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    I got both headlights installed (Ford extended the wiring harness for the driver side so I could install it). I finally got the DRLs to work by changing some settings in FORscan...however they only work while the car is off. As soon as you turn the car off they stop working all together unfortunately. And permanently unless I reset the system in FORscan again. I think it might have to do with the power outage or voltage, I have no idea. I'm glad I know how to get them to turn on but they don't last. Going to have to find a automative light professional/aftermarket wiring professional to see if they can help wire it separately because I'm stumped. Because I absolutely love them I think they look amazing with the regular DRLs.
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    We had the same wheels on our 2014. The most beautiful wheels I've ever seen. All 4 wheels were curbed before it was 2 years old. Wife and I decided to just buy new wheels after we pay it (the Edge) off. We paid our Edge off and bought 4 new wheels from Discount tire, new tires also because the factory tires were worn out. If you notice, the chrome clad sticks out almost 2 inches from the tire. That's why they get curbed so easily. I even tried to buy the chrome clad and replace them myself. They are just glued on wheel covers on steel wheels. Replacements aren't sold Here is a picture of the wheels we got. I think they were only around $150 each (not with the tires)
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    Soo I got the headlights in...and they're not 100% plug in play. I'm probably the only crazy person to try this but if anyone else has any insight that'd be greatly appreciated. So I got the passenger headlight in fine. Except only the low beam + blinker works. The high beams and the DRLs do not work at all. Which is primarily what I bought these for what the white LED daytime running light strip. The driver side headlight I can't even install...so the location where the wiring harness plugs in is on the European headlights is a lot further away than the stock lights. Meaning the driver side stock wiring harness won't reach at all. Needs to be a good couple of inches longer to reach. I happened to have a scheduled service appointment already at Ford. So I dropped the car off to see if there's anything they can custom do to A] extend the wiring harness and B] see if there is some sort of code or programming that has to happen in order for the car to recognize the DRLs and High Beams on the Euro lights. If anyone has any idea on how to possibly make those functions work that would be great. I just got a call from them saying they probably won't be able to change the computer settings (FORScan related I'm assuming) because it's of a different country. Pics below without the DRLs working. But you can see the comparison between the stock Sport light (on the right/driver side) and the oem Euro light (on the left/passenger side).
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    I installed a Baja Designs light bar on a 2011 Ford Edge and man what a difference! I purchased the baja designs light bar and wiring harness from 4WD.com less than $700 https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/onx6-20-driving-combo-led-light-bar.asp and a foot pedal switch from Amazon for $12.96 Amazon - AC Delco D808. It is easy to remove the front bumper to install, you will have to trim the back lip of the crash bar, I used a grinder with a cut-off wheel, so the light bar can adjust elevation.
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    2.5 years or 30k miles if you are obsessive compulsive about it.
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    Have finished the shaping and just put on the first sanding finish coat. I will wet sand it, then apply another sanding layer and wet sand that as well. At that point, the plug will be ready for a coat of finishing resin, so it will buff out to a high gloss super hard finish ready for the vacuum machine. . . . I hope....
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    Before you look into automotive lighting specialist, I'd strongly suggest you reach out to one of our resident programers. @jmr061 or Dan at https://www.sync3programming.com Your issues may very well be resolved with FORSCan.
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    Hey everyone, we have a 2015 edge 2.0. Last week wife said she heard a noise lasted 20 seconds or so coming from rear of vehicle, day letter we got a check engine light, she didnt tell me till it cleared. I scanned it with scanner and got p1450, just today she heard the noise again and the check engine light came on again. Found this video on youtube This video describe my issue to a t. Is this common? Makes sense? The part number in the video is wrong for my edge but I have found Ford Part No.: F2GZ-9D289-A Tube Assembly - Fuel Vapour Separator is this the right part ? Will this solve my problem thanks everyone
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    If the wrench light is on there has to be a code somewhere.
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    I recently bought a 2018 titanium with the halogen projectors and have been on a quest to find the best LED drop in kit to improve my nighttime driving experience. I live in the mountains and drive frequently at night. We have a lot of wildlife in our area so lighting and safety is crucial. I tried 4 different kits from amazon, even my tried and true Beamtech’s but because the edge has a halogen projector nothing - even the highest rated LEDs met the bar. After digging a ton on YouTube I stumbled across these new generation 360 degree LED bulbs. Specifically the Audew 360 H11. I was nearly going to pull the trigger on HR lightings coveted GTR ultra 2’s which retail for $199 but just couldn’t stomach the price tag knowing that I had already tried 4 other sets of similarly designed double sided LEDs. I got my Audew H11’s for. $43.99 on Amazon with two day shipping. I was also looking at the Light Moses brand but couldn’t find any real world YouTube videos of them in action. There are many videos of the Audew’s in projectors (check YouTube.) Hopefully this helps those struggling with a better lighting solution without shelling out big bucks for a factory HID upgrade. BTW, I ultimately decided against doing aftermarket HIDs as I still have them in my F350 and one of my snowmobiles. I have replaced ballasts twice in my truck and a compete harness once in my snowmobile which melted down 20 miles from the truck at dusk (that was a fun ride out..). So I wanted LEDs as I ran them the last 4 years in my previous car without any issues (did have one burn out at around three years.) Here are some photos.. blurry but you can see how well these work and there is a nice clean cutoff.
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    Wanted: At least two 20" chrome clad wheels in good condition. Two of mine are badly curbed on my 2013.
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    That’s a common misconception. Ford transmissions don’t learn driving habits. They check each shift and compare it to factory spec. If it’s out of spec it adjusts the pressure for the next shift. This is by gear, rpm and throttle position.
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    It is def something you can do yourself if you have any basic mechanical skills. Just support the trans using a hack and wood block. While the mount was off I did manipulate the height to access the bolt in the back of mount. It is a tight place on that one bolt but it wasn’t difficult it was just time consuming. That particular mount took me 2.5 hrs and the other 2 mounts were simple took about 1 hr each. I highly recommend getting a 13mm box E.N.D. ratcheting wrench.
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    There were two different blues offered in 2016; Kona Blue Metallic and Too Good To Be Tue Metallic.
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    I haven't done an RDU on the 2nd gen Edges, but they're probably fairly close to my '17 Fusion. I just used a fluid extractor to suck out the gear oil, then filled to the leveling hole. Was actually fairly easy. I've seen tons of people say dealers mention things are "not serviceable" or not possible, but that usually means Ford just doesn't tell them to so they don't bother to look/think about it. Changing your fluids is cheap insurance especially if you DIY!
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    Yes, but the foot pedal allows me to use the light bar as needed without removing my hand from the steering wheel. I agree too many people use light bars a running lights which is obnoxious, but a flash of these and they will typically turn their light bars off.
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    No, I don't like the new trend these days of having a display that looks like if someone stuck a "tablet" on the dash instead of a display which looks more "built-in", molded into the dash like our Edges have now... Claude.
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    I agree. I popped the LEDs back out. Too bright and too white. Prefer the look of the dimmer and yellower incandescent bulbs.
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    Over the weekend I decided to take a chance and add the oem ford hitch to my 2016 Edge sport. This meant cutting a hole in the bumper, swapping the foot sensors with the split sensors and adding the 4 pin trailer lighting. I had the draw Tite hitch and decided I didnt want to remove the heat shield bumper support or have it hang down. The only down side was fabricating the lower foot sensor mount, it wasnt a direct replacement. If you decide to do this Im not responsible for anything you do to your car.
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    Hi David, I'll be visiting a local 'pick-a-part' or two in the coming week. Hopefully I can salvage a camera from a wrecked Edge or other Ford (just guessing they use pretty much the same camera at least across SUV lines). Stay tuned! 😎
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    Try this for the underhood (purge) part: F2GZ-9D289-A Tube Assembly - Fuel Vapour Separat - Ford
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    because of how freakin hot it is under the hood. and because if i can find a way to add 5 ponies on something i drive, i'll try it. if i lose a 1/4 mile race by a half a car, you can bet i'll buy a cold air intake so it doesn't happen again. and then i'll take the kids to soccer practice.