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    https://i.imgur.com/0dU6oKK.jpg[/img] https://imgur.com/PqrLAC4 https://imgur.com/fZBBHd2 https://imgur.com/ZJCke2c https://imgur.com/ICssu0C https://imgur.com/7vsfYOT I bought these new from Canada, gunmetal gray, and in near perfect condition!! Super lightweight. FC04 SKU: W2324 CAR: Fast Wheels FC04 Titanium size- 20x9.5 boltpattern- 5x108mm offset- +35 hubbore- 72.6 loadrating-1797 Tires have a lot of life left in them, and have TPMS. Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 275-40-R20 One of the best Performance all season tires made. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/28875-the-dirty-duchess/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-214908 Pick up only. 19067 PA 1200 dollars takes this awesome setup!!!
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    Consistent with WxManChris' cracked flexplate photo above, are these example photos (with arrows added) from the Technical Info document linked in my earlier post, and below... Customer Satisfaction Program 22N12 - Technical Info.pdf Good luck!
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    Yea, I wondered about that too. The subframe isn't a part that moves in relation to tge rest of the car. It's not subject to excessive heat or vibration. Time for a 2nd opinion.
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    Sorry I didn't respond sooner but I was away on a business trip for much longer than I expected. I just got back and had a chance to take our ’08 Edge out for a ride to see what was happening and it seems as though replacing the cabin air filter solved the problem. At least in my case, it did. Kind of makes sense because the noise was randomly happening when all controls and functions were completely off. I didn't have to perform a climate control reset after all but at least I know how to do it should the need arise in the future. So for anyone reading this who has a similar problem, I would start by replacing the cabin air filter first because that's what did the trick for me. From there, I would suggest trying the reset as explained above. Thanks again for your help. Cheers!
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    Hello All, I live in Abu Dhabi and I own a Forde Edge 2022 SEL. Today a taxi driver hit my car with his Toyota Corolla while I was stopping at a signal. My car was pushed ahead a few meters ahead after the taxi crashed into my car. After I realized that my car was hit, I was very disappointed and assumed that my tailgate might have a huge dent or probably be fully damaged. I got down and went back to see the damage. I was surprised and felt relieved after seeing the condition of the car. There are very minor scratches on the bumper but the whole front pat of the Corolla is damaged. Please see the pictures. I am very proud to own Forde Edge 2022 SEL and very happy about the build quality of the car. Thanks, Anil
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    I did get a September update that did not address the camera issue. However, beside the Alexa comment, it went on to say this was only part one of a two part download. The second part being extensive, and it did mention future improvements. Although my confidence level of the second download addressing the camera is low as it was not specifically mentioned. Has anyone received the second part of the update? John S
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    With Motorcraft, make certain you check for the correct strut. On my mkx, the strut model changes based on tire size. I have 20" wheels and it takes a different strut than that used for to 18" or 17". Don't think it matters with aftermarket.
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    I just finished a complete V3 today without the Aux Air .( It can still be added .) This is the first time I have ever had one finished and ready to ship without a request for it. All that is needed is the filter to be ordered to spec. Oiled or Dry. This is the last one of this batch. The next batch, perhaps the last batch ever, won’t be started until this one finds a home So someone needs to adopt this puppy soon so I can get started on the next set of 4 before time runs out. Also the FMIC is still available and I just lowered the price.
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    Replaced the Key Fobs battery. Got a "Key Battery Low" message. Battery lasted just over 3 years. This is for the 2019 style keyfob I added to my 2016 Edge (link).
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    Thats what I said I would do if gas ever hit $5 a gal. Now I would be happy to pay that. We get ripped off here big time. They are trying to force us into EVs. and they just put on a flex alert because it is so hot the grid might go down. No charging of EVs during the flax alert at certain hours . This state is crazy.
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    I like how there's not much difference between grades, but you can keep those prices on the west coast. I'd park the car before I paid that much.
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    WOW! I am so jealous. The best we can get here in Calif is 91 and it sure ain't $3.69 a gallon. This is a gas station in DTLA one week ago, it does cost less where I get my fuel at the local Costco .
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    Found a newer local gas station that sells Ethanol free gas & it's not much more expensive than premium.
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    Picked up some cabinets & tables from a neighboring high school auction. Doing truck stuffs
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    The brakes pads had only 1 mm left and one pad was so thin I could read a newspaper through it. 😂 lol
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    You living on the EDGE! No pun intended!
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    It all started in early August when the the car lost boost. And then the dominos started to fall. ... Bought a brand new FMIC $$ from Ultimate Performance and had it installed at Galpin Auto Sports $$. When working on the IC the tech noticed that the brake pads were shot... So new front and rear pads were ordered from Rotora $$ and installed today $$. Got lucky as the discs still have life in them, but all 4 will need replacing next time pads are needed. When the tires came off to install the brake pads, we discovered all 4 tires were completely shot and unsafe. So... 4 new tires were ordered today $$ to be installed tomorrow $$. Also did an oil & filter change at 2,500 miles $$. The car required all this maintenance and I defiantly used up every bit of life in the parts before any damage was done. August was full of surprises and very expensive, but now my car is is in tip top shape. The uneven wear is caused by the track alignment settings I use. It makes the car stick like glue and turn in great at the cost of tire life. Lots of people get 40K out of just one set of tires this is my 5th or 6th set in 40K and my third set of brake pads. The price of living just one block off Mulholland You can see the Bilstein shock and the H&R spring that transformed the suspension for the better. The tires were dangerous to drive on and the damage could not be seen by just walking around the car.
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    👍 Ever think you'd be happy about paying over $500 for a rear view mirror? 🤪
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    who is telling you to replace these bushings and why? do you have an invoice or estimate to that effect? afaik, subframe bushings have never had to be replaced on any MY of Edge. and as Haz mentioned, if you really did, you would need the entire subframe OR source alternative parts with help from parts houses. no one has even developed aftermarket sub bushings, tho that is hardly a surprise given how eclectic an effort that would be.
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    No experience, just information. I pulled a VIN-specific Historical Vehicle Bill of Materials (HVBoM) report on your Edge, which shows the components associated with the originally-installed Rear Subframe Assembly. The HVBoM report listed parts shown in the illustration you posted, and it also shows Bushing part numbers... Original Part Service Part Quantity Part Number Number Required Description E1GC5872AA E1GZ5872A 2 BUSHING F2GC5873AB F2GZ5872A 2 BUSHING In the HVBoM report, when an assembly component is not individually available for purchase, it will carry a 'PIA' designation, meaning it is 'provided in the assembly' only. In the case of the listing for Rear Subframe Assembly bushings, no PIA was shown. I searched the above bushing part numbers on Ford's FordParts.com site and came up with nothing for Edge, though the base part number 5872 does resolve to parts described as bushings for other models. If your Parts Counter contact didn't have these part numbers, see if they are helpful at the dealership. The 2017 Edge Workshop Manual includes the following images showing the Rear Subframe front & rear mounts where you believe the bushings reside... If the bushings are unavailable except in a new Rear Subframe, it would probably be a long shot, perhaps you could do a search of Salvage Yards for a low-miles wreck from which to scavenge the bushings -- if that's possible. And finally, I don't expect your skin will crawl any less, after you review the Workshop Manual procedures involved in Rear Subframe removal and installation, included below as a PDF download link... Rear Subframe - AWD - Removal and Installation - 2017 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf Good luck!
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    The original APIMs for MFT are known to have high failure rates. Thats why Ford did an extended warranty on them (which is expired now btw) but Ford made improvements to the APIMs and they do hold up much better now. Problem with these other sellers is they will use whatever APIMs they can find cheap and use non ford methods of programming them. I only provide the correct latest gen APIM for SYNC2 replacements and program them using the official Ford method which means the latest software and firmware are in them and they are linked/programmed to your vehicle in the official Ford SYNC service registry. I charge $315 plus shipping. I don't have any in stock right now but can track one down if you want.
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    the tsb in question https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n1VwirOf-6hcIyzRRdyI47oSKqD9FvL_/view?usp=sharing wasn't aware of a recall for this issue ...
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    You're worried about keeping a vehicle that you are going to spend 3 grand fixing a problem that took 5 years to happen, with only 60,000 miles on the rest of the drive train and will more than likely take another 5 years or a lot more to happen again? What would you replace it with? Something new? You'll see that in depreciation the moment you drive it off the lot, probably close to that on an equivalent used vehicle from a dealer also. 2015 was the first year of the redesign of that engine so not a surprise there is some sort of recall there, granted even previous years could use the same flex plate and it could have been a supplier issue that affected certain number that year. Anyways that engine has been used in hundreds of thousands of vehicles and has proven to be very reliable. Fix it and drive it. If you want extra piece of mind have an inspection done on it and get the Ford premium care coverage on it. Unless there are other reasons you want to get rid of it, then see what they will give you for trade in without fixing it. Maybe ask "out of curiosity" what's it worth when fixed, then ask them about if it's not fixed. You might get a better break and have less than a 3 grand difference that they may or may not make up for when you try negotiating on the price of your new vehicle. That's my opinion anyways.
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    Edge is nice (front end) but like the ass on the MKX much more. Yeah, maybe the MKX is a old mans car, heck, I am over 50, still feel like a kid, and want to be spoiled silly with luxury ! :happy feet: