 2GFusion ForScan sheet: 726-45-01 (2014+ MY) xxxx XXxx xxxx Note: This setting enables all choices in the list for DRL options (BdyCM) Set value at XX to 7F 726-50-01 (2014+ MY) xXxx (BdyCM) 01 (Disabled - Default (USA) / No DRL) 02 (Enabled - DRL Low Beams) 04 (Enabled - DRL Front Fog Lamps) 08 (Enabled - DRL Front Turn Lamps) 10 (Enabled - DRL Dedicated) - Enables BCM DRL Outputs - C2280C Pins 36 (Right) and 40 (Left) 20 (Enabled - DRL High Beams) 40 (Enabled - DRL Low Beams and Dedicated) So my suggestion is to first try (726-50-01 XXxx, change the "XX" to "08"). If it doesn't work, then you might need the other one (726-45-01 xxxx XXxx xxxx change the "XX" to "7F")
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    Hi Tronjo, I feel your pain trying to reach the fuse box but here's a tip. Some Edge's have a storage drawer others a cover on the dash to the left of the steering column. Whichever you have if you'll remove it getting eyes on the fuse panel will be much easier. I found using that opening as a view port then reaching up under the dash to remove/replace fuses was a whole lot easier than working from the floor of the car To your question. For the exact same application I used fuses 35 (labeled as a spare and switched) and 26 (front passenger lock indicator always hot). An Add-a-Fuse in each slot made the connection easy. Another tip. Attach a length of wire to the add-a-fuse before plugging into the fusebox. Make the pigtail long enough to reach under the dash and into the cabin making it easier to connect your camera. Once connected and tested you'll be able to coil up the extra wire and tuck it behind the kick panel.
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    BTW, Also recommend drilling these drain holes:
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    There you go again with wrong information. that is not how you drain the transmission. For the original poster, here is the correct information. This is straight from the workshop manual. Material Item Specification MERCON® V Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-5-QM (or XT-5-QMC) (US); CXT-5-LM12 (Canada) MERCON® V NOTE: In order to completely clean the torque converter, this procedure needs to be carried out 3 times. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02. NOTE: If an internal problem is suspected, drain the transmission fluid through a paper filter. A small amount of metal or friction particles may be found from normal wear. If an excessive amount of metal or friction material is present, the transaxle will need to be overhauled. Remove the transmission fluid drain plug and allow the transmission fluid to drain. Install the transmission fluid drain plug. Tighten to 9 Nm (80 lb-in). Fill the transaxle with clean transmission fluid. Start the engine and let it run for 3 minutes. Move the range selector lever into each gear position. Repeat Steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 two more times. After the transmission fluid has been changed a total of 3 times, check the transmission fluid level for a final time, making sure that the transmission fluid is at the correct level.