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    Thatis interesting, I didn't know they offered it on the non-MyTouch Edge. What year was the one you saw it with?


    Edit: I just found that the 204A equipment group comes with leather and the backup camera. This must has been the model you saw. Now I just have to find out what parts I need.

    after you install, please provide some pics and installation steps. I'd like to install one in my edge.

  2. No. Standard wiring.

    Thanks Candurin.


    Why I asked, I bought a pair of switchback from Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/251343493088?item=251343493088&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:X:AAQ:MOTORS:1123&vxp=mtr) and it stated it was standard wiring. I installed them and cannot get the white light to turn on, only the amber lights worked. I tested them separately, using a cordless drill battery pack and got both the white and amber lights to work. I should have just paid the money for the VLED lights.



  3. I am requesting help. I have a 2012 SE Edge with 7500 miles. Today I was driving back from Mammoth and just reached a town called Adelanto, stopped off at the Circle K for bathroom break. I tried to start the engine and it didn't crank. I thought it was a dead battery and call AAA for a jump. The tow driver tried to jump the battery and engine didn't turn. checked all the fuses, connectors, nothing. horns work, parking light works, head lights work, radio works, all the gauges work. Only the vertical parking lights, Philips LED DRL, wasn't working. I again checked the fuses. I called road side assistance and Ford dealership and they instructed me to lock and unlock the car and turn the ingition again. nothing. I even tried the secret fob slot in the center storage. nothing work. the display doesnt show anything of "no key detected." I tried the shifter in park and neutral, nothing. I key does spin fully to ingition but just cant get the starter to sent juice to the engine. I finally got it towed to the Victorville dealership and I drove in a friends car to San Diego, 150 miles south of the Victorville Dealership. The sales guy there thinks its a bad fob. but the service department was closed so no one there to confirm. Does anyone here have or had this weird issue?

  4. I had this same rattle in my 2011 Ford Edge. I narrowed it down to INSIDE the driver's side rear passenger door panel.


    The rattle was the plastic posts that holds the panel onto the metal door. These posts where rattling within the panel. Plastic on Plastic. I took it to the dealer and they replaced all of the pins/posts under warranty. After the replacement it rattle was even louder!


    So I tried to fix it myself and I DID FIX IT! I took the door panel off (found instructions on internet for replacing door speakers) and removed all plactic posts from door panel. Then I stretched a small 1"x1" square piece of felt with a small hole cut in it so I could squeeze it on the back of each post. Once done I then reinstalled them in the door panel and put it all back together. No more rattle! By the way, I shook the whole door panel, up in the air over my head, to make sure I got all of the rattles. Now it is a nice a quit ride.


    I hope this explanation will help someone else with their issues. I don't think the dealer's tech would have ever tried that!

    God Bless!

    A :)


    did you have any issues of getting all the pins to sit completly in the door. I got tints window tints installed and the installer had to pull off the door panel to get the tints below the panel. But now I noticed that the top panel was loose, one of the corner panel pins wasn't fully inserted. I tried pushing the panel into the door but it doesn't lock in. I disassembled the door and checked each door pin and they all insert completely, just when I attach it to the panel, that last pin doesn't fully insert.


    any help is appreciated.




  5. Hi Everyone:

    does anyone know how to install the panel back onto the friction clips (or pins). I just had tints installed on the front windows and noticed that both the driver and passenger side door panel was a little loose. As I investigated I could see that the top corner friction clip did not sit completely into the door hole. I even went to Napa to get a door trim tool to help push the friction clip but ended up scratching up the door paint. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




  6. I just bought a 2012 Ford Edge SE with the stock 17" painted rims. I wanted to upgrade to the 20" OEM rims. However just concerned with axle width and rear dif gearing. I was looking at the higher Edge models of limited, SEL, and sport, they have a wider axle, different gearing. And to add, don't know if suspension will be effected. Can or would someone here know if upgrading to 20" rims, I would also need to invest in upgrades to rear dif gearing, axle, and suspension.