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  1. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2010 water pump replacement

    Get the tool. Many alternatives available on Amazon, possibly RockAuto. Don't have to get Ford/Motorcraft. $30-35 USD typically. Yes it can be done without the cam holders, with regular tools. Not sure exactly how, but many have done so. Definitely do NOT advise doing the work without holding the cams in place. Can't tell you how much time people have wasted by skipping this step, and how much of a headache it becomes. Most owners are doing this type of work for the first time in their lives. Take that into consideration.
  2. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Power Steering Leak

    works fine for me. you have to download it, it will not open in a browser. 2010 Edge Power Steering Pump to Steering Gear Pressure Line.pdf
  3. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2018 Ecoboost Mods?

    and coolant level is low.
  4. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2016 Edge SEL & 2500lb trailer

    max tow capacity is 3500 lbs. stay under that and you are good. if you tow regularly, you will want to follow the special operating conditions fluid change intervals. basically cut your normal intervals in half. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Jknpm6O-vI78rIqstx9xiCG84ClgoEQ/view?usp=sharing
  5. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    2012 edge limited over heating

    assuming 3.5 engine. check if the fans are working properly. common for the driverside (A/C controlled) fan to fail after a few years. If this is the case, replace preferably with a motorcraft assembly. keep the old module, as it may still be good. usually, brushes in the fan motor fail. difficult to get repaired inexpensively in the USA, but not uncommon elsewhere in the world.
  6. An electronics repair shop may be worth approaching. Mostly we hear about condensation issues with these lights!
  7. the purge valve should hold vacuum when tested. if it does not, it is bad. i would replace it anyway. especially if it misbehaves right after a fillup.
  8. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Sputtering noise…

    Did they replace the purge valve? Do you have trouble starting the engine right after a fillup? Yu should get your own OBDII adapter and Forscan Lite software to have more ability to monitor the health of your vehicle yourself.
  9. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    U3000-49 and U0401-68 code fix - replace battery

  10. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    MPG Tanked!!! Any help Greatly Appreciated...

    i would try reading codes again. how is the engine oil doing - level and condition? do you see any puffs of smoke out the exhaust ... idling/driving? any propane type smells in the cabin?
  11. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Systems faulting

    check with your Ford dealer to see if they will pull up an OASIS history report for you, or at least check it to see if your vehicle was ever repaired under this program.
  12. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    V3 Edge ST & Sport 2.7EB Air Box

    masking tape has been used to protect the hood and body panels of cars being driven long distance to car shows. keeps bugs from ruining the finish. absolutely worthwhile 😄
  13. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    MPG Tanked!!! Any help Greatly Appreciated...

    some gaffes in his videos regarding specific numbers for non F150 vehicles, but overall great info
  14. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    Systems faulting

    are you the original owner of this vehicle? has it ever had the leak issue? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E--xAMZnLwIwC1So4aJcPdOOCJbGEzAb/view?usp=sharing Check the battery with a digital tester like a Solar BA9 to be sure. CCAs are important.
  15. WWWPerfA_ZN0W

    IS AWD actually AWD?

    you have to have loss of traction in essence to engage the rear wheels in this AWD system. this is not fulltime AWD, only on demand/as needed. you can track the AWD behavior using Forscan Lite and an OBD adapter on your smartphone/tablet. there is no display for it until 2015MY IIRC. how many miles on your Edge? maintenance history on the PTU and RDU? yes, the fluids need to be maintained. the PTU is a gear driven unit, the RDU has an electronically controlled clutch that determines how much power is sent to it.