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    I am sorry to see you moving on from the Edge platform. When you first started this journey there were few if any performance parts available for the Edge. You have pushed it to the max and given the Edge community a plethora of bolt on performance parts to work with. Your legacy will live on as a leader of the Edge performance community. Thank you both snmjim and Special_K for all you have contributed. You guys rocked it with a world record that will stand for decades !
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    Wishing more aftermarket development for the ST comes along. Everyone should be treated with respect and thanked for their hard work.
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    H2O + Pressure + Bubble Mod - reduces friction and adds speed
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    Love what you've done but this is clearly a world issue not just forum. Everything I read I didn't take how you did and seems to be overly defensive, hell for some reason you guys blocked me on facebook despite me not ever saying anything to you, can see clearly people chatting and replying to you but I see nothing but their replies. People need to chill and find their sense of heehaw and quit taking things so serious. There will be critics no matter what you do, do what you do because you enjoy it, not for anything else, if people didn't do this we would have the insanely modified cars like civics, golfs and such. Hell most people around me and shops around here think I'm dumb for modifying my edge, but I do it anyways because I enjoy having a modified vehicle.
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    Who doesn't appreciate your efforts? When the ST came into play, things seem to slow down a bit of course some of that is Facebooks fault. I hate that platform. The ST community is not quite as large as the Sport crowd even though we are hitting 3 years of production now but that will be ending and I am thinking along with any aftermarket support too. Better get what you can now while you can, right? I think everything you all did was cool as hell especially for a crossover platform. And to share it with all the other folks is great, you didn't have to either. I appreciate everything you and others have done on this site and I just barely got into this 4 months ago. I am curious of the next venture and will keep my eyes open for that. Steve
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    Using ForScan you can disable the "park" function and then the bulb will act as a turn signal light only. With an SEL/Titanium/Sport model, you still have the bumper signature lights to act as parking lights when the ignition is on. This way LED turn signals will work. Only issue I found is that the turn signal in the Edge's housing is designed different to most othe vehicles, the bulb is inserted from the bottom up, so the reflector is designed to utilize the glow of the filament from the side, aftermarket LED bulb are designed on the basis they are facing outwards towards were the light is going out of the housing. With an LED bulb inserted in the Edge's housing, it is pointed upwards, so most of the light emitted is not going in the correct direction, hence I find the stock bulb always brighter than replacement LEDs. I have tried 3 different brands and all with the same results.
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    Well here's your lucky opportunity, it just went on the market, make us an offer you just might be surprised! it's fully bolted with a stock 3.0 TT eco boost and everything in the car is in pristine condition and a fully functional reliable daily driver...👍😉👌  584 whp & 600+ lbs of AWD torque and continues to get 29 +/- mpg Hwy cruising at 65-70 mph...👏👏👏
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    @snmjim the conversation gets out of whack now and then. we definitely do not want you to mothball Edge stuff in any way, it is amazing what you and your son have achieved in a relatively short period of time. there is much you have contributed also outside of this forum, that many may not be aware of. stick with us.
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    Try adjusting the rubber bump stops under the hood. If this doesn't do it then the hood latch needs to be adjusted down a little.
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    @TXFRDOwner Can make you the correct harness for you. Point your browser in this direction for more info on the 4"to 8" conversion. http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4050 HTH
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    Long story short. I drilled a hole and inserted a screw in to what I thought was the output shaft seal on my 2008 edge limited. As it happens, the seal was already out, (broken out in pieces by me because it was stuck) I was replacing the front passenger side because of a leak. So now its leaking gear oil. Is there any way to plug something like this, or will the PTU have to be replaced?? Thank you. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/YiI0BNjRkIBN https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/3gqqH1TWPZTN
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    In the past: 1977 Ford Mustang Cobra II - High School years and few years after 1986 Mercury Capri 5.0 1987 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 1990 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 Currently have now: 1991 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 1977 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 1978 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 2004 Ford F150 XLT 2019 Ford Edge ST Non-Fords we have now: 2 qty. 2005 Chrysler Crossfires Convertibles - His and Hers. LOL, sort of.
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    thanks for the kind words, Jim, Happy New Year to you as well!
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    Hey there Perblue, Sorry that you were blocked without apparent cause. I'll check into that. Please provide month & year it happened, what site/forum, your site name and what you suspect may have prompted it and I'll check with the team to identify if it was justified. Jimbo
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    Hey there Manu & Happy New Year! We appreciate your support and will continue to be available via PM for you and people like you but once we get this time trial completed with the pinned rear coupler we're selling & moving on. Recommendation: there should be better oversight on this site and many others where people like ourselves don't have to tolerate the BS especially when we give so much with so little in return. We really appreciate you Manu👏👏👏
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    Before marriage......0 (Mostly GM and 2 Nissans) After marriage.....3 2008 Ford Edge SE 2011 Ford Edge Limited 2018 Ford Edge SEL Wife-mobile..... 2020 Ford Escape SE Next: Edge ST
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    You don't need to be registered for Owner Manuals. Here is is the link, just select year & model or enter the VIN.
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    We = JC Performance Development along with the aftermarket parts development companies and fabricators that worked directly with us to develope 90%+ of the aftermarket parts for the 2016-2019 Edge Sport & ST. However, we don't see the value added for clarifying who "WE" are. We don't understand how starting a statement offering help off with "Sorry" can be perceived as being antagonistic??? Instagram: fastest_edge
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    We're not the one's with the problem, we're the ones trying to identify if you or SC_ST need help with something since we're the one's that worked directly with Vinney (JLT Owner) to develope this catch can Sys for the 2.7 TT eco boost. But it appears from your snarky response that we totally misunderstood and you got this. Wish you the best😉
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    Any real world testing from your current buyers or by yourself? Performance wise?
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    Deleted original post. Passed over where you replaced the purge valve (usual cause). Possible vacuum hose leak?
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    Yea thats all they had available for right now and we wanted a benchmark just to see where we are before we figure the fuel out, so we disconnected the driveshaft. Once we figure out the rear coupler we will be hitting up the track for sure! Thanks man! most of the engine parts are in the sig, this whole build is done on stock internals and the point of it is to the capabilities of the platform without cracking open the engine. even though ford says the 3.0 is aluminum it is not. side by side the 2.7 and 3.0 have the same CGI section of the block and the 3.0 is ever so slightly lighter due to being bored im assuming. The 3.0 is a straight drop in and only need the oil pump parameters changed since its different from the 2.7.
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    That is an amazing amount of power, congratulations, you are way over 600 hp at the crank. In fact, the stock Sport has 315HP at the crank and you have doubled that and then some .. I noticed that the dyno in the photo is FWD. Did you disconnect the rear wheels some how? Without a doubt you have the worlds fastest Edge, and I see a 11 second pass and another world record in your future.
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    I can't speak to the level of your technical proficiency, Originally you had to download all the files individually and compile the install script etc.. Someone decided to build a better mouse trap! Here is a link to an site that will do all of that for you. All you need to do is follow their directions and have your USB drives ready....... Personally I don't have any personal experience with it, but there are tons of users that are thrilled with it.... https://cyanlabs.net/applications/syn3-updater/