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  1. Video is a nice service perk.
  2. enigma-2

    SiriusXm alert tone

    There is a button on your screen that's labeled "ALERT". If you're listening to a song and like it, click this button, and will take you into a menu that, once enabled, you can be alerted when either the song or artist is playing. Then when listening to SIRIUS radio, an alert will pop up on the screen to notify you when your song & artist is playing and ask if you want to tune to the station. If you don't want it, you can turn it off. P.S. don't set an alarm for Elvis or the Beatles or anyone who's playing all the time unless you love alerts 😉
  3. One of the newest YouTube videos from FordBossMe on installing a universal catch can. One very interesting feature was the method of removing the preformed ends of the OEM PVC hose to reuse with the Dorman tubing as supplied with the kit.
  4. I agree with @akirby, buy yourself a Solar BA9 (this unit tests both battery CCAs & charging system). $58. Cheap insurance for piece of mind. Can't tell you how useful it's been for me. Clore Automotive CA Clore Automotive SOLAR Digital 12V Battery and System Tester https://a.co/d/jeX4NtD
  5. enigma-2

    Two-piece Lug Nuts design flaw

    Sorry, memory, just got out of the hospital, still a little batty. Wrong sizes, but was talking about 1/2 sizes. Think it was one of Rainman vids. dabangsta got it right.
  6. enigma-2

    Two-piece Lug Nuts design flaw

    Seen in YouTube video where mechanic used a either 14.5mm or 15.5mm, 1/2" drive sockets on chrome-capped nuts. Worked perfectly. Think Amazon carries them
  7. enigma-2

    2008...adding navigation

    Page diwn and click on Save on required installation gear
  8. enigma-2

    2008...adding navigation

    Check these out. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_104BV960N/Boss-BV960NV.html?tp=20212 (They have better radios running well over a grand, but better functions and options like Sirus satellite radio and stuff. Look around while you're there). But this one lets you add a backup camera. Steering wheel control harness: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_104BV960N/Boss-BV960NV.html?tp=20212
  9. On 09 MKX the drivers side did this. Tried carefully reinstalling it and left it closed exposed to the hot sun to retake its shape. Worked for a while, but all it took is one close to again bend out of shape. Eventually bit the bullet and bought a replacment. Comes as a kit with the weather shield bellows and steel rods. As you found, expensive as hell, but there's no other choice if you want to restore OEM performance. Purchase appears to be as a weather seal. Replacement has been perfect for several years now. Wrote a description of the replacement here:
  10. enigma-2

    2008...adding navigation

    Hi bwguardian, read through this previous discussion where a fellow forum member did this on a 2008.
  11. Engine needs a slight amount of knock to determine where the rich/lean setting is. Without knock, ecm defaults to a rich setting to protect the engine. MPG falls as well. 91 octane blocks knock and knock sensors can't send signal.
  12. enigma-2

    Rear Drive Unit Lockup

    Get a 2nd opinion from a different dealer. That quote smells like week old fish to me. Like they don't know what the real problem is, and quoted throwing a parts cannon at it. If the AWD coupling is locked up, it's either thr coupling unit or the module itself.
  13. enigma-2

    "The Media File Is Not Available"

    This issue has been seen in sync 3 as well. Seems to be a timing issue upon start up. Try removing the USB stick, then after starting, turn off the radio, waith for the various modules to connect (wait at least a minute), then turn on the audio then plug in the USB stick.
  14. Water pump issues are generally thought to be the result of poor maintenance. Change your oil on schedule (or sooner) and coolant and should go a long, long time. All season for year around. Winter tires aren't recommended on hot asphalt. Noisy too. Besides, streets got plowed soon enough and you'll be driving an AWD. I run all season, have AWD and never been stuck. Biggest problem is it's a much heavier car than a stang and will slide a lotttttt further in snow or ice. (First time you drive on icy streets, wear a diper). Doesn't take long to get the hang of it. If you modify the exhaust, may not be able to get extended warranty (if that would ever be considered). 2013 is one of the years that are listed as having problems. 2014 is a much better year. As for the battery, been discussed here before. Don't remember what the conclusion was, think it was ok. Do a search in the forum.
  15. enigma-2

    Running rich after replacing bad injectors.

    If it were me, I'd look for a vacuum leak. (Air leaking in after the maf and ecm trying to compensate with more fuel). Possible a vac hose isn't on tight enough or cracked when changing stuff?