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    20" Wheels on a Limited

    I took the 18s on the limited for numerous reasons. But that doesn't mean I can't spin your current situation to make you feel better. Look at it this way: SEL costs $893 to get the 20s and Limited costs only $761. That's the only way to feel better; you have to completely forget that you could save $761 and some hassle with the 18s on the Limited.
  2. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    I'm happy with opting for the 18s. I'm sure I would have curbed the 20s by now
  3. cal3thousand

    brake and rotor recommendation?

    Let me go ahead and fix this nicely for you (before Akirby gets ya). If you mean no pun, then you should spell it "breaking" (destroying) the bank as opposed to "braking" (stopping) the bank. OK [/wannabemod-mode] Currently, I don't know of any real upgrades in the aftermarket that won't break your bank. Personally, I would get stock rotors for as cheap as I can find and get some company to slot and coat them and cryogenically treat them. I would expect to pay a couple hundred more than a standard set of rotors, but they will last much longer and resist cracking and warping.
  4. cal3thousand

    How to detail the interior

    Clipped this little tidbit to Evernote. I'm sure I'll need it in the future with a 3 YO milk drinker and I'll forget the name by then...
  5. cal3thousand

    Ever camped out IN THE EDGE??

    I'm going with your idea of the mobile tent with the screens on magnets and a cut out memory foam topper. Going to add the trailer for all the luggage and toys. Who needs a trailer large enough to sleep in?
  6. cal3thousand

    Tire Cupping on insides of all tires.

    Are you putting any heavy loads or towing?
  7. cal3thousand

    How to detail the interior

    That's why you shouldn't be using shampoo. Shampoo is really a bunch of surfactants that help release the odor so it can be vacuumed up. And that may "resurrect" them as you put. That's where the Vinegar and Alcohol come in to chemically react and neutralize the odor chemicals. Here's a blurb I just found about Vinegar (it also contains information I did not know about Baking Soda): How do baking soda and vinegar remove odors? Actually, they neutralize odors rather than just covering them up. The secret is in their pH which causes a chemical change in the odorous compound. This chemical change might also help reduce the chemical bond of the compound to the fabric. Most odors come from compounds that are either acidic or alkaline / base. “Alkaline” and “base” are just different names for the same thing. It is necessary to understand pH to fully understand how baking soda and vinegar neutralize odors. What really is pH? Let’s get chemical for a moment. The term “pH” is an abbreviation of “potential hydrogen” and refers to the amount of hydrogen ions present in a solution. A hydrogen ion is a hydrogen atom that has either lost an electron (H-) or gained an extra electron (H+). So, pH is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution and varies from 1 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline or base). Pure water is neutral with a pH of 7. Vinegar is acidic with a pH of 3 and baking soda is slightly alkaline with a pH of 9. Washing soda has a pH of 11. Vinegar and baking soda help to balance pH levels by changing the chemical structure of odor-causing acids and alkalines bringing them closer to neutral. Because it is acidic, vinegar is more effective at neutralizing bases, and baking soda is more effective at neutralizing acids. If you mix vinegar and baking soda together when soaking smelly clothing, they will mostly cancel out each other.
  8. cal3thousand

    How to detail the interior

    Using a steamer like Dingo suggested would help. In my experience, to remove really stubborn chemical induced smells you need something that works at the molecular level. Vinegar has the ability to neutralize many odors. I would mix it 20/80 with water. OR 10% Vinegar / 40 % Alcohol / 50% water and use that as carpet cleaner solution. It will stink like Vinegar until it dries and airs out. The alcohol will assist with that. Once the vinegar smell is gone, so should the smoke smell. EDIT: I should include that I would only suggest this on cloth seats and carpet. NOT leather.
  9. cal3thousand

    Warranty Question

    Thanks for that tidbit about warranties. Didn't know that.
  10. Right? ldybell was able to post, go out and change the filter and repost in 12 minutes. $75? .. that's economics at its finest
  11. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    From what I've seen (during tire rotation), the metal is just unfinished aluminum. It's probably machined lightly. I wouldn't expect anything "finished" as that would be prohibitively costly.
  12. cal3thousand

    Ever camped out IN THE EDGE??

    The memory foam sounds like a great idea. Costco sells the mattress toppers that could easily be cut. I'm liking the "mobile tent" option... going to have to get a small trailer for all the luggage and goodies so I can camp out in the car!
  13. I'm using this stuff now. Definitely helps protect the interior.
  14. cal3thousand

    Reading text messages

    I ask because my experience with getting it to read messages recently included an advanced menu. But I'm on a custom ROM with Android 2.3.4 as the base. I had to allow messaging access (for sending sms) and the FTP service (for reading sms)
  15. cal3thousand

    Ever camped out IN THE EDGE??

    I've napped in the back, but that's about it. It's not bad as long as you have padding and a blanket. Can't imagine it would be anything but rough otherwise. I like the idea of the car tents, but only in moderate weather.
  16. cal3thousand

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    That's what it is.
  17. cal3thousand

    NEW rims coming!! But can't decide..

    I like the 3rd option. I've always like the meshies!
  18. Sounds good, especially the drive by. What's the setup?
  19. Edge has this feature (fuel cut on hill descent) and also Smart charging which allows the Alternator to put an increased load on the drivetrain during deceleration to maximize efficiency.
  20. Why don't people believe the lights are swappable? If they were to really change the lights and how they fit to the car, they would have had to change sheetmetal too. The development would be a waste.
  21. cal3thousand

    Reading text messages

    Go into BT settings in your phone and see if there is an advanced menu.
  22. cal3thousand

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Same thing here. But I thought it was my fault for trying this Rain-X anti-fog crap. It was like buttering my windows to stop condensation . Since then, I've been unable to completely eliminate it. It magically reappears in a week. O_o
  23. One of the first things I did was to Scotch guard all the carpet and mats. I think it helps keep them cleaner.
  24. cal3thousand

    Waterless wash review

    Sorry to bring this thread back from a state of coma, but I just found a drink that smells like ONR: Monster M-80 is a juice blended energy drink with Apple, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple Juice concentrates listed as the first few ingredients Put it to my lips today and almost put it down because it smelled so much like my weekend carwashings.