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  1. Came off a 2010 Ford Edge

    Rims are in perfect shape with no curb rash, no dents, no bends, no repairs. The rims have the Form factory TPMS sensors in them which work perfectly. There are no issues at all with these rims.

    Winter tires are in perfect shape with maybe 1000 km's on them, more likely about 600 km's from Feb to April this year. I bought them new in Feb and had them put on but didn't drive much. They're basically in new condition and worked perfectly with no plugs, no patches, no scalloping, no issues at all.

    All balanced, all center caps are there, all hold air perfectly, there are no issues what so ever with these tires or rims.

    Selling them as I sold the Edge last month and I kept them as they're perfect but they won't fit on my car

    pictures taken on June 3rd

    Located in Stillwater lake by Tantallon in Nova Scotia Canada

    bolt pattern 5 x 114.3
    center bore 70.6
    offset 35






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  2. I don't know if this would be of any use to anyone or not.


    I just replaced the driveshaft in my 2010 Limited AWD as one of the u-joints was seizing up and causing a vibration and I couldn't just replace the U joint. So, I had a new one shipped to me and replaced it and I have the old one in the box that the new one came in so I can ship if it needs be.


    The front U joint is seized up so it flexes on one axis just fine but it's really stiff to flex on the other axis.


    I'm located in Halifax on the east coast of Canada.


    I don't know what its worth, if anything, so let me know if you want it and what it's worth. I'll also trade for pretty much anything for a 2010 Edge.






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  3. FordEdge

    This is my 28th vehicle overall and in the past I have been partial to Audi's and Jeeps and out of all of my other vehicles this is the first Ford.

    Its a 2010 - I bought it used off-lease from dealer, Leather, glass roof, 20" rims, all the good stuff.

    It was between this and the 2010 MKX but I just couldn't justify the extra money for the MKX.


    Dealer is replacing two of the backup sensors for me today and other than that it's been awesome so far (I have only owned it for ~3 weeks)