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  1. I curbed my new Edge today and the dealer price to replace the wheel is extremely high. I think I will take this opportunity to replace with something different. Anybody looking for 3 wheels with less than 4000 miles on them? Or anybody know a good place to sell them.


    The three that didn't get damaged are in perfect condition.

  2. Not a lot to tell on the car. Has navi and backup and My Ford Touch. Doesn't have the Sony radio or sunroof. I was originally planning to get the 4 cyl Ecoboost for better MPG, but they are very limited in my area and settled on the V6.


    Hopefully I'm not too disappointed in the MPG, but I'm coming from a Tahoe so I think it will be OK.


    Now I have to figure out what I want to do to it to make it my own.