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    19 inch mustang wheels

    Those are nice looking wheels
  2. cal3thousand

    Homelink Rear View Mirror

    How come you don't consider the Homelink visor?
  3. cal3thousand

    T-Rex Grill

    What size halos are those? I assume you went through the trouble of dismantling the headlights and re gluing?
  4. cal3thousand

    Five Months Later

    Seems like you need a Wagon. I would go with the Subaru Legacy Wagon in your case. Just re-read your last sentence. I now change my recommendation to BMW. 5 Series Wagon.
  5. cal3thousand


    Please take this statement back. DST is one of the most beautiful ideas ever. If you want to remove DST, go ahead and make ALL times DST times. In Southern California, it makes a HUGE difference. Right now, sunset is 5:30 PM. I work inside all day, so I don't get my Vitamin D. In Summer with DST, it gets dark at around 8:00 PM. That's enough time to get out of work and enjoy some of the Sun. And let's not even start with the energy savings...
  6. cal3thousand


    I had to update manually as well. I am assuming that the DST date that it uses to calculate the change over date is wrong. We've recently (in the last 5 years or so) changed the DST effective dates to include more daylight savings. Maybe the old dates are being used.
  7. cal3thousand

    T-Rex Grill

    What's the red glow in your projector? It looks very cool. I'd like to pinch that idea.
  8. cal3thousand

    MFT Overhaul Press Release

    It's available on the little screen to the right of the speedo. I'm glad they removed it. I dislike seeing the redundancy
  9. cal3thousand

    2012 finally got here

    I don't necessarily agree with the $500 but I would make the agreement to take the KBB value lost during that time period. So, take the KBB value of your car now and when you trade in. Agree to pay them, at most, the difference (since that was your portion of depreciation).
  10. cal3thousand

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Probably risk (credit card fraud)
  11. I've been looking around to find a solid number on the 60MPH to 0MPH panic brake test for the 2011 Edges but I keep coming up with different numbers from different sources. http://www.trucktren...est/brakes.html Truck Trend (Same as Motor Trend) said: "Our Sport's best 60-0 mph braking distance of 124 feet improves on the FWD SEL's mediocre 139 feet, but our tester reports that the Sport's best stop was all about the tires. A second 0-60 mph stop took the Sport a miserable 148 feet. Our tester let the brakes cool down, then recorded a third stop of 155 feet. Similarly, the Edge SEL's stopping distances varied from 139 to 153 feet. Compare this with a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, tested at the same time, with 60-0 mph distances of 126, 126 and 127 feet in three stops. A Grand Cherokee Overland recorded 136, two 138s and 137 feet. Such brake performance could be a deal-breaker." http://www.edmunds.com/ford/edge/2011/ While Edmunds says: "In Edmunds brake testing, an all-wheel-drive Ford Edge Sport stopped from 60 mph in a respectable 121 feet." This is a pretty big discrepancy in the 'tested' braking performance or at least how it has been spun. I haven't panic braked in the Edge yet, but I am happy with the normal braking feel and response. Thoughts?
  12. cal3thousand

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    $3700 - $4200 ? Wow that's a lot of money. I would (personally) pocket that cash. If you end up with any paint issues, that money will go a long way in repainting a vehicle. And if you have comprehensive insurance, it will cost even less out of pocket if and when something arises.
  13. cal3thousand

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Bird bombs will etch your clear coat if left too long (they are very acidic). How long was the poop there? You might be lucky and able to remove the etching with a polish or swirl remover.
  14. My display dims quite a bit when the lights kick on. Maybe pay attention to the brightness of your dash or nav to see if your lights are on? Dim display = lights on; bright display = lights off.
  15. cal3thousand

    Door & Signal chime

    It's safe to assume that they are one unit. But not guaranteed. Maybe find the part number and see?
  16. I don't need anymore paperweights, but my cousin might want the Epic depending on the condition and price. I'll PM ya
  17. cal3thousand

    20" Wheels on a Limited

    Excellent! thank you.
  18. Thanks for sharing that. I can see that they took their time to make it pretty. Wonder when they will actually start to do some real work. This list is still a joke. Only 4 T-mobile phones, c'mon.... I'll give you $20... hahahha
  19. cal3thousand

    20" Wheels on a Limited

    Nice share.
  20. Bump for updated coupon code for Halloween.
  21. Hey folks, In the name of saving time and effort for those interested in LED conversions, I have bought a few examples of REVERSE BULBS #921 to try out and give you my opinions. I tried few different options from 2 vendors: v-leds.com (not affiliated) AND reported spam link (they were nice enough to include a return label for the ones I didn't want) The "bulbs": 1) Retro-Solutions 5W Cree - http://www.retrosolu...-REVERSE/Detail - $39.99 for the PAIR 2) Retro-Solutions - multi directional - http://www.retrosolu...-T13-LED/Detail - $10.99 for the PAIR 3) V-leds - 6K WHITE 4 M-SMT 2W HIGH POWER BULBS - http://www.v-leds.co...187987-1-2.html - $19.99 for the PAIR Findings: In trying to find a good affordable solution to matching LEDs, I bought a few options, but honestly wish I had more choices. After doing the work, I feel as I am not 100% satisfied of ANY of these emitters and will likely be updating this thread with more pictures as I continue the search for what pleases me. I only ordered one set from v-leds because they were out of stock for the 6,000 Kelvin in the other multi-directional style . First, lets start with WEBSITES: V-LEDS.com is obviously the higher volume website and it shows in their presentation. They have color temperatures clearly posted along with output ratings on a 5-star scale as well as numerous reviews on each item. What's also good about this site is their color consistency; they understand that there's a HUGE difference in so-called "white" colors. They also offer each bulb in various colors and variations. They offer warm whites (3500 K), white whites (5000K), and cool whites (6000K) in addition to amber, red, and a few other colors. They've been doing this for a while and it shows. If you want consistency, go here. Be warned they are not the cheapest supplier available, but you get the quality you expect. Retro-Solutions.com being a smaller volume site has some advantages to our forum especially in the Customer Service arena. We benefit from having a real person that is on the website and listening. For the average person looking to replace a couple LEDs, this site can provide a good resource. Unfortunately, I would not be able to recommend them to a person that is into detail or "picky" about things matching across your entire vehicle. PACKAGING: The packaging for both orders were adequate for shipping, but retro-solutions actually put theirs in a box. +1 to them. Not sure if this is standard for them or if my special request received a special box. I received both packages on the same day from USPS even though V-LEDs is quite closer to me than Retro-Solutions distance-wise (WA to CA versus CT to CA) (another +1?). V-LEDs has their own Electrostatic Discharge bags which is great as most of their products are bare boards without extra plastic bodies. You can tell by the soldering on the boards that they are very robust. Onto the bulbs: Set #1 from retro-solutions is a 5W emitter that has some optics on the front to control light spread. Unfortunately, I feel that the optics focus the light too much and that none of it comes off the reflectors. It is hard to tell in the photos as my cellphone can't show the detail due to the focused intensity. But you will be able to notice this in the Back Up Camera photo (V-LEDs #3 on the DS and Retro-Solutions #1 on the PS): As you can see in the BU cam photo, the retro-solutions #1 doesn't illuminate the ground until 3+ feet away from the car and puts out a fairly straight and narrow beam while the V-LEDs #3 acts more like the stock incandescent as seen here: I didn't even include a shot of the retro-solutions #2 emitter as I was running short on time (wife and kid hollering) and it was clearly not as strong as stock. They made a nice glitter in the housing, but it was just not bright enough for back up duty. In the end, the V-LEDs #3 (IMO) outperforms the 2 options from retro-solutions at a much better price. I would say that the $19.99 pair is actually good enough to use, and actually an improvement to the stock incandescent, but not "ideal" in my mind. I will send ALL the emitters back to their respective vendors. After some more driving at night, I am actually quite happy with these V-LEDs #3 units. Reason being, I cannot see the point in spending an extra $30 on these lights. That would be more than double the price of these lights and the difference might not be worth it. Looks like I'll be making up my mind in the next week or so. What is on my car now for the time being: (I know the license plate bulbs don't match, I'm working with the eBay vendor to send me a new set. I bought 2 pairs and none of them really match each other in color temp. DON'T buy from eBay unless you are ready to do some waiting and emailing and swearing etc) I also plan on ordering 2 options from V-LEDs : http://www.v-leds.co...478377-1-2.html for $19.99 - reasonable http://www.v-leds.co...526829-1-2.html for $49.99 - OMG! really? 50 bucks?
  22. cal3thousand

    Outdoor winter cover

    I would recommend staying away from covers as they tend to scratch clear coats. I would recommend using Collinite insulator wax 845 to protect it from the elements. http://www.autogeek.net/collinite-insulator-wax-845.html
  23. cal3thousand

    Just ordered my first new car!!!

    Very nice choice! Congrats!
  24. cal3thousand

    How to detail the interior

    I'll have to take you up on this soon