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    Zombie audio system

    The "audio" section does not need to be on to get voice command nor issue them. But the "audio" is always ready. You can take "106.7 FM" and it will tune if the radio is off. Turning the volume down is a viable workaround, but should not be considered SOP. OP indicated that it will sometimes turn the USB back on and play it. This doesn't seem like the most efficient use of resources (CPU RAM BUS etc). What viper001 is coming up with seems like a reproducible "bug" I haven't had this exact issue, but I have had one where the audio just would not turn off even though the confirmation beep occurred. I had to drive half a mile to let it sort itself out, but eventually it did. I'm going to try to reproduce this behavior you found on my lunch break today and will report back.
  2. cal3thousand

    Sync and MFT problems

    That's just the thing. The "perfectly" satisfied people are those that have just have not said anything. I'm sure there's plenty of people that have had 2-3 resets/freezes in as many weeks of ownership that have not spoken up. I for one, am included in that group. I don't think the system is laggy or sucks (I'm on v2.7) but I want them to put a proportionate amount of effort into it. They should have been able to fix the issues by now if they were to put the proper effort. (Backup camera's and navigation are not new technologies, so getting those to work properly should not be this difficult). I'm not asking them to develop a new system in a year, just fix the BUGS (<---- ie poorly written code). As this was their first foray into creating such an advanced system, I gave them the benefit and bought in. Now that I have it, they need to hear every time it does not work properly so that they, and subquently, folks like you that don't have the system, don't have a false sense of its robustness. Ford's not the only one that needs to hear about it. Understand that Microsoft has it's hands in it too. (check the badging on the dash). BTW. Regarding my tenure here... I wasn't here "back then", but its still on the site and yes, I did read numerous posts before posting AND leasing. I'm all for living on the bleeding edge of technology and adopting systems before they are perfected (I love Android). But the "power's that be" need to understand whether the systems they created are working OR not.; And if not, to what extent. No one except Ford and/Or MS can tell you what is actually going on behind the scenes. And yes, 3 updates appears to be effort put forth. BUT twice as many (or more) developers on the case MIGHT have gotten the job done in 1 update. So you can't really equate effort to updates. Bottomline for me, if you have problems, let them be heard. Or you might get put in the bucket of "perfectly satisfied"
  3. cal3thousand

    Sync and MFT problems

    I don't feel that they aren't doing anything. Its just that a company will take larger efforts if they feel the impact is larger. If everyone were to downplay the issues to nil, do you think Ford would be addressing anything? They are a company as any other with a bottom line to measure and will not outlay funds to fix a problem they don't perceive or as much funds to a problem they haven't quantified properly.
  4. It could be anything from a Fuel Pump priming to some relay that gets energized. Could be the little hamster that powers the MFT system, who knows?
  5. cal3thousand

    Sync and MFT problems

    I've had my Edge for 12 days. It came with v2.7. It seems pretty good, but I've had 3 resets. Most of them occur when on a phone call and trying to backup at the same time. EDIT: I took down the number and plan on calling. I think everyone that likes the MFT system and plans to keep the car should give them an earful. They won't fix the problems if they don't hear someone complaining. Additionally, when they quantify their call rates, they will take the number of complaints and try to extrapolate that over the whole customer base. So the more complaints, the more action.
  6. cal3thousand

    30,000 mile service

    As long as the service is carried out properly, they cannot void the warranty. You could even do it yourself. For them to void a warranty, they have to prove that whatever you did was the MAIN cause of the malfunction. During a 30K service, they change oil, rotate tires as necessary, change out the trans fluid, inspect brakes and suspension, air filter and cabin filter. I could personally do my own 30k service for less than $125 using synthetics to boot.
  7. cal3thousand

    Remote Starter

    I bet it was some wire they forgot the first time... Did they mention what it was exactly? (doubtful)
  8. cal3thousand

    Ford Edge SEL in the works??

    I think since everyone is eligible for different incentives, the best way to compare, is the price you are getting before incentives. That is truly the part that you have some control over. So, your price before incentives compared to Invoice and MSRP for that same vehicle is the real litmus. You want to make sure you are not paying much more than invoice. For an Edge (remember, this is BEFORE incentives) getting a price from Invoice to $200-300 above invoice is good. You should also take into consideration fees such as a Doc fees. In CA it is maxed at $55, but in other states, there may not be a cap so beware. If you think you got "Invoice price" from a dealer, look at all the other fees and make sure it wasn't made up somewhere else.
  9. cal3thousand

    Ford Edge SEL in the works??

    Call the internet sales dept around your area and ask them for the x-plan price on a particular one that has the specs you want(mention it even if you don't have it.) Then say, what's your internet price compared to that? If they say about a couple hundred bucks, you know they're not playing games with you. They should give you an price near invoice plus you get the incentives that are currently available. Don't forget to apply for the Ford brochures online and try to get a few of them to different addresses like work/home. Send one to your hubby or parents etc (they are transferable within a household). Bottomline, they randomly come with a $750 coupon that's good as cash. Choose the email option and you can just print it if you get it. I had to request like 6 before one came to my wife's email. And it came the night before I was to "pull the trigger". Needless to say, its very nice to have. Good Luck and remember to share pics.
  10. cal3thousand

    Nav system failure

    You can't do major updates yourself "right now" Once If someone smart enough and with enough access gets their hands on it....
  11. cal3thousand

    Decsion Time

    Wait 2 years for a 2011 to come off lease.
  12. cal3thousand

    transmission flush

    Agreed. Additionally, these "flushes" are just pump (trans) assisted fluid exchanges. Every fluid degrades over time (think oil) and will lose its protective and, in the case of ATF, hydraulic properties.
  13. cal3thousand

    FS: Weathertech mats $150 Shipped Continental US

    Thanks Michael. Great deal, well packaged and shipped quick. I couldn't ask for more from a forum transaction.
  14. cal3thousand

    2011 Ford Edge Light Bulb Chart

    Cool. Added to Evernote. Thanks
  15. cal3thousand

    22" Edge Sport Wheels on fordparts.com

    So true. I would not 'Sport' them on my Limited unless I had a supercharger and some Fox Racing shocks
  16. cal3thousand

    2011 Ford Edge Light Bulb Chart

    Fair enough. Honestly, I knew it was there but I wasn't about to go out to my car to get it.
  17. cal3thousand

    transmission flush

    Never thought of that... Good insight!!! I like it!
  18. Thank you! Honestly, it looks a ton better now that it looks brown. Was looking like a basketball before, but I didn't want to say that. Again, propers for being avant garde. This time, I'll also give you a thumbs up for it looking good. It matches the wood grain well. EDIT: would look even better if your seats were dark like the new Sienna interior.....mmmmmm... chocolate.
  19. cal3thousand

    Carpet floor mat suggestions

    pictures are worth a thousand words.... how about dropping some wisdom on us?
  20. cal3thousand

    clear bra installed on 2011 Edge

    I'll send him another email to make sure its in writing... I know... it sounds too good to be true huh? EDIT: after going to chipguard.com and looking at the 2010 prices (they don't have 2011 on that site yet), the prices are more inline with the other guys. The hood sections on the website are $160.00, so I wonder what we get for $85. I sent him a reply asking him to explicitly state which sections are covered for $85. We'll see...
  21. cal3thousand

    K&N Filter? Yes or No

    It wasn't me.... this time. I'll be honest, on this site, some things need to come back up. It's either that or we start new threads and lose old replies. And I bet this 2+ YO thread was on the 2nd page of some section though. K&N PN for Edge Drop in Panel filter is KN-33-2395. They are going for about $50 right now.
  22. cal3thousand

    Coming Home

    Congrats on the purchase. You chose an excellent time to get back with Ford. They are really doing some good things. You know they are doing big things when a previously anti-Ford guy absolutely loves his Edge (I used to say Found On Road Dead when someone mentioned FORD). Shoot, I used to hate Mustangs BUT have nothing but good things to say about them now. Mulally FTW!
  23. cal3thousand

    Lowered 2011 Edge

    But it does look good! I like the ride height and extra clearance, so I wouldn't lower it unless I can get a kick ass airbag suspension. Lower it just a bit for better aerodynamics and handling on the highway, or drop it to the ground for easy entry / loading, raise it up when you need ground clearance. ... I would love to be able to park it on its belly (let's see a tow truck get under that )
  24. cal3thousand

    X-Plan Pricing + Incentives?

    Sounds right to me. I didn't get the AWD but I got White Tri-Coat and Tow package and it was just under what you have... so it seems right.
  25. cal3thousand

    Sync Server Upgrades

    Thanks for the heads up. I don't usually enjoy that much downtime, but that means that they are doing something potentially meaningful.