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    Slow part of the forum here, I guess. As an update, this ended up being a loose jam nut on the right front tie rod. I have no idea how that happened - it was 3 turns loose - yikes! The dealer tightened it and performed an alignment as it was out quite a bit. Noise is gone now...!
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    I didn't know it was a MAP sensor instead of a MAF. Attached is the procedure for removing it. Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor.pdf
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    It uses a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor instead of a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. What's behind your thoughts that the MAF needs cleaning? - if it had one, it's best left alone seeing as the air that passes through it is clean/filtered. The MAP can get fouled by the oil and crud from the PCV, which a catch can can help avoid. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2015,f-150,2.7l+v6+turbocharged,3308772,fuel+&+air,manifold+pressure+(map)+sensor,11207
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    My experience with Michelin's is love hate. They are the perfect tire for 20k or so because the use a solf rubber thread. Gives s great ride but wears quickly. After the solf rubber wears away, it go into a hard, hard rubber to give the tire its longevity. At this point the tires get hard, rough and noisy. (One was really noisy). I took the car back to the authorized dealer and he told me what was going on. Michelin hooks you with the great ride (for ~20k) and then delivers on their rated life by going to hard rubber. Safe, but a crappy, noisy ride. For by MKX, I've found that Bridgestones deliver a consistent, quiet and smooth (not as good as Michelin's in the first 20k) but very good for their rated life. On my 2nd set. As for the Perrelli Scorpions, wife has a set on her Sebring convertible. Loves them. Great tire. But! The Sebring weighs less than half the AWD MKX and it's a car. Drives entirely different. For CUV's and SUV's, gotta go with a tire designed specifically for this type of ride. Stiffer sidewall, etc. Tread pattern is important and all four have to match as well.
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    Just got back from the Ford Experience and I must say it is worth it. I would recommend getting there a day or 2 early or stay a little longer to explore. We arrived on Sunday and spent the day downtown eating and going through the shops. That evening is the dinner that ford performance puts on. All tables were at least 6 ft apart (covid) and the dinner was steak and chicken. During the dinner everyone receives a Ford Racing Backpack with a few goodies in it along with new ST badges that are in black to replace the red ones from our vehicles. Tuesday morning free breakfast at the hotel and then at 7:45 you go to the tent outside in the parking lot to have your temputure checked and sign in. There is also where the Edge and Explorer ST's are located. Sadly you can only drive what you own meaning I wanted to drive the Explorer but could not only explorer owners could drive a explorer. After 15 minutes your off and running they have installed 2 way radios in the vehicles so the guides can talk to everyone at once during the drive. The nav system is programmed so you know where your going or if some of you don't make it through a light you won't be lost but they do wait up for you and they have a lead car and a sweeper car to make sure. Next 2 hours your driving in the mountains on a very windy twisty road with a great view of the mountains. Blue-ridge mountains if I remember correctly. After that you go to a another location and they have a car and course setup for doing controlled skid pad driving. You and a Ford Racing Driver are in the car only (must have a mask on) after each person gets out a person comes and wipes down the inside of the car. After that you head out for lunch at a country club. (all free) while you are their they are setting up a road type course for you to come back to. Now you spend another 2 hours doing the road course and also doing the crash avoidance exercises. After that you head back to the hotel but on the way you will be taking a off road course which is more or less a goat trail on the back side of the property basically doing some minor 4 wheeling in the vehicle they provide you. Everything you are doing is in their vehicle not yours FYI. Once back to park the cars and you are given passes to tour the mansion. ( we toured the day before so just tell them you want tickets early) Ford did a really good job setting this up and besides the gas to get their and a couple meals you eat on your own it is all included. For the money we spent on these cars we truly paid for all this LOL so if you have the vacation time and are close I would say do it. ** Observation ** So all vehicles are 2020 and even though they are the same at the 2019 something was different with the transmission shifting from my 2019. I just got my Trans flashed with the latest Jun 2 update a few week back and it made a world of difference. No banging into reverse and the shifts are better...not seems better but are better. However with that said driving the 2020 Escape it shifted even better in sport mode and normal drive mode. I drove the car for 4 + hours and can tell you there is a difference so not sure what is different about the 2019 vs the 2020. Is it the Torq converter ? different flash than what I just got? Not sure but it shifted better than mine it seemed to be smoother if I had to put it in words. Had the wife drive it for about and hour and she said "yea it shifts better" The cars had 4,500 miles on them and they get run hard for sure, on the slalom course they setup you are beating on the car gas and brakes for over an hour Anyhow wanted to give everyone my 2 cents are the event. Your hotel: https://www.biltmore.com/stay/village-hotel/ Biltmore Tour you take: https://www.biltmore.com/
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    Well I used the cyanlabs update file and it worked beautifully. Took about 30 minutes for the full update from 3.0 to 3.4 and maps from 1.16 to 1.19.
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    Thank you both! I was just going to clean it as a matter of time passing and mileage. I will leave it alone! I appreciate the instructions, so at least I know which item the MAP sensor is under the cover. Doug
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    I drove it again, to the dealer, and never got it to do it again. They drove it and said they couldn't, either. Mentioned there were no codes stored on it, either. So, nothing has been done to it. They tried to tell me it could be the start of a bad MAF, etc. I like this dealer a lot, so I think they were just trying to give me "something" to go with. Regardless, it didn't do it the entire way home and my wife said it was fine yesterday as she drove it. So, I think I'll let it be until it comes back and gets worse...?
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    They do not make a complete kit for the edge. You'd have to go with h&r springs and the b6 Bilstein's that you will find listed in another post on here or do your own custom air bag or coilovers.
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    We ended up getting a new motor for that window. In the mean time, we found that we COULD pull the window up (even though it comes down a little when bumped) when the car is off. This was helpful while waiting for the part to come in. Now that we have replaced the motor, the switch and window on the passenger side now works. Thank you for checking in!
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    Whenever the wife and I go to the grocery store, she wipes done the interior of the car with a Clorox wipe. Leather steering wheel included. (!) Even though my county is one the smaller counties in Indiana, its number 3 in the number of cases; so we're overly cautious. This virus has a particular fondness for us elderly types). Anyway, these wipes are mostly alcohol, so I decided that its time to retreat the car interior with a fresh coat of 303. Including the leather parts, such as the steering wheel. (Especially the steering wheel). Also treated the headlight lens and the wiper blades. (Think I'm on year 4 or 5 for this set of blades). 303 is really great stuff.
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    One set of Perrelli Scorpions, OEM, 8K miles, and Two sets of Michlin Pilot Sport 4 tires at around $1600 per set about 21K miles for both sets. I have gone with a bargain brand this time that cost me $545 installed out the door ( 265/40R21 ). They ride nice and have a good grip, better than the OEM Scorps, though not as good as the Michlin's, they are still good enough to run the canyons and have fun with. Now I can rip through about 3 sets of these for what one set of the Michlin's PS4 cost, and not rip my wallet apart . LOL
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    Reminds me of an old song from Ray Charles. If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Hopefully you got the bull by the .... well hope it's all fixed and smooth sailing.
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    What brand? I've had excellent luck with Bridgestones.
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    What year is your Edge and how many miles on it when the WP failed? (Great price on the replacment engine btw).
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    I drove to the store for cleaning supplies.
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    After my unexpected water pump failure, I got my Edge back! Shop installed a low mileage engine with a new water pump for $3400. Put in a performance tune from Unleashed Tuning, its like having a whole new car.
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    Yes. The shop that did install was able to secure camera with an adhesive as there was no clip with new grill. Fit in a h-comb cell.
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    Just installed new tires .. again. This is set # 4 in just over 29,000 miles, that's almost 10,000 miles per set. Changed the motor oil and filter, I also had a 30,000-mile service and flush to the Transmission and PTU to finish the job . Filled it up and added some octane boost , put in the hot tune, and took a nice test drive to Malibu.
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    Looks sharp. Do you have the factory front camera? If so, how did you keep it with the Honey comb grille? when looking for the grille there doesn't seem to be an offering with the camera hole for it.
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    Mods: 50% Tint front windows Black high gloss paint to factory wheels Honey comb grill New rear badging New front logo plate New vinyl side sport emblems LED lighting rear license plate Painted calipers red Black Ford center caps for wheels Falken tires 3M front end clear protection
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    Pulling the front fascia/bumper via the ford manual wasn't the best. It has you pulling the tires, and half pulling the wheel well liners to get to the 3 bolts on each side that hold the bumper on. Screw that noise. Pull the headlights and get them from above. Removing the stock FMIC was a PITA. I dropped the lower rad support, disconnected the Cold and Hotside charge pipes. The did a pry wiggle to pop off the FMIC mounting Hooks off the rad. Thankfully the UP FMIC does not use the same setup, lol. Big size difference. Not as big as the 5.5" core on my Focus ST though, lmao! Had to shim out the TMAP sensor. If installed normally, the O-ring overshot the flange and did not seal at all. If this becomes problematic aka boost leak, then I will have to re-address it. The O ring is sealing tight now. Hopefully it stays that way. These parts hit, took the angle grinder to them, then cleaned them up with a razor knife. I need to do the same to the closest inside dimple on both sides. The front air damn piece has some curvature to it, and those hit as well. Pried off the front overhanging plastic due to it hitting on the radiator lower support cross member. Hit it with some paint afterwards. Rust and all. Re-used the factory hose clamp assemblies, and torqued the crap out of them. You have to push the FMIC as far to the passenger side as possible to get enough clearance to get the cold side hooked up. It took me awhile to get my Ramfab pipe installed. It fits very precisely, once I got it all aligned, it was fantastic. Removed all the AGS shutters, screw that system. Known point of failure on the Focus ST platform, failing closed is no bueno. I still have the motor installed/plugged in, and kept the shrowding for mounting/airflow reasons. Its a lot of FMIC for that space, and the OEM lower grill covers a large portion. I have a more open lower grill arriving via Ebay next week. I'll do before and after pics. I also need to loosen the fmic mounting bolts, and push up on the unit to level it out and possible buy me a little better fitment, not that there's a lot of vertical play in the mounting slots. Going to have to pull the front end again to finish the AEM water meth setup, but right now she rips. Throttle response is better despite having a larger FMIC, that Ramfab pipe really helps. Im on a Unleashed 93 base ish map. Excited to get tuned for the FMIC, coldside, and of course the water meth!!!
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    I did a search on my past orders from Amazon and all my purchases were found in the below list, except for the Mercon LV, but that was also from a reputable seller. Some air and oil filters bought on Amazon were from Greenway Ford. I'll be paying close attention to the seller when buying on Amazon.
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    I don't know about that. I could understand spongy pedal "while" in ABS mode if air was trapped in the HCU, but because it comes back to normal on it's own, without rhyme or reason, I suspect the answer is a sticky solenoid in the HCU. I finally found someone who agrees with me and made a Youtube video about my exact issue.
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    Hey thanks! I called around to a few places, and even though it wasn't the cheapest options (surprisingly) the owner of the shop was real knowledgeable and had just done another Edge replacement and was familiar with the car. There were about 88k miles on it when it failed