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  1. cal3thousand

    Samsung Phone Compatibility

    Do all the SMS features work for you?
  2. cal3thousand

    LED's in side mirror puddle lamps

    That guy deserves a beer!
  3. Yeah... I thought no update since I was on 2.11. But low and behold, Syncmyride.com offered it up. O_o And you're right, it was a half-ass job! Because the services screen was all jacked from it. I'm not certain what exactly triggered the magic of SMS. Solution could have been 2 fold. And while we're on the subject, I finally got it to READ me a text!!!! In Android you have to enable 'FTP service' in the BT Advanced settings for reading new messages. (BTW, this is a relatively new phone (MT4G Slide) so I'll have to bust out the older phone (MT4G) and see if I can replicate. As for the TPMS, it was actually right! The right rear tire was low about 8psi versus the others. I'll have to keep an eye on it in the event I have a bum rim/tire.
  4. BACKGROUND: I've had 2.11 installed a few months ago at the dealer that leased me the Edge. They must have messed something up, because I was missing buttons on the left side of the services screen. I recently read that Wilson66604 was able to update on his own, so I thought I would try it out. I decided to load the update on a usb drive and install it while waiting for a co-worker to finish up, at work. The instructions said that it might take 4 to 45 minutes and that you should keep the car running and in Park. That sounds like a huge waste of gas, and guess what.... IT IS! So with the car running, you insert the USB drive and it recognizes it immediately and starts to do its thing. It will do several cycles of loading files, and going to a Blank screen, and then the usual "Scheduled Maintenance" screen. The process, for me, literally took all 45 minutes, if not more, so plan accordingly. I had to get home and could not wait, so during the "Service Pack" section, I decided to leave. About 15 minutes into driving (the car had been sitting for a while running the code already), the radio came on all of a sudden. Then, eventually a screen indicating that the installation was complete came up. Doesn't seem like anything was messed up from driving. But now my TPMS says low tire pressure, but I'm pretty sure I'm OK. I'll have to reset SYNC and see if that fixes it. Other Findings: Now, my services screen has the proper buttons. I haven't sent directions to SYNC from my computer or phone yet, but I assume it will work again. I also noticed a setting in my phone (HTC MyTouch 4G Slide; Android 2.3.4) under the Bluetooth Advanced Settings menu that said "messaging access". Of course, I clicked the check box and proceeded to Pair my phone with SYNC. Then, I went into the messaging section of SYNC (a setting that was previously greyed out) and played around. So far, I cannot get it to read messages (Only played briefly with it) but it DOES send messages just fine! Sync appends a little Signature to the SMS "-This message was sent from my Ford" I'll post anything else different that I find in this post below here: { }
  5. cal3thousand

    Channel browsing

    This 'kind of' works. I say that because it seems to jump around randomly sometimes. It's a weird behavior that I cannot figure out. Will need to play around more to figure out the nuances.
  6. This noise is audible from 20 feet away from the car in some cases. Definitely not audio system related.
  7. cal3thousand

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    I know that there are 'text notification settings' in the Bluetooth section since I spent some time in there recently. I would look into changing that setting.
  8. cal3thousand

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    When "detailers" talk about defects, it's not just swirls. But I agree that it requires pressure and an abrasive to scratch a car. Some car washes are gentler than others. Opti Coat is, in fact, permanent. Its cross linked polymers bond to the surface molecules of your paint and can only be removed by abrasion(polishing).
  9. cal3thousand

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    Does not sound normal to me. Are you saying any input on the phone itself causes MFT to beep? Or controls to the phone section of MFT?
  10. Nor anywhere as loud. I have to put my head next to HID ballasts to hear them. I can hear this noise from about 20 feet away if my car is parked in the carport.
  11. cal3thousand

    Traded the GT500 for an Edge

    She's into fast cars. Sport does not equate to faster on the Edge.
  12. cal3thousand

    Maryland photo radar

    Only place in California (that I've heard of) is Beverly Hills. If you go a tick over in a 25MPH zone, get your wallet ready. No points though.
  13. cal3thousand

    Not happy with my License Plate LED's

    Check out this thread: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=7551&view=getnewpost
  14. Yeah, it's the Fuel Pump and yeah, it's annoying as all hell. Dealer will say they don't hear it or you're crazy...
  15. Not a DOT requirement. But it should be! Does what NWS Alpine say mean that a retrofit might be possible? I would love the auto level feature.
  16. cal3thousand

    Limited Wood Trim?

    I'm on a lease currently, so I would go the vinyl route for now. If i decide to keep the car for the long haul, I will entertain swaps.
  17. cal3thousand

    Ordering 2012 Edge - SEL or Limited

    Has something to do with dealer allocation and priority. I don't know the exact details, but it might be that your dealer didn't have allocation for that vehicle type until the next "batch"
  18. cal3thousand

    Fuel Fill Seal Problem & FYI on Tire Cost

    There's some pretty good Korean rubber out there nowadays.
  19. Is that on the MKXs? Because my Edge doesn't adjust automagically.
  20. I just got text working (outgoing at least) on my MyTouch 4G Slide (Android 2.3.5; Sense 3.0) after updating my MFT last night. Not sure if the update to SYNC was the magic or if it was finding a setting in the BT section of my phone for "messaging" did the trick. Either way, I can send messages now. Next is figuring out how to make it read texts out loud.
  21. Don't buy a new one unti you try polishing it first. Try some swirl remover for paint such as Swirl X 2.0
  22. cal3thousand

    Post Accident, Need Advice

    Yup... make your insurance do some work. And let them know that their service on this matter will have bearing on your decision to renew at end of term.
  23. cal3thousand

    Limited Wood Trim?

    Have you seen the "wood" in person?
  24. cal3thousand

    Remote Starter

    1) Radio is not functional on remote start. Actually, you can't control anything on the headunit or HVAC controls, all automatic only. 2) Cigarette plugs are always on. Headlights will come on if left in the correct positions. Not sure about wipers, but I doubt it.