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    Prototype parts are being molded this week, and testing will begin soon after. I know that the testing will take a few weeks. I can't say exactly when the V3 will be available, if you follow this thread you will be one of the first to know when the V3 air box and filter will become available. I regularly post updates on progress, and I am committed to getting the V3 into production ASAP. Thanks for your interest.
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    I don't think you owe us any explanation. We appreciate your work and enjoy any updates you provide! Plus, give me some extra time to free up some funds to purchase one of these from you
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    It would be great if folks added their location and ride in their signature. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
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    What's up everyone! Our edge was delivered yesterday and I've spent a few hours going over it and put a few miles on it. Can say I'm happy with my purchase to this point. It's a 2016 AWD Sport with 69,5xx miles. Drives great, really quiet and isn't afraid to merge on the highway that's for sure. As you can tell, purchased the car through Carvana. Which was an easy process, but scary to have purchased sight unseen. Car shows it's years and mileage. Has some rock chips and light scratches, to be expected. The driver door B pillar panels show some cracking, and the window trim looks AWFUL if you ask me. I didn't expect perfection, but those will be my first projects. Overall, I'm happy with how the car performs, the cosmetic things will be address. Here's kind of list of things I'm looking to do to the car. Replace damaged window trims. Change PTU oil, who knows the last time it was changed. Service the panoramic sunroof. It's a little slow to open. Might be normal, but couldn't hurt to clean and grease up the tracks. Needs a paint correction, and good detailing overall. Cleans up nice, but needs a little more TLC. Some future mods I'm interested in. Free air mod and airbox that Xtra is making. Taking off the stick on window vents, and adding Weathertech ones with rear cargo mat. I'd also like the car area cover, if anyone has one they don't want/use Might be stupid, but have read about the Boomba BOV adapter. I know it's pointless, but would be fun to hear when I'm out being a goofball by myself. Tint Maybe some 21" wheels at some point. Like the look of them better, but that's pretty low on my list. Lastly, would like some advice for those with car seats in the back and not damaging the seat. When I was shopping around, lots of cars had permanent impressions in the seats. I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.
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    Sorry if this has been answered before, but I haven't seen it. I have a 2015 sport with the 2.7 EB. I've been watching for any intake offerings since I purchased the car. Recently I discovered that AFE makes a complete airbox for the 19-20 edge ST. Just wondering if anyone knows if the airboxes are interchangeable.
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    Very close to Gatwick Airport then.
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    Seems kind of pointless unless you are just outright removing them. In this heat wave up here I have yet to see them ever closed. Anyone ever actually test this or is it a I just think or feel kind of thing? Any posts I've read seem to be people who think it helps but no results posted. I think the bigger problem is the cheap intercoolers they put on boosted vehicles.
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    Yessir this one needs a good cleaning! Ok female Torx on the way - thanks bud.
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    I ordered the ST airbox from AFE and installed it in my 2017 Sport today. The cover they make is actually only pre-order and won't be Available til October. They are actually out of this intake completely and said orders are 10-12 weeks out. Alas, there are still websites that have some, and some available on Amazon. I went to home depot and bought some heat resistant plexiglass type stuff (was $5), cut it to size with a tool they sold (was also $5), and made a little gasket out of 30lb gorilla double-sided tape to hold it in place. Then I went around it w a couple layers of electrical tape to ensure its seal and security. Pretty happy with it so far, not loud at all (especially compared to the KN CAI i had in my 14 edge sport). Ill be happier when they send my blue (oiled) filters that have a couple hundred cfm better flow. Anyways, it fits great. You'd be nuts not to have a lid of some sort w how hot these bays get..
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    no problem. check out that faebook ad i sent of local rims. prob can get them for cheaper
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    FYI Validated engineering fact: U will not increase the cold air intake volume if the stock air box, or any air box 4 that matter, design is dependant upon drawing cold air through the stock oval opening that the cold air initially enters the box through. U MUST either increase the size of the oval cold air inlet point or add an additional intake point into the box. This fact has been validated repeatedly by SNMJim and Special K (JC Perf Dvlp).
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    Pulled the trigger. Now for a few runs pre install and post install. I will try to get as close as I can on DA with dragy.
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    As @1004ron stated above, you can lock a fob inside using another fob from the outside or using the kaypad by pressing & holding the "9-0" & "7-8" buttons. The kaypad will still unlock the door.
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    My 2017 Sport will lock with the fobs inside, and I assume its the same for all the others. Leave the fobs inside, close the door and touch the top of the door handle and it will lock, or hold two numbers simultaneously on the keypad, then unlock with the keypad. If locked with the fobs inside, the only way to open it is with the keypad or with the key that you can detach from the FOB (prior to them being locked in the vehicle).
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    Great cars. Unfortunately the only Chevy available over here is the Corvette Stingray and that's in LHD only. You can now get RHD Mustangs, but at prices starting at £45k ($62,000) a bit too expensive for me. One day maybe, but in the meantime I'm very happy to have my Edge.
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    nice im in Broward. Cool to see some south floridians out here
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    Welcome to our Forum Erin from swampy Louisiana (my favourite US State). Do you have any pics of your Edge you can share with us? I think Electric Spice looks great on the Edge. I was my preferred colour when I was looking to buy but I like my Canyon Ridge almost as much!
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    This is incredible. I'm so glad I stumbled across this forum. I have been trying to Dream up a better intake for my 2.7eb and have been slowly collecting parts to try and make something happen. Nothing I could have done even compares with this stuff. Wow.
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    2016 Ford Edge SEL I purchased a new 2016 SEL from Ford and immediately noticed a "fluttering" noise or what sounded like a strap flopping around under the passenger side of the car. I crawled under thinking that maybe something was left loose, or a strap was flopping around in the wind under the body. I could not find anything obvious. I did see a long hard board with a felt like finish that covers the under-body with unique and noisy center connectors. I took the car in to a Lincoln dealership and they had already dealt with the same issue on a different but same year Edge. They told me it was the rattle in the center connector of under-body "felt" panels. They corrected the issue by installing some sort of buffer material in the fasteners. The noise is now gone. It was loud and annoying at times, in particular when heavy cross wind was coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. I chose to start this message because I know this concern is not unique to my vehicle. I travel for a living and often have Ford Edge rentals, and about 1 out 2 have the same noise. It must be a known issue to Ford, however the Lincoln service adviser said there is no TSB for this issue. I also had the Lincoln warranty service address what sounded like cheap plastic to plastic noises coming from the dash while traveling over rough road. They isolated the poorly designed fasteners and buffered them as well. The dash noise is now much improved. I am disappointed in Ford for first not building this vehicle better, this is not a first generation model and these types of issues should be long since engineered out of the platform in my opinion. This Ford Edge is far and above the most rattle and noise filled vehicle we have purchased from Ford and unfortunately lowers my sense of confidence in Ford overall. We paid too much for this car to have what I perceive to be "cheap" fit and finish and poorly engineered fasteners. I hope this helps anyone who may have similar noises coming from their late model Ford Edge.
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    This Fender Flare kit for Ford Edge is so wicked! I think SS Tuning manufactures it.
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    I greatly appreciate this thread, @CCMAYES72, and the input of everyone, inc. @Mikula for the video. The TSB linked earlier, #17-0065, definitely speaks to a problem which has continued beyond the 2015-2017 range of the TSB, since my '19 Edge is affected. My dealer replaced the entire right-side underbody shield and its hardware last May, which is the first that I became aware of the issue, not having located this thread until a week ago--and there's been no recurrence of the problem on the right after 8 months. The rattling/fluttering from the left shield began more recently, and I'm going in tomorrow to have it replaced. The day the second shield was ordered, I made a point to ride along while the technician listened for the flapping along the driver's side; the service manager put this tech with me because he's dealt with the problem quite a lot, particularly on Escapes. After the noise was reproduced on the highway, I then took a look while the vehicle was lifted. The fastener beneath the rear floor had developed too much play in it. I did ask the tech about the foam rings/gaskets in the hardware kit which is linked on this thread, and he twice didn't specifically respond regarding the rings, but he did emphatically state that he's never had a customer return complaining of recurrence after the entire assembly has been replaced. Maybe there have been fairly recent improvements in the replacement product. The vehicle's under warranty--and any replacement parts/labor should be warranted for 12 months anyway; so I encourage @1004ron & anyone else to do what is my plan: Have the thing replaced on Ford's tab if the vehicle is no longer warranted but fewer than 12 months have passed since a previous replacement, which hopefully won't be necessary but certainly should get their attention financially. If I don't post again, the current replacements are continuing to hold up and/or I'm dead. 😉 Worst case scenario, I'll eventually pay someone a lift fee for applying the best possible version of the bent insulated-wire fix.
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    If you guys are getting some noises or rattling seemingly from underneath your vehicle, this should solve the issue. This topic has been touched upon several times, and for some people it is hard to understand how to solve it without seeing what we're talking about, so I made a video to help out. The noise started about 4 months into ownership, and sometimes it would be noise above 30mph, sometimes not until 60mph, but it was a common theme... ANNOYING. The problem is the 3 small buttons or pins on each side that hold the under body cover in place. Hopefully this helps someone!
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    I had the same issue. I fashioned my own buffer out of the foam pool tubes and placed them near the plastic clips under the two side panels until I bring mine in for the next oil change. If there is a dealer solution I would just assume they fix it while it's under warranty. Thanks for posting the solution. I found mine by just tapping the under panels with the tips of my fingers. When I did I could hear the plastic pins rattle because they are not as tight as they should be. Also I am missing one pin on the back end of the passenger side panel. I tried to push and tightened the pins but over time they just end up getting lose again. Once I put the buffers no more rattle. It was actually fairly faint but I could hear it when the radio was at lower volumes. I have a better schematic of the underside that I will post tomorrow so others will know where to look or at least what the dealer should check. It sounds like you have a good dealer service dept I would stick with them! There are a lot that will tell you they looked into it but do nothing or "don't hear it" As you can see there are a lot of items under the Edge that can rattle. Most of the time the culprit on any car maker is the larger panels. It's not isolated to just Ford when it comes to under panels rattling. Addition: Here is a better diagram. If you search google images for tb10919A this image should come up. My issue is I am missing Clip 4, and Clip 5 keeps coming lose, probably because 4 is missing. I added numbers to the image since this is what I am going to bring to the dealer to show them where my issue is.
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    For anyone looking for the 2015-17 underside diagram: