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    LED's in side mirror puddle lamps

    5050 is the size of the LED unit. It's metric: 5.0mm x 5.0mm and 3528s are 3.5mm x 2.8mm
  2. In the case of a full power seat, always check on the back of the seat near the hinge area (where the release on a 2 seater would be)
  3. cal3thousand

    interior leds

    Here's a nice thread for those wanting to add lights: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/3166-diy-center-console-glove-box-led-lighting-mod/
  4. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    my opinion, please take it as such: I agree that it is revolutionary. With that said, maybe they should have waited on a better implementation before jumping to market. They made the business decision to move to market with a product that did not exactly meet their intended design in functionality and user experience. I also agree that they admitted their mistakes in certain places (good for Ford). But I also see that in other places, they did the usual PR jukes to reduce the perception of fault on their own part.
  5. Thanks for the good laughs! I think my wife and I would be separated if I ever caught her using fork on nonstick. I'm not worried about the product getting ruined, but eating that crap is horrible for you. We also have 2 sets of knives in the house: The family set that stays on the counter and my Cutco set that stays in the case. Dingo: at least your wife will eat bacon. My wife won't eat pork of any kind (non-religious) and will go as far is not kissing me if I have eaten pork in the last 24 hours.
  6. You could rent a 2012 from a rental company for a couple days (just make sure it's the same interior and has the ratcheting headrests)....
  7. cal3thousand

    Oil change

    I've had 2 oil changes. Both at about 5K each. First one done pro bono at the dealerhsip. Second one was a home job.
  8. I would suggest some LEDs for either her license plate or back up lights. OR <shameless plug> you could get her this fabulous 8GB Ford branded USB Key for all her music http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280783700185#ht_3473wt_1139 </shameless plug>
  9. That's crazy. Who sold you this car? Every MKX I've seen has the keyhole on the right stub of the driver's door handle. O_o
  10. cal3thousand

    Picled up my "X" today

    Congrats on the pick up!
  11. cal3thousand

    Weathertech vs. Huskyliner

    May I suggest the Nifty Catch-its? They are carpet and fit really well and they hold a ton of liquid. Washable too; I hose them down every few vacuumings. here's quick pic I snapped:
  12. cal3thousand

    Kick to open

    I was at the LA Auto show last night and had the Ford Rep demo the feature on their new Escape. Apparently, it uses a proximity sensor that can detect motion. This solves the issue of something running under your car when you are in range with the fob. Waving your foot on the ground under the car does nothing, but lift your shin until it gets close to the bumper and move it across the area and it will open. I'm beginning to think that a simple motion detector might cause unknown issues. The car itself was very attractive with many features I would like to see in an Edge sized vehicle including a properly retracting cargo cover and fold down seats that lock into place. Should be available by May 2012.
  13. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    Thanks. Everyone is ok, maybe some soreness but that should go away. (hopefully) I just got a call from the Collision center. Parts = $3700 which includes paint, and replacing everything on the affected corner as well as replacing the cross member Total = $8400 Target date for completion Dec 12, 2011.
  14. cal3thousand

    Kick to open

    Just to understand if that's indeed how it is wired and not some data bus setup as Akirby mentioned as a potential
  15. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    Shop is taking her apart and coming up with a quote. The trailing arm is all bent up and I suspect some other pieces because it looks like the opposite side's camber was affected. It was a pretty violent hit since I don't think Audi S4 rims explode that easily. Probably more than $3100. The whole rear bumper cover is jacked as well. I'm thinking over $7500.
  16. cal3thousand

    Kick to open

    Getting a hold of a parts list for the new Escapes backend would help. Anyone with access?
  17. cal3thousand

    Kick to open

    With IA, all you have to do is tap the button on the outside of the tailgate (and of course have the IA fob in proximity). So my theory would be an auxiliary switch tapped into the tailgate switch's circuit that would mimic a person touching the button.
  18. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    You're welcome. But it's Dingo that has all this product knowledge. I just Google pretty fast. Slightly off topic: Here's a pic of the wheel damage I incurred over the weekend. Notice the exposed pieces of the rim underneath. Now, also notice the piece of rim from Audi that hit me hanging inside my tire. That piece of his rim stayed with my car all day through being towed to the ski resort (Bear Mtn) then towed back to home to LA. I didn't realize it was not from my Edge until after I took that picture and inspected the pieces left over.
  19. cal3thousand

    18" to 22" wheels

    Hopefully your wife is prepared for her Edge to be slower and worse on gas. Those 22" wheels weigh 90 lbs a piece with tire installed compared to the 65-70 lbs of the 18". The Sport model has gearing and engine displacement to help overcome the inertial drag of the forged wheels.
  20. cal3thousand

    How can I hide the Ads By Google?

    You be correct. They want to provide you with every service imaginable so that they can understand you and serve more relevant ads and continue to grow their ad revenue monster.
  21. cal3thousand

    Kick to open

    Sorry... I was working on the assumption of already having Intelligent Access since this just seems like an evolution. Did not mean to indicate it was mod that every Edge could participate in. linking to the IA system in this way will limit the car from opening the hatch while in drive. (but there are other situations that should be considered)
  22. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

  23. cal3thousand


    Absolutely beautiful!!! I see you have all 3 pedals as well
  24. cal3thousand

    Lockpick for MFT

    I'm beginning to think that the microphone in these cars is like the human ear and tuned to the upper frequencies
  25. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    Not unless some company (or Ford themselves) decides to manufacture "hub caps" that would fit. (unfortunately) My best piece of advice is Plasti Dip 'em and rock the blacked out look.