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  1. SOLD!


    I have since sold my Edge, but have a full roof mount kit that 100% works for 2006-2014 Edges with the Vista roof. I ran the roof rails with my Vista roof for about a year, but only used the crossbars and bicycle mounts once. They are in perfect working and cosmetic order and include all documentation and extra parts. I have even installed Thule compatible locks and will include all keys -- this is a must have for any Thule kit to prevent theft of your bikes and equipment.


    I was able to install these and open the Vista moonroof all the way up with an inch or two of clearance between the glass and the bicycle mounts. Without the bicycle mounts, there is several inches of clearance between the crossbars and the Vista roof. I decided on this setup based on a review on these forums. Since I've sold my Edge, I no longer need this equipment.


    You can buy each component or everything. I will list prices for each. I have about $1000 invested in this setup.


    OEM Ford Edge Roof Rails. Will fit 2006-2014. $100+shipping





    2x Thule Aeroblade Edge Raised Rail (L). All parts and manuals included. - $300+shipping for both - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009NN8MD2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1








    2x Thule Thruride 535. One is configured for the left side of the car, the other configured for the right side. They can be mounted to any cross bars, but the Thule kit has an easy on/easy off option. All parts and manuals included. - $350+shipping for both. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FSRO6ZA/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1)









    All set up:



    Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. The 2.0EB can take 87 or 93 and the ECU will adjust the timing based on the type of fuel you use. You will get slightly better performance and fuel economy with 93, but the added few bucks the fillup will cost you makes it a wash.


    I use premium because I like the extra kick on highway merging. It certainly does not feel like a 4 banger. It will throw you back in your seat at lower speeds and will easily spin the tires at a stop. It isn't quite as strong at highway speeds. Livernois released a 2.0EB tune for Fusion, but Edge uses the older revision ECU so it isn't compatible... but they were able to gain about 10hp and 55tq with just a tune!


    Is this to prevent them from slinging shit all down the side of your car? I am not even kidding.. I get it everywhere. The shit is on my front bumper, the hood, the windows.. Every damn were. And I put the lightest coating on too.. Even my wife says I am skimping on the Gel! HAHA..


    This happens because you're using a shit product.


    Try Adams Super VRT.



  4. Maybe the cops are a nuissance in your area, but I get by with 20% and the windshield done. The cops here don't hassle anyone, even with 5%, for tint, and if you get by with 20%... It matches the rest of the windows best, too. Personal preference. I'd go darker if I had to do it again.


    I think it's completely up to the city. I'm in Strongsville, Ohio. 25 minutes away from Cleveland. Some of the smaller suburbs will harass people for window tint.

  5. Not sure. The car came with 18s, my winter wheels are 17s with a slightly taller sidewall. The speedo reads about 3mph faster than I'm actually going. From what I read on the F150 forums, a tuner or dealership can plug in pre-determined wheel/tire combos. I don't think this exact setup was ever offered from the factory.


    However, I removed the negative terminal, let it sit for a few hours, and the navigation now appears to be spot on. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it ever gets off course. The F150 guys are far more likely to change wheel/tire combos than we are (IMO), so they noticed this issue right away.

  6. Pulled the negative terminal off the battery per this thread. I'm running -1 sized winter wheels/tires so the navigation is all wonky. It thinks I'm plowing through the fields when I'm actually on the freeway. The F150 guys have the same problem, and say pulling the neg terminal on the battery fixes it.


    Also strongly considering order the illuminated door sills - http://www.levittownfordsupercenter.com/ford-edge-door-sill-plates-illuminated-piece-charcoal-black-p-46.html