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    Ford does not consider the Edge Sport/ ST performance vehicles thus the lack of parts available for the edge. They never have. The edge sport debuted in 2009, not a single part was available on the ford performance site. 8 years later and there still aren't any parts. The majority of performance mods/ parts will transfer over from the sport to the ST. The parts we do have for the edge sport are due to the hard work and tenacity of our very own forum members. Special shout out to @snmjim @Special_K @Nick Halstead @Xtra (apologies to anyone that I missed)
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    ok, I will bite. Yes it is listed under their performance vehicles. Wouldn't you think Ford would have performance parts for said "performance" vehicle or would even list it on the Ford Performance webpage? Wouldn't you think Ford would have had a bigger marketing campaign or even set out to prove all magazine editors wrong when they all wrote horrible things about the ST? Ford did nothing. Ford does not care about the Edge in the performance realm (outside of marketing). I've been driving an Edge for 7 years now and NOTHING has changed. 2015 came and everyone thought parts would start flooding the market, nope didn't happen. The ST came and people thought parts would start flooding the market. Nope didn't happen. NOBODY brought a built Edge to any SEMA show besides the ones sponsored by Ford. Tjin Edition, Aaron Vaccar, Webasto and then the BTR ST. Usually cars that are trending big in the performance world get built for SEMA, not sponsored by the corporate entity. The brand new Ranger has a slew of dedicated parts (none carryover) from Ford. A vehicle that has used the same motor since 2015 has ZERO. If Ford was not killing hatches and sedans the ST name would have never came to the Edge because it fits none of the previous ST criteria, in reality the Fusion ST would have been a better application for the badge. ST owners always get butthurt when us Sport guys try and prove points. ST is a trim level, it's not a sport upgrade and with ST being applied to the Explorer really shows it's a Trim level replacement for the word "Sport" to attract the buyers who can no longer get their happy lil ST hatches. though most of those drivers have moved on to totally different brands. @Special_K and I are not bashing the ST, it would be kinda dumb to bash a vehicle that is like 95% the same one we drive.
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    uh 12.2 @ 115.19 while spinning through 1st and 2nd.... And its literally the same engine, the same engine tune applies, different trans tune. to my knowledge no ST has seen a 12 yet. You really are locking horns with the wrong guy, my man. After developing and tuning this platform for 2+ years, i have been around the block a few times and understand what parts and components affect these vehicles the most..... the trans is not it. P.S. - .started out on a stock tune 3 weeks ago and now have a platform record, not to null and void your point.....again.
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    This is a recurring subject. One would think a twin turbo CUV would have a host of parts. The problem, Ford does not offer it as such. It is just a trim to Corporate. Most parts as stated have come from the end user sourcing parts from small manufacturer's, this really does not catch the eye of big aftermarket companies but it does gain us parts and puts money into small mom and pop shops. Also, the Edge does not "appeal" to those particularly in the automotive aftermarket community. This Forum and Facebook is where I see most male drivers. Since 2015 I think I can count on one hand how many male drivers I have seen in person.
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    The ST brand used to be completely separate from the main vehicle development teams where they would take a vehicle after it was completed and modify it (Focus/Fiesta ST e.g.). This is why those models lagged behind the new vehicle intro by a year or two. Now they've integrated the Ford Performance team and they're developing the ST versions at the same time as the normal versions replacing the "sport" models similar to what MB did with AMG. It's a different paradigm and there won't be as much market support for Edge and Explorer STs as there were for hot hatchbacks (especially globally).
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    Although this is a great conversation, I think the topic perhaps has run off course. The absence of Ford Performance Parts from Ford was more of a question as to why would other Ford ST models get this type of support from Ford and not the Edge; not to try and single out the ST for trying to be something that it's not. It is warmed-over Sport ? I can certainly see it being viewed that way, but all the reviews that I've seen / read, they seem to be wanting some sort of X3M competitor and that's never what any ST model was. I have an 2014 Audi SQ5 and it may be in a similar SUV class, I never expected the Edge ST to be a replacement for my SQ5 - it's just not. Just as I would never get a Focus RS to replace my Audi RS5. Has Ford been misleading in it's marketing of the Edge ST against other performances makes like Audi S/RS and BMW M-sport and M ? If so I' have not seen anything like that. Perhaps we are just wanting more out of the ST that was never really promised; but I can agree with Ford could go much further performance-wise with the Edge ST than it has. - hence my original Q.
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    I have 3 other STs in my town/local commute alone. Went to the movies 3 days after i bought it and saw 2 in the parking lot. This was January mind you. I agree the Audi SQ5 is a real performance SUV but it is also $10,000 more than an edge ST and carries a heritage the Edge does not. If Ford were to simply support it and offer aftermarket parts would it change your minds as to if it is a performance vehicle? I think Ford is purely reactive and would respond if there were enough demand. Honestly though I feel the cars today are too capable in stock form. People buy an Edge ST after owning a Honda CRV and are blown away by how quick it is. They don't end up hunting the web for go fast parts. A focus ST yes its fun but its not fast.. you almost need to upgrade for its full potential while a CUV like the Edge feels like you are nearly at the edge of useful performance with such a large platform. The F150 modders are usually drag racers and its a thrill to make something fast that seems as if it shouldn't be. Blowing ricer doors off with your log cabin on wheels. This is just my opinion.... I sometimes am tempted by the tunes and want a bit more power but then i strap my 5 year old into his seat and I'm suddenly content again. I want to push the edge but then reality pulls me back to realize if i want something faster I can drive my Lincoln or buy a model X.
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    uhhhhhhhhhhh there is much more you can do:
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    its not alot of extra headroom. and the limitation is the fuel pump.
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    Ford failed to do proper justice to the introduction of the 15' sport. They dropped the ball on it. Here we are in time for a refresh and ford says to self what can we do to distinguish a new generation from the previous ones... And the ST was born. They gave it an aggressive fascia, bastardized the back of it and gave it some bells and whistles that the uninitiated may not be aware of and rolled them out! There are a variety of improvements that the ST has over the Sport. Mainly I see them as safety features. The 4 main selling points of the ST is engine HP, Suspension, Transmission, Performance brake package. The 8 speed transmission is new territory for Ford. IIRC this is the first year that they have tested/ implemented them in vehicle for public use. Day 1 fail, damn year a year later they sorted it out. Remember it had to be different... The performance brake package is essentially the same except for red caliper paint and a brushless radiator fan. The parts numbers are exactly the same. Size of pads right down to the size of the rotors. I asked the parts guy at my preferred dealership about the brakes and he showed them to me. If the brake pads are made of some secret sauce he said he didn't know. But to the naked eye and the wallet they are essentially the same. According to various resources it has been stated that the ST is 20% stiffer suspension. Some say that the ST handles better than the Sport, but they share the same part numbers. I do not know if its one of those issues where multiple vehicles will share the same part and you have to enter your vin to get the one suited for your vehicle or if there is any actual difference. I'll discuss the suspension query with my parts guy the next time I go in. The engine is the exact same. It shares the same tune as the MKX. Nothing new there. In fact the Sport sold in the middle east and other parts of the world have 335HP i.e the Lincoln tune. I like the ST I really do. I just think it needs to be viewed correctly for what it is. If Ford did not give it the ST badge, and called it a sport would they generate the sales numbers that they do? Of course not. Do we know if ST redesigned anything for sure? To much conflicting information to be sure. Lets just enjoy our rides for what they are. There is plenty of road out there for all of us!
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    not trolling, i hold the record, dont see any ST's near it let alone with in a second of it...... and not that for the past 2 years i helped develop performance parts for the platform, your right i must not know a thing 😉
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    This makes me chuckle in all the right places. The ST is heavier, weaker and worse in pretty much every way possible except traction, than the sport
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    i actually did forget about that! the brushed fan does plenty for us, even on tack duty. Just changed the fan profile.
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    the intercooler itself will most likely not net a massive performance gain, what it does do is limit the boost temp range. most i have seen with the UP intercooler is about 155 on a 90 degree day after and 120mph pull.... on stock intercooler you would see north of 205~210. And of course a tune would help you take advantage of the additional head room.
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    Performance brake option means nothing sadly, just red calipers. I've had the ford parts guy cross reference on multiple occasions.
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    I just picked up my 16 Sport last week, and discovered the Livernois tune last night. They claim +100HP and +100TQ which I find to be totally bombastic. IF IT'S REAL, how do the pistons/rings and transmission cope with the extra torque? What other ford models share the same tranny part number? I drove a Cobb Stg3 Focus ST for 7 perfect years, over 100k miles not a single mechanical issue. I am religious when it comes to maintinentce It was far and away the best car I've ever had. I used to do AutoX and SCCA stuff, but my driving now consists of hauling tons of camera equipment in gridlock traffic. Gone with the race car, in with the comfortable and quiet wagon. Now I didn't buy this car to mod it, I just happened to discover the tune on this board. I'm 99% content with how it is stock because it's extremely easy to drive smoothly. Also, I don't want to think about the fuel costs of running premium in it and driving it fast. Anyway, Having a tune that increases stock power by THAT MUCH sounds dangerous without stronger driveline components to me. I've just seen too many childishly aggressive drivers blow up their motors by laying into it at low RPM's, and thrash their transmissions by shifting hard or dumping clutches. I can't seem to find much data about reliability running the LMS tune, and I'm wondering when people have had stuff break when running it, what broke, and do we know why?
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    Hey, i found one that works just like the factory one. I installed it on my wifes Edge. I got it from https://truckenhance.com . The link to the aftermarket power liftgate system kit is https://truckenhance.com/product/power-liftgate-system-foot-sensor/ . The best part it comes with a foot sensor to allow you to open the tail gate with you feet! So actually better than the dealer one!...lol. The wife loves it! Works great for those of you that wants one. It took me about 3 hours to do the installation, it's pretty straight forward.
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    Oh good find! thank you! Update: thought it would have been a higher capacity.....only about 50cc more ....damn
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    I would definitely take that bet. 2 10,000 mile cars with stock tunes on 93 octane with the same wheel+tire packages on an autocross course.
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    I have thoroughly driven both, sport is hands down the better vehicle. also i hope we arent ignoring Motortrend results: the ST on 93 did it in 6.1. which is .1 faster than a sport on 87 and .4 slower than a sport on 93 stock 93 octane ST 1/4- 14.7 stock 93 octane Sport 1/4 - 14.3
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    Do you have a Ford Owners Account? If yes, you can use the same credentials for your Ford Pass app. If not try creating an owners account and set up your Ford Pass through the owner's site. Owner.ford.com
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    Edge is on a budget right now - funds have been diverted to other new models and projects. Next gen isn't due until 2023 MY. I wouldn't expect anything beyond what is already available.
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    After I replaced the bad one last weekend I came across a thread about cleaning and lubing the old part. Basically the valve gets stuck in one position. Which cases the excessive vacuum. So supposedly you can just spray a bunch of WD40 down the hoses into the valve and just let it soak. I did exactly that and I put the old part in the box and into the cabinet. Might need it down the road. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    I think non-interference engines are very scarce these days, .......... maybe a Tesla 😁