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  1. Ok, this happened to me last night.. I have the keys in my pocket, unlock the door using the handle sensor, get it, push down the brake, press the engine start button... and nothing happens. Then the left-side dash screen lights up and says "No Key Detected" The buttons on the remote work fine, to unlock the doors, lock the doors, etc. I tried using the remote-start key combination, and that did start the engine. But then as soon as I tried to shift out of park, it went off again. Also, every time my girlfriend opened the passenger side door, it would set the alarm off. My next idea (after calling Ford's assistance center and being told the only thing they would do is tow me to the nearest dealership) was to disconnect the battery and hope that would force a hard reset of the computer system. I popped the hood and got out, then got back into the car a minute later to dig under the seat for my toolkit to loosen the bolts on the battery connectors. Just as an act of defiance I tried to start it again, and this time it worked. From where I sit, this is a major headache of a problem. This is a 2012 Edge Limited, with less than 6000 miles on it. I shouldn't be needing to worry, every time I drive somewhere, if the damned thing is going to turn on so I can drive home again. Anyone have any ideas about WTF is going on?
  2. Shockwavesix

    Audio System Crash - USB Flash Drive

    I corrected the issue by disconnecting the battery and forcing a hard reset... But then a week later it did the same thing again. Twice in a couple weeks after being fine for 3+ years. Something is obviously going on, but I don't know what. Needless to say, its annoying.
  3. Hello. Have a 2012 Edge Limited. An ongoing issue for a while has been that about 1/4 of the time when starting the car, it would decide to reindex my Flash Drive of MP3's, and whatever else the audio system had been doing when the car was last turned off, it would switch and start playing the alphabetically first track on the flash drive. That was annoying, but I could live with it. Starting yesterday, the car won't play my flash drive at all. Radio works fine, but with any attempt to switch to the USB device, it says that its Indexing, then after a second it just goes blank and says that there are zero tracks. The car has been turned on and off several times with no change in behavior. I've reseated the flash drive, and tried the other USB port. The drive functions normally when connected to a computer. I've copied all my music off the flash drive and formatted it, then copied all my music back, and the car still won't read it. Interestingly, when I formatted the flash drive I also changed the volume label. When I insert the flash drive back into the car, the car still says that its indexing, but it shows the old pre-format name. for that matter, when I remove the flash drive entirely and then try to switch audio inputs, the car still thinks that the old volume name is connected. Anything I can try? I found an option in the settings to manually reindex, but that didn't help. I'm not eager to disconnect the battery and have to set everything els up again from scratch. Thanks.
  4. Greetings all, I drive an '06 F-150 that I am looking at trading because the gas milage is so bad. I have my eye on an EcoBoost Edge Limited at a local dealer, but there's a couple of tricks I need to work through. 48 or 49 weeks of the year, this car would just be for commuting ~30 miles to work and putzing around town. That's why I don't want to give up the EcoBoost engine. But those other 3 or 4 weekends a year, I actually do load up my truck about as full as it will get, and go camping for 4 or 5 days. Which makes cargo capacity a concern. I know the EcoBoost can't have the tow package. My dealer was quick to assure me that they can add an after-market hitch, no problem. I am not convinced that that's a good idea. I'd be towing less than 1000lbs, no boat or RV or anything like that. But doesn't the tow package come with better cooling and suspension and such too? Just slapping on a hitch without the other stuff doesn't seem wise. The other option would be to get the roof rack, and just tie down the extra gear that way. Problem with that is that the roof rack and the sunroof apparently can't come on the same car. And I haven't been able to find a Limited in stock within 200 miles of here that doesn't have the sunroof. So do you guys know if there's an aftermarket roof rack that can be installed that will approximately resemble what comes on the Edges without the sunroof? Or at least won't be too ugly? Also, what are your thoughts here on the Chevy Equinox as an alternative purchase? I was looking at them, and they seem to have most of the features that I want, without all the extra fluff that I don't need, for a whole lot less money. But I've also heard that the engine is underpowered, and that Quality Control on that model is an utter nightmare.
  5. So then this is not something that is a known issue with a known cause?
  6. Okay, so I found the slot that you're talking about. And no, I did not try that when I was having the problem. But that doesn't change the fact that this shouldn't be happening at all...
  7. I already read the manual prior to posting here, and saw no mention of any such thing.
  8. I'm sure this'll make me sound like an idiot, but what emergency slot? And put what in it?
  9. Hello, Am about 2 months into my 2012 Edge and I love it so far, but have a couple of questions: - Copying MP3's onto a Flash Drive and then connecting to the car to play music does work, but it seems to be scanning through multiple folders and just clumping everything into one big playlist. Is there a way to prevent that? Like if I have different complete albums in different folders, or if I have a seperate folder of my girlfriend's music? - If I try to use the touchscreen contols too much while driving, it locks me out. Which is fine, I probably shouldn't be messing with it while driving anyway. But when my girlfriend is in the passenger seat, and is trying to be navigatress and find the nearest burger joint, and it locks her out too, that gets frustrating. And it allows her to chide me for not getting the CR-V like she wanted. Any way to alter this behavior? If the car is smart enough to tell if there's a passenger and turn the airbag on or off accordingly, it stands to reason that it should be able to adjust the function of the touchscreen too.
  10. Okay, it turns out that it actually is folder-agile for MP3's on the flash drive. I just didn't dig deep enough into the browse menu. I talked to the NavTV people, and it turns out that their solution is actually a hardware mod, not just a software thing. Do I really want to spend $425 and risk screwing up my warranty to jailbreak a few features? Doesn't seem like a good bet. Anyone know of any other workarounds?
  11. Greetings all, I'm about a month into my Edge, and for the most part, so far so good. I'm only averaging about 21.5 mpg (this is an Ecoboost) which is disappointing, but my commute to work is hilly, and its alot better than the 13mpg my F-150 was getting. I do have a couple of issues that I'm hoping to get some feedback from fellow owners. - For the power liftgate, I am finding that when I use the clicker or the button inside the back to automatically close it, often it will close and then immediately chime and pop back open again. As though its sensing an obstruction or something. On average it takes 2-3 attempts to get it to close and stay that way. Anyone else having this problem, or know of a way to fix it? - On the MyFord Touch, it will often times pop up a window that says "for your safety this feature has been disabled while you're driving, etc, etc." When I am in the car alone that's fine, I should be screwing with that stuff anyway. But when my girlfriend is in the passenger seat, she's the one doing the navigating, or DJ'ing, or whatever. And it gets very annoying when the system prevents her from doing so. And it lets her say things like "I told you that you should have gotten the CR-V. " If the car is intelligent enough to enable or disable the passenger airbag depending on if someone is sitting in that seat, it seems to me that it should be able to modify access to the touch screen as well. Is there a way to configure this behavior? - What's the word on the upgrade to the MyFordTouch system? At the beginning of March the dealership guys told me that they had the Upgrade in-hand for the cars still on the lot, and that I should be getting a Flash Drive in the mail from Ford "soon." Its been a month now, and I'm still waiting.
  12. Greetings all, I drive an '06 F-150, and the mpg is too terrible to continute to live with. I am looking at trading down to a Crossover-class, and have gradually eliminated everything except the CR-V and the Ford Edge. My concern with the CR-V is that I have read reviews that say it is underpowered, and I can look at the specs and see that the Edge has 60 more HorsePower and "an Ecoboost engine that delivers the power of a V-6 while still having the fuel economy of a I-4" according to reviewers. The reason that this is an issue is that I actually do use the cargo capacity of the F-150, and probably 4 or 5 weekends a year I'd be filling up the CR-V / Edge as full as it will get. Actually more full than it will get. With either the Honda or the Ford I intend to get a trailer hitch and one of those hitch-mounted cargo racks that rides right behind the bumper. I'd like to get input from people who actually drive them. If I load a CR-V with a week's worth of camping gear, am I going to have to be afraid of driving up hills or passing Semi's on the highway? If so, then I'll suck it up and pay the higher price tag for a Ford.
  13. Shockwavesix

    2012 Ford Edge Performance vs CR-V

    The F-150 is paid for. I actually used to own a little Dodge Neon in addition to the F-150. But when I crunched the numbers, Insurance + Registration + Maintenance on two cars more than balanced out the money I was saving on gas. I am actually looking at the 2.0 I4 Ecoboost, not the 3.5 V6. My commute is mostly highway, about 40 miles a day, but with some hills thrown in. In my F-150 I actually average 13mpg with a sticker than says 15/19. But I also have tires about an inch wider than stock (wider as in tread width, not wheel diameter), and a Shell on the truck bed, which hurts my milage, I'm sure. I obviously am not expecting to get 30mpg out of the Edge, but if I can get 23 or 24, that crunches out to $2000 a year savings on gas.
  14. Shockwavesix

    2012 Ford Edge Performance vs CR-V

    The reason that I don't want a new F-150 is that I only use all of that cargo space maybe 4 weekends per year. The rest of the time I'd just be commuting to work with an empty cargo area, and *that's* the time that I'm concerned about the milage. Also, I still have the window sticker from my '06 F-150, which estimates mpg as 15/19. The fancy new EcoBoost? 15/21. Ain't no way that I'm spending $40k to pick up 1 or 2 mpg. Plus it deosn't have MyFord Touch or the Sony audio.
  15. Shockwavesix

    2012 Ford Edge Performance vs CR-V

    Am I to assume that the "hysterical" icons are because I couldn't pass a Semi in a loaded CR-V even if I wanted to?
  16. Shockwavesix

    2012 Edge MoonRoof & Roof Rack

    I think I just solved my own problem, actually. Have the dealer install a trailer hitch, and then slap in one of these: http://www.autoanything.com/roof-racks/69A4555A0A0.aspx That should give me all the extra capacity I need, without having to fuss with a trailer, and without having to sacrifice the moonroof or install some ugly after-market roof rack. I'm guessing that not having the rest of the towing package upgrades shouldn't matter if its just gonna be for a little cargo pod like that. Unless someone knows for sure that I'm wrong...?