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    Completed molding the first run of V2 Carbon Fiber intakes. Just had enough of the Carbon Fiber material in stock to cover the backorders from the V1 days. More material is on order and should arrive in 2 to 3 weeks. It is custom made for me that is why the long wait. When it arrives I will have enough to cover all the orders including the black ABS ones.
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    The first round of V2 intakes should be arriving as I shipped them last week. I am holding my breath for someone to post some photos and find out if there are any hiccups. Please be kind as I am trying and this is my first attempt at anything like this. If there is positive feedback it will encourage me to attempt an air box to complete a high performance CAI system .
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    Back on track. The mold is clamped in and centered Hoses are attached, the heating problem fixed and ready to go. Should have some intakes molded before the end of the day.
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    I had a package delivered from California today. Once my daughter is asleep, I'll try to install it on our 2016. If not tonight, it'll be tomorrow after work
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    If you use Chrome on Android, there is a flag if enabled will force any webpage, including this, to switch to dark mode. "Darken websites checkbox in themes setting" chrome://flags/#darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting It will add a check box under the theme settings to enable it. I use it and the forums will switch to dark mode.
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    It is good that they made some improvement, but was hoping they'd just use the 2016-2019 MKX style cluster. For your question, I highly doubt a dealer would be able to upgrade it. It probably will require flashing the 2021 Firmware on the older cluster which dealers wouldn't/can't do.
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    It's part of the fuel pump. (I think, I don't think there's a 2nd one). This video may help. (Did you do the test?)
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    Welcome another one from indiana hells yea
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    Hey everyone. Just traded my 2020 Challenger Scat Pack for a new Edge ST. I miss the power of the Challenger already but I got a dog and needed something more functional. The Edge ST seems to fit the bill as a sporty SUV in my price range. This is my 2nd Ford, owned a 2012 Focus Titanium for about 9 months and then went through 4 Dodges (Charger>Challenger>Charger>Challenger) before coming back to the Edge. So far I like it a lot. Mine is performance blue with the 21 inch wheels and group 401A. Glad to be here
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    only applies to 2011+ MY vehicles. there is a place in the center console that you can put a fob in that will allow you to start the vehicle, if all other methods fail. Some codes on these MYs will also prevent remote starting of the vehicle (safety reasons, as people let their vehicles idle). Does not apply to 2010. Definitely check the purge valve on the firewall. It should hold vacuum with the engine off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvLOLXf2HfE
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    I should add that while I have been alive there has only been a 10 month span when there was not a Ford in the garage for either my parents or my family.
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    Gosh, most will be in pre-digital era. All new. The Pinto I owned for 8 years and sold to my sister-in-law. The Capri was purchased with money from our wedding and I didn't drive it regularly till we expanded the family with the Taurus wagon in 88, when we traded in our other car, but kept the Capri. That car was wonderful, and replaced with the 97 Taurus. In between I replaced the Capri with the Probe. The Probe specs don't look too impressive now, but it handled like it was on rails on corners. People dis front wheel drive but they never drove one like that. The station wagins and SUVs are really my wife's cars, but they are good drives for me too.
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    I believe its actually kerosene. (Only it smells better .. smile). But covering is definitely faster and easier. 👍
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    Sorry, the video was entitled "how to remove stickers from cloth visors". Thought it would work. (He used 81% alcohol, I wonder how Goo Gone would work)? I've never even noticed the labels on mine. Can't even tell you what they say, but then again my interior is Camel. (Blends).
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    i tried that. didn't work on my '16 and left a mess. the ST has fabric rather than vinyl on the visors and the sticker looks like it is really embedded in the fabric. i didn't want to make a big mess. my solution is clean, inexpensive, and easily reversible. is it totally hidden? no, but i don't see that yellow and white in my field of view. it seems to be more of a problem with the black headliner than it was with the beige headliner because of the high contrast.
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    and me! i downloaded the edge owner's manual before i picked up the car and read it almost cover to cover. the salesman was going over the features in the car and i told him that i already knew. i wasn't rude. he was super nice. i have since referred to the manual many times to make sure i understood how everything works. but it's very true, nobody reads the manuals for anything. and nobody uses the help function in apps. years ago people would ask me about something on a computer and i would answer "i don't know. let's look it up" (even when i did know the answer, just to show them.) then i would click on help and find the info. some people, a lot of people, are averse to finding the answers. it's strange.
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    Thanks! Glad to be here.
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    Hey, I also have a 2015 Edge Titanium and i had the same issue with my actuator. I read in here that if you unplug it behind the gas pedal it could reset. I took mine to Brakes Plus and they tried the reset and it didn't work so they ordered a new actuator and for around $200 I no whave windshield defrost and it changes when you swithc to AC. Hope this helps.
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    I was in sudden need of a car and came across a good deal on a 2016 Edge Titanium. Formerly we'd had an 06 Escape Hybrid we bought new. Enjoying the size and "bell & whistle" upgrades. Interested in issues and strong points of the car.
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    So Ford is into April Fools jokes also, like VWs name change!
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    Just got a tune done Torrie at unleashed
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    Good stuff! Definitely made a huge difference for me. I did a dragy run recently of 12.85 @ 106 and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds because I finally got lucky with traction, so it’s really moving! Also, you may have a pinhole leak in the wastegate vacuum hoses. Also could be a sticking wastegate actuator? I’m not sure honestly. You might just have a factory freak(it’s a good thing). Record a 0-60 video! That’ll say a lot even without a dragy.
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    Again, hate is such a strong word. I would like the option to see the gears displayed at all times in both Standard and Sport modes. Not just when using the paddle shifters as it is now. I would also enjoy a boost gauge added to the Sport or ST trim.
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    No, the thermostat will affect overall temperature in almost all conditions. It's not a one-way device that opens and stays open - it opens and closes to maintain coolant temperature close to its rated value. So above 40 mph, a 192 degree thermostat will open and close to maintain coolant temperature around 192 degrees. Similarly, a 160 degree thermostat will open and close to maintain coolant temperature around 160 degrees. Therefore, the lower rated thermostat will keep the engine running approximately 30 degrees cooler at any vehicle speed as long as the rest of the cooling system (radiator, water pump, etc.) is up to the task and conditions aren't extraordinary,