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    Tail light Covers

    Its called spray tint and a little DIY. I use this stuff called VHT nightshades. VHT is the best IMHO,but in a pinch, you could get good results with hobby car tint (think RC cars). 5-10 bucks worth should cover the Edges lights depending on how dark you wanted to go. If you know how to paint... go for it. If only *think* you know how... look it up! You'll want to have lots of different grades of fine to very fine sandpaper and some automotive polish if you really want to good finish that will stand up to parking-lot-scrutiny. My Volvo's lights are smoked and everyone thinks its factory since I put numerous hours into wet sanding and polishing to a glass finish. either way, good luck and...... YES we want pics. :yup:
  2. Oh man those are sweet... Did you get those as a kit from the Dealer? or somewhere else? Mind telling us how much it set you back? Will those things clear the Chome clad 20s?
  3. cal3thousand

    Alarm and Remote start

    So would a Viper SmartStart be compatible with the 2011 Driver Package (remote start / perimeter alarm / pwr liftgate)? I'm still undecided between the Limited and the SEL, and this might help the decision. I like the remote start and keyless start of the Drivers package, but would like the ability to use the Smart Start from my MyTouch 4G. And could possibly go with the SEL and then add my own Remote Start (won't have the push button with this option though) thoughts?
  4. cal3thousand

    2011 Edge Exhaust

    I'm am in love with the quietness of the cabin compared to my Volvo 850 Turbo (Magnaflow catback). Unless it really helps with breathing, I'm not going to touch the exhaust. I will, however, change the intake piping and filter :ninja:
  5. Try Blue Oval forums... but no guarantees there. OR join EAA for $40 and after 30days wait, you are eligible for and x-plan pin. Remember to request your brochure to get your $750 coupon. (hopefully)
  6. cal3thousand

    AWD Limited Stock is.... Limited?

    That sounds awfully close to the configuration I want, except I want the Vista Roof which tacks on ~$1600 MSRP. in my book: Pros for the Limited with 301A Driver Entry Package (I really would "like" the push start and remote start and power liftgate) Body Color Handles (Don't care for the chrome handles as much) Premium Audio (I want the HD sound, not sure if I want the capacitive buttons on the Sony unit) HIDs available on 301A **not sure if the Tow package is available on the CA Edge Vista Lthr cars? Pros for the SEL with 202A: CA Edge Vista and Leather discount of $1125.00 on sticker Real tactile buttons on the Stereo HU The discount on the sticker would allow me to add DVD headrests for about the same price. Both have Leather, Vista, Ambient, Vision etc. ------------------------------------------------- I'm going to have to see both vehicles side-by-side with x-plan invoices laid out in front of me to make this decision. Anyone have other points I should be considering in the decision?
  7. Am I crazy for wanting a Limited with AWD and 301A in So Cal? It seems that the dealers are full of FWDs in So Cal right now.. What gives? Do I need to order one?
  8. cal3thousand

    Ford Edge Ecoboost engine

    So unless they hit the 30MPG mark or can get me an EcoBoost 2.8L~3.0L with the SAME fuel numbers as the current 3.5L and more performance, I'm not interested. :shades:
  9. cal3thousand

    AWD Limited Stock is.... Limited?

    I'm actually contemplating the SEL now as well. In California, there is a package on certain SEL window stickers that says CA Edge Vista & Lthr Pwr - 1125.00 Total Savings - 1495.00 (I presume this includes a Rapid Spec discount of $370.00) ...not on the Limited. This drops the MSRP of a near full load SEL with TOW, Vision, Chrome Clad 18s, Voice NAV down to just under $37k. Which is ~4-5k less than a Limited with similar stuff (except the Limited I am looking at has Driver Entry [Which I think I would like, but contemplating living without due to the savings] and HD Audio?) Here's an example sticker: Edge with CA Edge Vista Lhtr & PW discount
  10. cal3thousand

    AWD Limited Stock is.... Limited?

    Thanks for the replies. I've done some more homework and am leaning away from AWD now. I understand that this AWD system will not provide the same type of AWD that I'm expecting out of something like a Subaru. And that the increased cost of gas and tires etc is not worth it in my current needs. If I find after lease-end that I cannot live without the system, I will trade-in instead of buying-out. I've finally decided on 2011 Edge Limited FWD Black on Black with 301A leased on x-plan most likely from Galpin Motors.
  11. I've heard lots about the improvements that Ford put into the new 2011 Edge, but most articles seem to just mention what was changed rather than how they were changed and why. Here's a good article that I found in Popular Mechanics. They generally have insightful news that covers more than just the surface. They write, understanding that their audience wants to know, what's behind the claims. This article touches on the braking and performance improvements with interview quotes from Ford engineers. Take a look: Popular Mechanics 2011 Edge Specs
  12. I don't run a paint body shop, but my friend does. Adhesion promoter as you stated, but ALSO a flex agent that will allow the paint to flex with the plastic. If any movements were to occur in the plastic itself the paint will not chip/crack due to vibration and pressure, (as easily) My 1994 Volvo 850's plastic body trims have been body matched in this fashion. I will probably do the same to the Edge. Question: I plan to buy out at the end of a lease... will there be any complications at lease-end that anyone can think of?
  13. cal3thousand

    Ford Edge Ecoboost engine

    Isn't it supposed to provide "similar HP and Torque values" while giving nearly 30mpg highway? edit: youre right: Seems like the engine produces ~240HP in other cars, but might be tuned differently in Edge duty. But I've seem estimates of 30MPG highway or about 7MPG improvement.
  14. cal3thousand

    Asking people who know stuff - lease

    I have not leased before, but I am definitely contemplating it as the payments will be lower initially. I plan on having a bigger vehicle budget after 3 years and will most likely buy out the vehicle. An honest dealer should give you the rate, if not, tell him you don't like his tactics and there's another dealer that has been treating you better. Same goes for not being able to tell you the lease payment. That's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. I can give you payment amounts on an imaginary vehicle, why not one that has the price established already? SHADY As for maintenance, I would like to know that answer too... Maybe hinting that you were also thinking about leasing an X3 instead might help as BMWs come with maintenance.
  15. cal3thousand

    Ford Edge Ecoboost engine

    As I understand it, ANY wheel slip detected on the Front wheels will cause the AWD system to send power to the rear wheels. So, at low speeds, if you get stuck, this will get you out (as you pointed out) Also, cornering in the wet will be improved as you will get AWD traction if the Front wheel slips (a tire has only so much grip to counteract accelerative forces.)
  16. Very good input. Thank you for sharing. As a potential Edge buyer, this type of information helps me conclude that I am choosing the right vehicle.