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  1. I have the exact same issue on my 2021 Titanium. Took it to the dealer and they ran diagnosis and replaced the camera controller and the issue still wasn't resolved. When they reached out to the Ford Engineering team for next steps they were advised not to change any more parts its a software issue they are aware of with no ETA on the fix. Being in IT I think they rushed the last update and didn't fully test it. In my case the camera will work when I first turn the car on and also if i reboot the sync system using the power button and seek forward button it will work but the moment i move or about 30 seconds passes the front camera button does nothing.

  2. Did anyone else have an order for a 2021 Edge that was already confirmed canceled? I had one and my dealer called stating they receive a message from Ford that all 2021 Edge orders are canceled and they had to place a new order for the 2022 Edge which I'm not sure how I feel about it given that the new 2022's don't have a light in the glovebox and the head rests only go up and down no forward or back tilt. Also had to change the color as they discontinued the Lithium Gray option.

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