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  1. Drive XR7

    License plate frame

    No frame, but I did add a smoked plate cover.
  2. Drive XR7

    Winterizing: What do you do to prepare for winter?

    I'm in NE Ohio. I installed a set of winter wheels/tires on my wife's Edge. It already had plenty of coats of sealant and wax, so that's about all I do for it.
  3. Drive XR7

    Ford EcoBoost Key Chain

    Yeah just saw that. I'll be patient and will wait another week before raising red flags.
  4. Drive XR7

    Ford EcoBoost Key Chain

    I ordered one of these a week ago and it still hasn't arrived.
  5. This. I use Adams for everything except for wax. I haven't tried their Buttery or Americana waxes because I'm still going through my supply of Pinnacle Sourveran. It's the nicest carnuba wax I've ever used. I have photos posted after a recent waxing of my Ruby Red Edge on these forums somewhere. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CFcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.autogeek.net%2Fpinsouvwax.html&ei=kGhZUtCuCoLy9gT5voCQDw&usg=AFQjCNGbj9fr0Ie4gcNLvOifSG3-G5dKoQ&sig2=V6M7YBweV6l00UkNy2EZ7g&bvm=bv.53899372,d.eWU
  6. Drive XR7

    2.0L ecoboost tune available

    I think there's an expectation for a MPG improvement. High compression turbocharged motors have huge potential for improvement (more than their N/A V6 brothers). Don't forget the 2.0EB had more torque than the 3.5L. 20hp/50tq from just a tune? Ford left alot on the table with these engines. Let the engine breathe a little and I'm sure you'd pick up 3-5MPG. It's too bad nobody makes performance parts for the 2.0 and 1.6 EB engines.
  7. Drive XR7

    Anyone with bluetooth OBD2 experience?

    I have one and use it with Torque. Don't know why I didn't buy one before. Very useful. My EcoBoost pushes like 16lbs of boost.. was surprised to see that much.
  8. Drive XR7


    My 2003.
  9. Drive XR7

    Ruby Red

    Mine is Ruby Red. I love it. Well worth the extra $300. Here are a few tight shots. I'm very particular about my cars and keep them clean most of the time. I compared this to my Sonic Blue Cobra, and I love the color. It's deep, easy to spot in the parking lot, and draws attention. On more than one occasion, I've had people compliment the color.
  10. Drive XR7

    New Edge - What Do I Need to do First?

    You would have the HIDs and alot of the other options if you had went with the Limited. My first few mods were a K&N filter (since nobody makes any CAIs for 2.0L EcoBoost), illuminated door sills, tinted front windows.
  11. Pinnacle Soveragn. It's a little expensive, but wow it's awesome on reds, blacks, and blues.
  12. I think that Homelite blower will work just fine. I have a Craftsman wet/dry vac that converts into a leaf blower. It puts out some serious air and does a great job around the spots where the water seems to hide -- tail lights, head lights, door handles, front grille, wheel lugs.
  13. Drive XR7

    Need product Recommendations!

    All clay is made by the same American manufacturer. Buy whatever brand is cheapest. Use a lubricant when claying. You will need to wash it again when you are done.
  14. I use Zaino Tire Shine. One of the best I've ever used. It lasts a long time too. http://www.zainostore.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=Z-16
  15. Drive XR7

    New owner, '13 Limited w/ 2.0L EcoBoost

    I live in Strongsville!
  16. I completely forgot to post pictures on this forum! We picked this beauty up 2 weeks ago. We traded my wife's 2007 Toyota RAV4 base in on Tuesday for a shiny new '13 Edge Limited w/ 2.0L ecoboost. It's got every option except the 20s. It was just added expense that she wouldn't appreciate and would cost more in the long run. I love it already. It's my first new car and my wife's first American car. Her dad was all kinds of ticked off though, "You bought a Ford? A RED FORD!??!" He and I obviously don't agree with each other there. The 2.0L is strong enough for me to not miss the V6. We test drove both and my only issue is that I wish the Ecoboost came with AWD. After mulling it over for awhile, I found that the snow wheels/tires I have for her old RAV4 will fit this fine, so that basically sealed the deal on the FWD. Got it for about $500 under invoice and qualified for a Ford private offer, so total $2250 in incentives + 0% for 60 months. The private offer was icing on the cake and we learned about it at the dealer as we finalized our paperwork. I'm already on the lookout for 2.0L Ecoboost mods. I think a cold air intake and a tune would wake it up a bit. I also am purchasing the illuminated door sills because they look so cool. Pics please.
  17. I spec'ed out a '13 Limited 2.0 ecoboost FWD with 301A option pack on Ford's website. Its about $41k with options and destination charges. The incentives are 1750, putting the net price at $39k. I've seen other Limited 301A cars for sale in the $37k range and KBB says invoice is around $38k. I found one on a nearby dealer lot that pretty much meets these specs. I can also apply X-plan. Wondering if I can get the dealer down to $37k and then apply X-plan. What do you think? I'm new at this.
  18. Drive XR7

    Price check on a '13 Limited?

    Went to a dealership today and drove a '13 Limited w/ 2.0 FWD and 301A package. It was pretty much right on the money as far as invoice and sticker, but he wouldn't come down past the X-plan price point. I said I could get X-plan, but would go without it if we could work out something better. I told him I'd make a deal if he gave me $2k over what I thought my trade in was worth, and I have until Friday to decide. Can dealers go below invoice? How can they do that? What can I say next time when they say they can't go below invoice? I'm new at this, as you can tell. My first new car. I searched the nearby dealers and found some that also priced about $200-$400 over invoice for the same options. Nothing below invoice, though. What other negotiation tools are there? I intend to call all the other dealers and tell them I'm looking for a '13 Edge Limited w/ 2.0 and 301A Package, willing to pay $38k, and see what they say. X-plan was about $39k, just like you said.
  19. Hey guys. I'm new to the forum. I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP for a DD and a 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra convertible for my toy. Looking to replace the wife's Toyota RAV4 which has 107k on it now and puts me to sleep every time I have to drive it. I've always been a Ford guy and we test drove a '13 Limited 301A V6 AWD in ruby red yesterday. It was pretty awesome... I loved all the technology and it rode very well. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger... but... I am not sold on FWD only. I don't want the V6 because the 2.0 Ecoboost gets better fuel economy and is only about 40hp away from the V6. I can make that up in tuning or mods and improve mileage even further. I've heard and read rumors of the 2014 Edge being redesigned and the V6 option will be dropped... so it seems an Ecoboost 2.2 or 2.6L AWD may be available. I live in NE Ohio and we get a decent amount of snow. I had to put snow tires on the wife's FWD RAV4 this past winter, so if we buy the '13 Edge FWD, I'll have to install snow tires on it as well. With AWD, we could probably do fine without snow tires. I did the math, and over 5 years, the fuel saved would pay for snow tires and wheels. I'm still undecided though, and want the car soon. I've got a friend who knows people in Ford Product Development in Dearborn, so I put some feelers out about new tech and what could be coming. We'll see... but I may wait until 2014 if a new model is due that includes AWD i4 ecoboost. Thanks! Any advice would be helpful. This looks like an active, knowledgeable forum so I'm excited to join. (attached a pic of my Cobra)
  20. Drive XR7

    Price check on a '13 Limited?

    ls973800, good advice. Mind if I ask, how did you obtain A/Z pricing so easily?