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  1. Used the remote to open, loaded in some gear, then pressed liftgate button in the cargo area to close, but nothing happened. Pressed the liftgate button 2x on the remote - nothing. Went to the liftgate button on the dash, still nothing. So I closed the liftgate manually and proceeded to drive home. When I got home, I pressed the liftgate button on the dash and the liftgate opened as normal. Removed my gear and tried to close using all available buttons - nothing worked. Had to close manually again. Went to my computer, searched the forums but didn't find anyone with the same exact issue I had. Went to the manual and followed the liftgate reset instructions: disconnect battery for 20 sec, manually close liftgate, power open liftgate. Still did not correct the error. Before I take it to the dealer, anyone have any suggestions or experience with an issue like this?
  2. milktruk

    Edge Sport wheel locks

    When I picked up my 2011 Edge Sport, I was about to purchase a set of wheel locks, then the dealer told me they come with locks and even put them on for me.
  3. milktruk

    MFT Entertainment Tab

    If I recall correctly, when you're in the home screen view, the tab says "Entertainment", but when you go into the Nav/Climate/Phone views, the song/artist appears in the entertainment tab.
  4. milktruk

    :Door Ajar" warning on at all times

    Used to have that problem, too. Sprayed some WD40 on the latch - problem solved.
  5. milktruk

    Scan Gauge X-Gauges

    So I had a scan gauge sitting in my closet that used to be in my 03 Expedition that I traded in for my 2011 Edge Sport last year. Over the weekend I decided to install it in the Edge. I just finished programming all the Ford specific X-Gauges that the Edge returned data on. Below is a list of them if anyone is interested. Sym - Definition - TXD - RXF - RXD - MTH TFT - Transmission Fluid Temp - 07E1221674 - 046205160674 - 3010 - 000100080000 CT1 - Catalyst Temp (Bank1 Sensor1) - 07DF013C - 0441053C0000 - 2810 - 00090032FFD8 CT2 - Catalyst Temp (Bank2 Sensor1 - 07DF013D - 0441053D0000 - 2810 - 00090032FFD8 TMP - Ambient Temp - 07DF0146 - 044105460000 - 2808 - 00090005FFD8 AVG - Average MPG - 00 - 800000000000 - 0000 - 000000000000 FLV - Fuel Level - 07DF012F - 0441052F0000 - 2808 - 006400FF0000 DTE - Distance to Empty - 23 - 800000000000 - 0000 - 000000000000 TTE - Time to Empty - 63 - 800000000000 - 0000 - 000000000000 TFC - Trip Fuel Cost - 80 - 800000000000 - 0000 - 000000000000 SFT - Short Term Fuel Trim (Bank1) - 07E00106 - 044105060000 - 2808 - 00C80100FF9C LFT - Long Term Fuel Trim (Bank1) - 07E00107 - 044105070000 - 2808 - 00C80100FF9C A:F - Air to Fuel Ratio (General) - 07DF0144 - 044145440000 - 2808 - 05B900800000 %O2 - O2 Sensor Data (Bank1 Sensor2) - 07E00115 - 044105150000 - 2808 - 000100020000 RTS - Run Time Seconds - 07DF011F - 0441051F0000 - 2810 - 000100010000 RTM - Run Time Minutes - 07DF011F - 0441051F0000 - 2810 - 0001003C0000 BAR - Barometric Pressure - 07DF0133 - 044105330000 - 2808 - 006400450000 If you know of any others that work, please feel free to share. I've got 9 available x-gauge slots to fill :P
  6. milktruk

    Scan Gauge X-Gauges

    I'm no expert, but from what I've read around different forums, it seems the normal range for TFT is between 160F-200F. When I google search "transmission oil temperature gauge", I get gauges with a temperature range of 100F-250F. Based on these findings, I think I have it right. So to answer your question e350, this morning I drove for 30 minutes in 70F weather and my TFT was at 187F.
  7. Had the same problem with mine - a drop of elmer's glue on each clip has fixed the problem.
  8. milktruk

    Hitch preference

    Got mine last year from Amazon for $150 shipped. "Curt Manufacturing 13067 Class III Receiver Hitch"
  9. milktruk

    Liftgate Washer "Pissing"

    I have the same problem when the weather warms up, too. Are you using Rain-X (orange colored) washer fluid? For some reason it only "pisses" when filled with the Rain-X. When I use the standard washer fluid (any brand of the blue stuff) I don't have this issue.
  10. milktruk


    I upgraded back on 3/9 and got my update package 3/17. Used the navigation yesterday and it worked perfectly - nice new graphics, smoother operation.
  11. Started the update at home just before heading out to a friend's house (about 45 min away). By the time I got to his house, the update was complete and actually sat in the driveway for a bit to check out the new interface. Much happier now - all I need now is the new SD for the nav - Anyone hear any ETAs on the new maps?
  12. I've had mine for 6 months now - I've had to replace a ballast twice since. The nice thing is when ever I had an issue, Retro was quick to respond. As long as you first go through all the troubleshooting steps they provide, they will send a replacement pretty quickly. I'm using the 6000K kit and I'm happy with it. 8000K has a nice blue if that's what you're looking for, but to Alpine's point - it does provide less light. The installation was easy - Retro emailed me a separate wiring diagram for installation. There was no bulb modification or capping necessary, however you do need to drill a hole (about the size of a quarter) in the headlight access cover on the back of the headlamp. I've read some people just left the cover off and ended up with moisture issues. Overall I'm happy with the kit and satisfied with the customer support. Good luck!
  13. milktruk

    iphone 4s issues

    According to this updated chart, iPhone 4 does support photo ID. http://www.nsapp.fordtechservice.dealerconnection.com/sync/usEN/sync_us_EN_iop_2_00.pdf Anyone get this to work yet?
  14. milktruk

    Answering Phone with My Ford Sync

    When the screen says accept/reject, the accept option is already highlighted so I press "OK" on the right side steering wheel. I never use the phone button on the steering wheel.
  15. Here's the description on the invoice: "LIftgate would not close. Followed pinpoint F in WSM. Found right side pinch strip to be at fault. Replaced strip." Anyone know what that strip is? I looked up the part # 7A1Z-78406A76-B on the ford parts website, but couldn't really figure it out. Everything is working normally now - I'm just curious as to what the part is.
  16. Directly behind when using the remote. Ford Tech says they need to order a part - should have it in stock tomorrow, probably have installed on Friday. I hope this fixes it. :unsure:
  17. No troubles when closing manually. In the vehicle settings, the liftgate is set to enabled. Some have send disabling and then re-enabling fixes certain liftgate issues, but had no effect for me. I'm at the dealership right now and they seem to be stumped. The technician says he's going to hook up a computer to the vehicle to see if it's a programming issue. I'll post the results.
  18. milktruk

    2011 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX Owners Map

    Marker dropped in Rockland County, NY
  19. Does this issue apply to AWD Edges through all years?
  20. Your hard work paid off! Lights look great!
  21. milktruk

    Help with mods to my 2011 MKX

    1) I spliced into the black (neg) and the green (pos) 2) Found this on youtube: 3) Sorry, can't help there.
  22. Got mine for my 11 Edge Sport from Retro-Solutions for about $130. Had mine for a month and it works great.
  23. milktruk

    Trailer Hitch

    BTW - Welcome to the Forum! :beerchug:
  24. milktruk

    Trailer Hitch

    I installed a CURT Class III Hitch - 2" Receiver Product #13067 that I got from Amazon for $140. Lowering the exhaust and modifying the heat shields were actually very easy - the hard part was cutting the lower part of the bumper to make room for the receiver (I think that only applies to the Sport model) and drilling holes for the third mounting screw. Took me about an hour to complete using the necessary tools, a couple ramps and my toolbox positioned under the vehicle for the lowered exhaust to rest on. I used this video as a guide... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIk8PS6LYvI Good luck!
  25. milktruk

    IT IS HERE!!! My New 2011 Edge Sport AWD

    Very nice! Congrats!