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    I had a good start, but now I am a bit behind on trimming the Black ABS intakes, please bear with me . I am doing the best I can considering the current circumstance. Believe me, I want to get them done ASAP and shipped. I feel my reputation is on the line because of this delay and if you have been following this thread you know that I am a good worker bee. I hate this delay, as much as anyone, but it is out of my hands right now. I apologize for the inconvenience and will resume work in a few days when I feel better. Best for me to stay away from power tools for a bit. LOL.. I am still taking orders for the next run that could happen as early as next week. One carbon intake has become available in that run, and there will always be Black ABS intakes available as the material is in stock at the shop.
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    Because of all the questions that I have been receiving, and the fact that this is a long thread, I feel I need to review some things. 1. The intake only fits 2015 to 2018 Edges. It does not fit the ST or 2019 and later Edges. 2. The carbon material is not solid carbon fiber. Solid carbon fiber is not thermoformable. Therefore, I found a composite material that would work with the mold. According to the manufacturer, It has a thermoplastic base layer with a thin carbon-fiber layer laminated to it, then a clear gloss protective layer laminated over the carbon fiber giving that great look, exactly as in the video and photos. 3. I have no control over the shipping cost, and I get individual quotes for each order. I do not mark up the shipping, but I do round it off to the closest dollar. I hope that answers some questions. If anyone has questions I will be happy to answer them.
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    No worries from me. This stuff takes time. Rather have it done right, than rushed. This is the beginning of your production, where small businesses work out the kinks. Anyone that expects it any other way is not familiar with how these ventures work. It's small, American manufacturing. I love seeing stuff like this, and enjoy watching it grow. It's what this country is all about. Thank you for your time and effort, now get some rest, and feel better! It's all good brother!
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    I got this method working with Google assistant. Thanks for the tip! I tried on my iPhone but my company manages that phone and they blocked shortcuts. I thought it would be worth a try to see if my Google home would work and wallah...working great!
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    I think everyone agrees that tap water is wrong to use your cooling system, even a thin coating of scale causes the engine to run hotter. That said, distilled isn't all that good either. The best choice is to use softened water. This page explains it best: https://blog.protectmycar.com/can-you-mix-tap-water-with-engine-coolant
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    I would wonder why bother turning it off/disabling it anyway? Mine seems to not cost me any mpg penalty based on sticker ratings, so what's the advantage?
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    51 Business Coupe 56 Sedan 74 Pickup 85 Thunderbird 94 Thunderbird 96 Thunderbird 02 Lincoln LS 06 Lincoln LS 10 Fusion 13 Mustang 15 Edge 17 Edge
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    I’ve been to 2 Ford dealers. The one I bought the Edge from happily changed the fluid along with a trans flush. Then I moved and the 2nd one had no clue about the PTU changes and said it was uneccesary cause it’s lifetime... so I went to Firestone ($100) and although they had never done one, they listened to my explanation from the forum and they did it. I’m going back now 30K later for another change this month. You’d think a service advisor would read some Ford vehicle forums just to keep up on what owners were finding. Their service centers try to upsell everything under the sun as it is anyway... All I can say is to try an independent shop if your dealer refuses like my local one did.
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    You have 1 of 3 solutions: 1) You can buy a replacement APIM 2) You can do a SYNC 3 upgrade 3) You can do an aftermarket head unit replacement. Personally I would not be interested in option 1. Options 2 and 3 are around the same price. It just depends on which direction you want to go.
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    DON’T CLOSE THE DOOR ALL THE WAY. It’s that simple.
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    Ford Canada does not have a good reputation May be better off contacting Lincoln Canada instead if Ford is not agreeable.
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    My 2016 3.5L developed a click at idle with roughly 38,000 miles on it (yes, just out of warranty). It was the tensioner. I purchased a new Motorcraft tensioner for $125 and replaced it myself (not too tough). No more click. It now has 60,000 miles.
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    Did you go with Motorcraft or aftermarket? Did you check the condition of the belts during the change?
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    The P0455:00-EC code means Missing or loose fuel cap Incorrect fuel filler cap used Fuel filler cap remains open or fails to close Foreign matter caught in fuel filler cap EVAP canister or fuel tank leaks EVAP system hose leaking Fuel tank leaking And the P115E:00 code is related to carbon deposits around the throttle plate. When these deposits accumulate more than the PCM can compensate for. Its possible that you have two separate faults.
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    it took me a bit to get it setup and working but it works really well. Two things I had to do were first go into the settings of SHORTCUTS and turn on allow untrusted shortcuts and then I had to setup a dummy trusted shortcut before it would allow any untrusted shortcuts to be add. then i went in and deleted that shortcut once I had everything working. Let us know how it works for you.
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    Flushed twice with (real) Mercon LV by turkey basting draining the reservoir, going lock to lock with the top off to “burp”, then siphoning out again. Never helped though.
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    Below is all I would have done - always test a battery with it fully charged.
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    I've had other cars other than Ford's but they were, 'just to get me through hard times'. I'm on my 4th marriage . 74 Pinto, 76 Mustang II, 71 Torino, Bought my Dad's 67 428 4 speed Galaxie 500 2 door (it got stolen ) , 80 Mustang, 81 Mustang, 86 Mustang, 98 Taurus and the 3 Ford's I now have, 14 Edge, 11 Mustang and a 1991 F150 4X4, my Dad bought new and I got it when he died, it only has 60,800 miles.......
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    Thanks for asking. When I picked up the parts I had a chance to talk to the tech who works with the mold and runs the machine. He said the mold is working well and there are no problems or maintenance needed. So far, so good 🤞
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    1986 Taurus 1993 Sable sedan 1993 Sable wagon 2001 Mazda Tribute (Escape) 2010 Mariner 2016 Edge
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    Interesting. Apparently Ford chose the name Mondeo to represent a "World Car" that would sold globally, yet when marketed in America they decided to rename it the Contour.
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    No. I do not have pics of the old stuff. Most of those older units were before everyone had a camera in their pocket. As you might guess, I am on the downhill side of 80 and all I did was drive them hard.
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    Yup exactly on the Mondeo, in fact, some suspension parts and other nice things worked well on the Contour SVT
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    2 houses, one is a farm, we fly back and forth. The Mustang is my daughters. The Edges are my wife's. The F-150's are mine. I also have a 2005 BMW 330i and a 2019 BMW 330iX. Those are still my favorites. Nothing drives like a 3 series.
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    Actually 15 now I've counted them properly: 1971 Cortina Mk3 (green) 1973 Cortina Mk3 facelift (blue) 1973 Consul-Granada (red) 1976 Granada Mk1 (blue) 1974 Escort 1300E (purple) 1977 Cortina Mk4 estate (red) 1979 Capri Mk3 (beige) 1989 Sierra Mk2 (silver) 1991 Granada-Scorpio Saloon Mk3 (black) 2005 Mondeo Mk3 (white) 2007 Mondeo Mk4 Estate (teal) 2010 Mondeo Mk4 Estate (black) 2015 Mondeo Mk5 Estate (blue) 2018 Mondeo Mk5 Estate (white) 2018 Edge ST-Line (canyon ridge)