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    2012 Edge Sport Roof Rack

    Yes, there are ways. Check this thread for a Yakima Q tower installation. This type requires no drilling (I assume that's what you meant by 'major work') My link
  2. cal3thousand


    How about leaving it somewhere accidentally?
  3. cal3thousand

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    Thanks for sharing. I too have found that my MT4G and Slide both work best when using the HTC Sense ROMs including message etc. I should re organize my music again based on your recommendations. I've just been using Amazon Cloud player as a crutch.
  4. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    Think of those as redundancies edit: grammar
  5. cal3thousand

    MyTouch Info

  6. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    I was driving a Durango with a HDD and touchscreen and NAV and voice when the Edge was in the shop. I have to say that I appreciate the "ideas" and concepts in the MFT in relation, but the responsiveness and reliability were worlds apart. Granted it was a much less visually intensive workout for the hardware in the Dodge, but that's how it should be in the MFT. If they get rid of the lag on startup and the glitches, I'll be happy again. I really want to be able to show the system off to someone that is getting a ride in my car for the first time without worrying if it will "show up" to the game.
  7. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    Seems the same speed to me except that they faded the onscreen elements to give your eye something to "work on" while the screen fully came up. iOS did this really well to improve the UX while switching between aspects with animations. So instead of a (relatively) long blank pause, the screen seems to have a quicker reaction to your input. EDIT: I'm eager to see the "warm" memory in action as that seems to have a huge impact on start up lag.
  8. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    Is "soon" here yet?
  9. cal3thousand

    Real Carbon Fiber!

    I like the cane! is it hollow? and hows the pimp limp?
  10. cal3thousand

    MFT upgrade overview

    Thanks for sharing
  11. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    Back to MFT, mine is acting up like a lil MFT (think up some new letters). It would say phone is connected when I don't have one within earshot let alone within BT range. Can't wait for the update. edited for spelling
  12. That looks amazing! Great job and thanks for sharing.
  13. LEDS generally won't work below a certain voltage, so dimming would have to be accomplished with a Pulse Width Modulator that can cycle the led on and off (this happens faster than the eye can see and it gives the same effect as dimming) So to dim to 50% brightness, the led would go on and off for equal amounts of time (think 1/100th of a second)
  14. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    I feel ya. So many things to like, but there are things that can be disappointing as well. They will have to give a great deal on a 2013 or I'll be driving something else at that time.
  15. cal3thousand

    Speed Governor at 110?

    Good point! I wonder if the AWD is governed to an even lower number
  16. cal3thousand

    Private Cash - Go get it...

    I just started receiving these things. But I already leased an '11 in April. Luckily they sent one to my wife in March... I think they started sending them to me after I went to the autoshow and talked to the rep and gave them my info
  17. cal3thousand

    Fuel Economy

    I get a solid 19.4 in Los Angeles mixed driving. I drive at about 70-87 MPH (Don't hit 88 for fear of the flux capacitor kicking in) You are not going to get the 27MPG unless you are in ideal conditions. (not just great, but IDEAL)
  18. cal3thousand

    will not play ANY video while in PARK

    That's how I tried it... didn't work then. Looks like there's another thing I need to bring up.
  19. cal3thousand

    Speed Governor at 110?

    Wow... that's not good. At least Edges don't have driveshafts (I'm sure something else would end up as the weakest link though)
  20. cal3thousand

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    The "system maintenance" has been occurring more frequently in the past few weeks. It was great for a few weeks after the update, but now, I get intermittent issues.
  21. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    I assume that means warranty on MFT portion only gets extended an extra year.
  22. cal3thousand

    will not play ANY video while in PARK

    Through the A/V section?
  23. cal3thousand

    Speed Governor at 110?

    I still do not understand this type of business practice. I understand that a company does not want to cannibalize its own sales of a similar product. But I don't believe that this tactic properly serves the intent. If Ford wants to differentiate the MKX versus the Edge Sport beyond the 3.7L, they should make distinguishing additions to the MKX in Luxury (being a Premium brand) and not by diminishing the Sport. Because doing so (IMO) only limits MKX shoppers from looking at the Sport. I don't think that it draws people from the Sport up to the MKX. At the same time, some people that are cross shopping brands might find the limited configurations unappealing all together. I say offer HIDs all across the board, the R&D cost would be spread across a larger base, not to mention the scales of economies from selling more HID units.
  24. cal3thousand

    will not play ANY video while in PARK

    I tried video through the RCAs a month back, and it would not work.
  25. cal3thousand

    The Over 40 Crowd

    That was a great post! I'm just north of 30, but I hear ya loud and clear! It's amazing just the differences between my brother and myself in 9 years. He has no idea about times before cellphones. If you wanted to call a girl, you had to make sure she was going to be home to talk to her. And you always ran into the chance of someone else picking up the phone first. I had internet as a teen, but we used dial-up that would knock you off if someone decided to call or pick up the telephone. Before cordless phones were ubiquitous, you had to sit in the room that had a phone. Talking to a girl on the line with your family members in the same room was super awkward. Anyone here carry a pager/beeper back in the day? Remember stopping to find a payphone and making sure you had change? So many things that we have nowadays that make kids' lives so much easier. I like your comment about the library vs Internet. I bet half the kids out there don't even know what the Dewey decimal system does! Which reminds me of an observation someone pointed out to me before: Kids nowadays know to click the little blue floppy disk on the top of a menu to save a file without even knowing what a floppy disks is!