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    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    Thanks for the info! The beginning of that article was promising but I was left a bit disconcerted after finishing the article. I am concerned that there are idiots fixing the system. It seems like Jeff Jones is make or break for the MFT system since he is (purportedly) doing everything.
  2. cal3thousand

    Kick to open

    I think it's absolutely possible. You would need a proximity sensor or motion sensor (could be retrofitted from a cheap motion detector light from DealExtreme). Then use the signal from that sensor to control a relay that would trip the same circuit as the liftgate's external handle. That way, you are just replicating the button push on the liftgate whenever anything moves in the sensor's range. Would need to determined if a ground signal or positive signal is used first and construct the relay accordingly.
  3. cal3thousand

    Regenerative ???

    Since that last post in June, I have learned that the alternator in our cars is indeed a "smart alternator" that increases load in certain situations to regenerate more power to the battery. Combined with the fuel cut to the injectors, this will help save fuel.
  4. cal3thousand

    Wheel lock nuts

    Also, with a hidden setup, thieves will still try but be defeated. With the open setup, it will be a visual deterrent and will stop some from even trying.
  5. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    I have some "insider" information on the construction of the these chrome clad wheels. Don't say I never did anything for you guys. Just for this community, I have arranged for the deconstruction of a rim: These things are bonded with what appears to be an epoxy based adhesive. These things "should" be serviceable. Ford would just have to sell the "caps" and a method to rebond them. Maybe an aftermarket provider will step up, but I kind of doubt it based on the patents pending. (stay tuned to the forum for a post of the complete carnage with details)
  6. cal3thousand

    Lockpick for MFT

    I wish it could handle services using my phone wifi tethering instead of using the voice channel (a la fax)
  7. cal3thousand

    Major Upgrade (Rewrite) Details

    Nope... 2 stages. Setting 1 - Warm buns Setting 2 - Burnt buns
  8. cal3thousand

    projector retrofits

    If you get them for 300 bucks a set, I'd say you have a winner. Definitely good for the community.
  9. cal3thousand

    projector retrofits

    That's the issue. Are you going to charge $750 core charge? And you'll want to make sure that the cores are in good enough shape to retrofit. Either way, I think it will take some investment for the "working" set (it won't be lost, but it's still a required cost). I wish the Edge headlights were as easy to come by as MK IV Jetta headlights.
  10. cal3thousand

    projector retrofits

    That's what I was milling around. But the cost to get a spare set of headlights to work on will be ~$700. If you can find a cheaper source, then you might have something.
  11. cal3thousand

    projector retrofits

    Whiteis33 and NWSalpine are a couple guys here that are working on retrofits for the Edge. Whiteis33 already blacked out the headlights and tails, REALLY hot ride. I threw the idea of offering retrofits, but I think the price will be prohibitive. Especially on the '11+ where the stock halogen has a pretty good projector and does well with HID "kits"
  12. cal3thousand

    Average Speed

    I would imagine that they use km/h to stay metric.
  13. You've out done your self again Richy. Well played.
  14. cal3thousand

    2013 GT500

    " New for 2013<br style="color: rgb(62, 64, 71); font-family: Helvetica, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 16px; text-align: left; background-color: rgb(211, 214, 224); "> The latest GT500 is full of new technology throughout, so much so in fact it might be a good idea to list out at least the bulk of changes in one place: new 5.8-liter aluminum-block engine, new 2.3-liter supercharger, six-piston Brembo front calipers, new and larger front and rear brake rotors, new brake pads, new downforce-generating front grilles, new and more aggressive front splitter, new quad exhaust system, (two) new forged-aluminum wheel designs, defeatable launch control system, new (optional) Performance Package featuring new SVT-designed Bilstein electronic adjustable dampers and Torsen limited-slip differential, with the additional Track Package adding an external engine oil cooler, rear differential cooler and transmission cooler...." WOw... just wow
  15. cal3thousand

    Lockpick for MFT

    Good point. I hate having to pull over to input something or waiting for a red light.
  16. cal3thousand

    Edge Interceptor ?

    I could see that being an issue hahhahha
  17. cal3thousand

    Average Speed

    It's in the trip meters section where you have Trip 1 and Trip 2
  18. cal3thousand

    power point connections still discharge battery

    Power outputs (12V cig adapter) in Fords stay energized at all times. I wish other manufacturers did the same...
  19. cal3thousand

    MFT Overhaul Press Release

    It would be nice if it were to land on Christmas... highly doubted though.
  20. cal3thousand

    Lockpick for MFT

    I mean at this price, I could get myself a nice tablet to watch videos etc.
  21. cal3thousand

    Edge Interceptor ?

    Where would the shotgun go?
  22. Hopefully this 45 minute update process can be changed to a more environment friendly method that doesn't require idling a half-gallon of gasoline.
  23. cal3thousand

    Lockpick for MFT

    too bad it's still expensive as all hell.
  24. cal3thousand

    Five Months Later

    Funny thing. Before looking at the Edge, I wanted a 05 or 06 black Legacy GT wagon with the 2.5T. Couldn't find one, so I'm driving an '11 Edge.