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    As a longtime user of the Torque Pro app I stumbled across this companion app for Torque Pro that works in conjunction with Android Auto. It lets you project up to 6 gauges in a variety of colors and configurations to your navigation screen. DPI is also adjustable. I settled on Coolant, Boost and IA2 in white to match the gauges in the cluster. The guy that invented the AAWireless dongle is also the creator of this nifty app. OBD2AA
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    Oogh, oogh, oogh (as officer Toody would say on Car 54, Where Are You) I love this idea. (Evil grin, hands rubbing in glazed look). I came up with a device to get tailgaters off my tale (but never got around to implementing it). Set up a plastic container with brake fluid in it. Using a windshield wiper pump to pump the break fluid out on to the drivers rear tire. The spray will get picked up by the tire and coat the windshield of the car behind you. (Car must be close or it won't work). Once he sees the drops on his windshield, he'll turn on his wipers and washers. And that's it. Once the brake fluid gets mixed with water, it turns into a sticky goo and makes the glass blury. He has no choice but to back off, stop and clean his windshield. (As I said, thought it up but never actually tried it. But it's tempting....). Anyway, Rain-x is good, but doesn't last nearly long enough. Found a "much" better way that keeps windshield clean and slippery. Good as and better than Rain-x. Here's what I do; 1) Clean windshield with Windex and a microfiber towel. Clean one side then the other. 2) Next clean the glass with degreaser. (I use Simple Green). 3) Follow with clay bar and warm water. (I use Mothers Clay Bar System). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002U2V1Y/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FP0ZEF9HS75TDPC144Q3 If you've never used a clay bar to clean the surface; here's how: Wet the glass (your can't use too much lube) and wipe the glass first in an up and down motion, then in a circular motion. Whenever the clay sticks or hangs (there is a contaminate on the glass), continue to rub that spot until the clay slides smoothly. (The clay will loosen additional dirt embedded in the pores of the glass). 4) Clean the glass again with Windex and a new microfiber rowel. 5) Dry the windshield with a microfiber towel. 6) Apply a thin layer of good quality carnauba Wax (Collinite 476 is the most long lasting). example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002P3ZO2E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_i06EAbZDVS70X Glass should look frosted when applied properly. Allow five minutes or more to dry properly. Test by running finger through wax. If finger smudge is clear & pushes up a small ridge of wax at the top of the finger smudge, the wax is dry and ready to buff off. If the glass is not completely clear and clean in the finger smudge, the wax is not ready yet. 7) When the wax is dry, buff off Wax with a clean microfiber towel using a circular motion. 😎 Finish "buff" the glass using a fresh, clean finishing microfiber towel. Use circular motions, followed by up & down parrern to finish. 9) Finally finish by cleaning the wiper blades using Windex and a microfiber towel. Follow this by applying a coating of 303 Protectant. Spray on, leave set, and wipe excess off with microfiber towel. First time I did this, windshield lasted for several months. Wiper blades on fifth year. Glass is super clear. In cleaning the inside, I've used this method: 1) Apply some rubbing alcohol on a microfiber towel and wipe the inside of the windshield in a circular motion, to remove any grease, oil or polymers from the glass. (The problem with the inside windshield is that it's coated with polymers evaporating off of the instrument cluster and interior). 2) spray Windex on another microfiber towel (not on the glass) and wipe in a circular motion. 3) using another microfiber towel completely dry glass. Overwipe to remove all traces of the glass cleaner.
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    Here is something that maybe helpful. On other forums a new members first post usually has to go to the introduction section. Or a mod will tell them to introduce themselves. I suggest we take it a step further and have a new member first post be redirected to the introduction section so they can learn how to use/ navigate the site and have them list their MY and deets etc. It would also help to prevent spam if a new members first post was auto routed/ redirected to the introduction section... I don't know if this will fall on deaf ears..... not implying that a MOD won't read it, but its ultimately up top the site owner/ admin to implement it. Something for the mods and owner to chew over etc HTH
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    I installed my new tires yesterday. The factory Dunlop CrossContact LX Sport were replaced with Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II tires. Immediate impressions are that they are noticeably quieter on older road surfaces and expansion joints. Turn-in seems to be more immediate but to early to say until I scrub them in some more. This car doesn't see winter weather but the wheel hubs were seriously rusted. To avoid issues down the road I cleaned off the rust with a Dremel tool and wire wheel attachment. That was followed up with a light coating of anti-seize compound to the wheel mounting face and the exposed axle threads (not on the wheel studs).
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    Yes, the ac condenser is in front of the rad and likely broken.
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    Fixed the problem with the bliss. It was a bad connection. I connected and disconnected the bliss connector several times and now it works.
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    I can dig it! Completely understandable. Only time will tell, perhaps Xtra may have access to extra parts if one decides to follow through with your concept.
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    Well right now nothing to discuss as it is in my mind and not so much on paper. I don't like to say anything about stuff I do until I follow through with it. Otherwise I look like the fool, I hope you all understand. Don't worry, I will share.
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    Managed to do some work on the lower half today. I made the cutout for the Bottom Patch, and removed of all the excess parts. Lean and mean. Next step is to cutout the area for the Snorkel Adaptor. Test fitting the Bottom Patches, they are not attached yet.
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    I personally do not want that secondary air inlet. I am working something else for this airbox.
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    Forum seems to be having issues with image uploads... but here is a link to a photo of my Edge tinted Went with 70% Ceramic windshield, 35% front driver/passenger, 25% on the rest
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    maybe i dont count..... 100K and 500+ wheel hp later. still going strong
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    I think that can be said of most men. Welcome to the forum.
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    Hey everyone! 2015 Ford Edge Sport 2.7 TT - Just some quick pictures of my new exhaust midsection. X Pipe - into MRT mufflers that were already installed. Let me tell you no need to run any resonator with MRT mufflers. It sounds like someone open up the valves on a valvetronic exhaust. You can really hear what the MRT mufflers are suppose to sound like. Taking off from a stop is awesome with a nice deep tone. Sound clips - Idle-Rev-drive by are coming....Thanks!!
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    onyxbfly, I will address your question shortly.
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    Now that I know that the aluminum used in the elbows is good enough to pass my standards, I went and picked up enough to do all five V3s. Things are moving fast now, and I hope I can keep up the pace.
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    Just returned from the welder and the elbows welded fine. That is great news as these elbows cost half as much as the ones I used to fabricate my Elbow Reducers. I just ordered enough of these mandrel bent elbows to build all ten Reducers. Tack welded the Sensor Brackets as well.
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    No worries, every V3 is hand made to order, and because my operation is so small, it is no problem to accommodate any reasonable request.
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    After testing with the secondary air inlet. I believe all the V3s should have it. Using just the stock snorkel, a high flow filter and insulation helped a lot , but when the lid with the secondary air inlet was added I could feel a pronounced difference in power and the engine sounded smoother. I can say with confidence that the secondary air inlet along with the V2 will make the V3 project unique and perform better than any other CAI system currently on the market for the Edge 2.7EB platform. I am looking at two different options to collect the air.. First is the way I am running now, it is not ideal, but so far it is working great, and is easy to install. My butt-o- meter says my 91 tune now feels more like my 93 tune. .The second way is more difficult to install, and has direct access to ram air. I have not developed the adapter to the ram air part yet. The way I am running now is ready to go. Some of the parts to develop ram air secondary inlet are arriving today. I am attempting to design it so one can use the simple way until the ram air set up is ready, then just re-run the hose and attach the ram air adapter and keep everything compatible.
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    Glass replaced ($150 deductible). Had a great conversation with a FoMoCo rep. Will be receiving a refund for the deductible. Took statements from local dealership service mgr AND the local safelite tech as to how many of these windows they’ve seen busted out this year alone. It was the first Edge the dealership had seen, but it was the 7th rear window on the Edge the Safelite dude had done this year….personally… Tied all the statements together with photos, vids, and documents from our Canadian neighbors and provided to FoMoCo directly. My dealership provided all info THEY could up their chain of command. Hopefully this gets some attention. I don’t like playing the “vet” card at all, but both the missus and I are longtime combat veterans. I EXPECT to be shot at, bombed, etc when in less than desirable places of the world—I do not expect this in my own yard driving down peaceful country roads. maybe some kind of official recall will be coming soon. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Hi all, just curious as to how many miles you all have on your 2.7 ecoboost Edges and MKXs. My dad has a 15 Edge Sport with over 140,000 miles that is still running strong.
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    2016 sport, 65K miles
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    2016 Sport, ~ 37K miles.
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    116,000 on my 15 Sport. 111,000 tuned miles also.
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    I too was thinking of this size but i think it is too much and am researching going to a 245/55/20 with a slightly taller sidewall