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  1. Thanks Candurin. Love the 'blackout' look on your Edge. Did you also do your emblems? I agree, the vertical lights look great!


    And thank you, kc300c. Too bad I don't have the money for the vertical lights at the moment. But they will be on my xmas list this year. Making a list for the wife!

  2. Hello all. Newbie here that decided to plasti dip my stock wheels for a different look. I really liked the results. I'm thinking of doing the grille too. I also purchased HID's and looking at buying fog lights and the cargo mat. Any opinions on the mats that Ford sells? I've been hearing a lot about the ones from weathertech. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!




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  3. Welcome & congrats! I see mod mania has already struck :)

    Thanks! And mod mania always hits! Haha my wife even asked me if this one could stay stock for a little while...... It lasted a few days..... I can't help it. I need to make it my own. You all know what I mean! Haha

  4. Welcome!! Hope the Edge serves you and your family well! PD the grille to match the wheels! Also, I'm not sure what the laws are in Texas, but here my cousin in the police force mentioned that modded tails are grounds for citing you at fault for rear-end collision that isn't *entirely* your fault. Just something to look into. My mods are in my sig.

    Thank you for the heads up on the tails. This would be my third vehicle with painted tails so I'm not too worried about it. Thanks again for bringing it up though. My previous vehicle was an F150 and I had the tails painted but also had the led light bar, just in case. I want to buy led's for the tails and third brake light to make them extra bright. Also, I will, more than likely, paint the grill as well to do a complete blackout.

    Nice list of mods you got there, by the way!

  5. Hello all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Edge and i am loving it! I came across this forum when searching for aftermarket parts and I got some good ideas for mods. So far, i have gotten tint and HID's. I hope to plasti dip the wheels and get the tails painted black. Any other ideas? Thanks in advanced!