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  1. Maybe once night time comes, if I remember. We got our first snowfall (4" so far), so it'll require some ambition to go outside. I'll do my best.
  2. Yeah, like I said, the beam is jagged. My jagged edges are right down the middle and on the side, but like I said, I just aimed them so that the top of the jagged piece is at the stock light cutoff, and I still have forward light improvement.
  3. wannabang

    Plasti-dipped grill

    I probably overkilled, but I think I did ten-ish coats. When I did the forward part of my hood in clear, I found that over time it will thin, or be harder to peel off in one sheet, so the more coats, the easier it'll be to take off over time. The first time I did it I think I did 7.
  4. I have HIDs in my reflector housing. I just aimed them down so that the jagged edges were all below the stock cut-off. That way I have no worries of blinding anyone and still get the distance and width HIDs provide.
  5. wannabang

    Renewing 07 Tan panel

    I have a couple similar areas where scratches lead to discoloration, and while I'd like to make the scratches go away, it'd be easier to just hide it with the same color.
  6. wannabang

    dashboard removal

    I'd like this info, as I'd imagine it similar to the first gen and I want to plastidip the top piece to eliminate windshield glare.
  7. Not sure about the output in lumens on a 35w HID setup, but $200 for 2500 lumens on the low end doesn't seem worth the upgrade for me in the comparison video on the 55w morimoto kit on the vleds link. We all have our budgets, though, and our own dark roads. My HIDs have been fine and my windshield is tinted.
  8. wannabang

    2008 Edge Impressions

    2008 with 90k. 2nd owner. Been through 2 accidents (not me) and it has never been back to the dealer for anything since I bought it 30k ago. The BAMR is giving me some lagging issues and the car jerks on some weird accelleration (I believe from the stall converter specs), but I've learned to control it. Not sure if he's into mods, but it has just enough to curb my appetite for modding cars without killing my bank account. I think it's a phenomenal first car. I've taken 3/4 friends on Spring Breaks to Florida with enough space for all our luggage plus bodies. It's been good.
  9. wannabang

    Backup camera

    I have an aftermarket HU (in my sig), and yeah, I screwed it into the panel with the license plate lights, ran the wires to the HU and simply plugged it in and turned on the backup camera setting on my HU. The only thing that doesn't work totally is the red, yellow, and green lines that show distance. They still show distance, but they're not like 1 foot, 5 feet, and ten feet. It's more like 7, 4, and my bumper lol, but that's prolly just the angle I prefer the camera at.
  10. wannabang

    Backup camera

    This is mine. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0081GZDQQ/ref=s9_simh_gw_p422_d2_i2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=desktop-6&pf_rd_r=12SX13FDA1MJY5K7YH7P&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=1970566782&pf_rd_i=desktop
  11. wannabang

    Pioneer AVH X4600BT - Will this fit

    Check Crutchfield, but my Pioneer AVH fit well.
  12. wannabang

    Backup camera

    My god, I was rolling through this thread, and you all have the same avatar, so I kept thinking it was the same guy talking to himself. My flush mount cam on Amazon is silver. I don't remember much about the description, but I'm pretty sure I submitted user pics. So if you stumble across a silver one on there for about $20 with edge photos, it's prolly mine. It came with super long ground and power wires as well as a plenty long-enough vid-in.
  13. Black Model fit for the first gen Edges means I already know what I want with any money I get for xmas. Group buy?! Ayyy Dan. Any chance that wiring harness would be sold separately?