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  1. Does anyone have access to tech instructions on how to remove the carpet? We had some flooding here in Houston area and some water leaked in through the door seals into the floor foot wells. I assume I will need to take the front and rear seats out, as well as the center console, but how do I can that center console out? I want to try and go into this with instructions so I don't break any clips and other plastic stuff.
  2. murky024

    How to remove carpet

    We have a 2012 SEL.
  3. The bike does not have a fuel tank on it as the original was pulled off by my buddy (previous owner) with plans modify it. It has been drained of fluids for years so I doubt it will smell too bad. If it fits, I will definately post pics.
  4. So I am going to be driving my new to us Ford Edge from Pennsylvania to our home in Texas. While I am in PA I was planning to pick up some items from storage from when we lived in PA. I would like to see if I could stuff my motorcycle back there. (Harley Sportster) The bike is drained off all fluids so it could be laid on its side without any problem, and I would plan to put a tarp and a thick sheet of plywood to protect the interior. What are the interior dimensions in the rear hatch with the seats folded down? Is this possible? Is this practical?
  5. Thanks, from end to end the motorcycle is about ~90 inches. If I take off the front wheel I should be able to get it to fit then. I might just try it out...
  6. So I considered towing a trailer but by the time I add a hitch ($200 for me to install), rent ($350) or buy (~$350 + tax and tags) I could just ship the bike or reassemble the bike slowly on trips back to PA and ride it back. That dimension is definately without the seats being down as that is the same one I found on the Ford website.
  7. So I found a 2012 Ecoboosted Edge with ~10,000 miles for $25,000 The options are: 205a Package: MyTouch Leather Rear view camera lighting... Power Lift Gate EcoBoost They are asking $25,000 for it and I think this is a pretty darn good price for 10k miles and ~2 years old. What say your fellow Edge owners? Is this a great deal? Should I look elsewhere? I would like the EcoBoost for the extra ~3 mpgs as this will be our "long trip" vehicle.
  8. murky024

    Looking at 2012 SEL w/ Ecoboost

    I am going to make sure they have a fresh oil change and add front license plate brackets to the vehicle before I leave. I would have asked them to include tinting the front passanger and drivers side windows but tint isn't legal in PA so I will have matching tint done in TX myself.
  9. murky024

    Looking at 2012 SEL w/ Ecoboost

    Yeah, I found it there and the dealer is about 1 hour from our rental house in PA. I figured it would be a good opportunity to stop by and see the house and old friends for a little...
  10. murky024

    Looking at 2012 SEL w/ Ecoboost

    So we pulled the trigger, we started the paperwork on a 2012 Ford Edge SEL CPO w/ ~10k miles and the extra CPO warranty. We got it for $24,900 before tax and tag. Unfortunately the vehicle is in Pennsylvania so I will pick it up and drive it down to Texas after my next work trip. I purchased the Edge sight unseen but had someone go look at it for me but with 10k miles and still under bumper to bumper warranty I should be fine. I am anxious to see if the Edge gets better mileage than my 255k mile Grand Prix on the highway. Here is a link to the dealer listing: http://laurelfordpa.com/Johnstown/For-Sale/Used/Ford/Edge/2012-SEL-Blue-Car/21003436/
  11. murky024

    Looking at 2012 SEL w/ Ecoboost

    Sorry, yes the vehicle is a CPO. I dont care about sunroof but I would prefer navigation but there isn't anything I can do about that now...
  12. murky024

    Looking at 2012 SEL w/ Ecoboost

    MSRP on the vehicle was $35,500 in 2012. That being said, a similar equipped Edge today is the same price, how much lower than MSRP are people getting? I am guessing with X-Plan I could get to around $1k below MSRP for a vehicle the dealer didn't have in local stock... So that puts the vehicle at about $9,000 off 2013 prices without incentives, $6k with? (Correct my math if I am wrong.) The vehicle was a local trade from someone who consistently buys vehicles every year from this dealer. He apparently doesn't like to drive something over a year old.