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  1. enigma-2

    Bad Static on FM Radio

    Couple of thoughts on this. As your FM is runnimg below the FM quieting level, the reception via the antenna is suspect. This is particularly true if your also experiencing poor reception on the AM band (AM is weaker and more directly influenced by a bad antenna). How's your AM reception ? The second possibly is your vehicle battery is going bad (low voltage). (Some radio's are sensitive to input voltage).
  2. It's part of the fuel pump. (I think, I don't think there's a 2nd one). This video may help. (Did you do the test?)
  3. I believe its actually kerosene. (Only it smells better .. smile). But covering is definitely faster and easier. 👍
  4. Many codes are stored and can be read later. Perhaps Auto Zone? If it is the EPV I'd expect to see codes like P0446 or P0455 stored and the most likely condition would be a rough idle or rough running right after you fill up with gas. Probably get a check engine light as well. (Still, I really don't know if it could cause a no start on first try or not. Doesn't seem like it, but ..). Honestly I still suspect that its fuel related. Perhaps a bad check valve allowing the fuel to drain back. After the first try the fuel rail is pressurized and starts on the 2nd try. One way to test this theory is to turn the ignition "on" but not start. Leave it this way for a few seconds (to allow the pump to pressurize the line) then turn to start. If it starts, I'd zero in on a check valve (but it's not the only possible possibility).
  5. Sorry, the video was entitled "how to remove stickers from cloth visors". Thought it would work. (He used 81% alcohol, I wonder how Goo Gone would work)? I've never even noticed the labels on mine. Can't even tell you what they say, but then again my interior is Camel. (Blends).
  6. Doubt it's the filter (internal to the tank). You need to pull the codes and see what's stored. Often can do this at a local auto parts store, O'Reilly, Auto Zone, etc.
  7. Video on how to remove the Ford sunvisor decal.
  8. Ummmm, as I remember it, the color was closer to adamantium.
  9. Could be so many things. The best start is to check for stored codes. Based on age, I would suspect either the fuel pump or its relay. When you first turn the key (run, not start) do you hear the fuel pump running? If yes, check valve may be leaking and fuel prime lost. If no, turn off and on again. Running now?
  10. Righr. And while you're at it, eliminate the owners manual and let them figure out Sync on their own. (Doesn't it bring a smile just thinking about a blonde trying to turn on the wipers without a manual)?
  11. enigma-2

    Cuts on legs from the bottom edge of ST doors

    Ahhhh, I may have reached an embroidered conclusion. Perhaps "wise, experienced, strong and leaky" would better describe our circumstance. (I hated Warfarin when I was on it. Cuts were fun ...)
  12. enigma-2

    Mileage when taking delivery

    (I know it's old, just seen it and thought I'd respond in case someone else mistook its meaning). "Convoy" is a transport company. They hull for GM, Volvo and Ford. The car was transported on a carrier.
  13. enigma-2

    Cuts on legs from the bottom edge of ST doors

    You know what they say about guys who answer their own postings, don't you? Edit: their smart, great looking, manily and hung.
  14. enigma-2

    Front License Plate

    OK. No front plate. Pinstripping instead! DFO.