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  1. Take the money that you would spend on the V6 upgrade ($395?) and put it toward an extended warranty if your concerned about the 2.0. I thought the 2.0 drove better then the standard V6.
  2. garrett62

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    My dealer advised of a June 1 build date but no window sticker yet.
  3. garrett62

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    I ordered mine on 4/22. Got my VIN on 5/15 but no window sticker yet.
  4. It supposedly was ordered on 4/21 by the dealer. I guess I will need to get the order number and dealer code from the dealer? Thanks
  5. Just ordered a 2015 Titanium, FWD. I am waiting on the VIN from the dealer. Once I have the VIN, can I track the progress of the build? Thanks
  6. Tricia or team members - how do I find out the status of my recent order for a new Edge? Thanks
  7. garrett62

    Just ordered a 2015 Edge!

    How do I contact her?
  8. garrett62

    Just ordered a 2015 Edge!

    Bossross, where did you get the "Order in Processing" from? Your dealer? Thanks
  9. garrett62

    20" rims on the 2014 Limited

    I am looking at some of the remaining 2014 Edge's. I really prefer the 18" wheels but most everything out there has the 20" rims. Is there a noticeable difference in ride quality when you move up to the 20's?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. garrett62

    Just ordered a 2015 Edge!

    Normally, how long does it usually take for Ford to issue the VIN once they get the order from the dealer? Thanks
  11. garrett62


    Wa Wa Wa.......
  12. I was ready to pull the trigger on the cogmac interior but having second thougts due to the issue with the headliner being another color. Makes no sense.
  13. garrett62

    2.0 ecoboost..how is working in the new Edge?

    Test drove a 2.0 tonight. While it was a little on the noisy side, I was very impressed with the performance. Did not get a chance to take it on the highway but liked it from the initial test drive.
  14. Does the 2.0 Ecoboost engine option require premium fuel? Thanks
  15. Can we start a thread for what were paying for the 2015 Edge. You should list the MSRP and then what you paid. We do not need tax, title, license, out the door pricing as this will vary by location. I am looking to purchase one in the next 90 days and it would be great to get an idea on what people are paying. Thanks
  16. garrett62

    Price paid for 2015 Edge Thread

    I am looking at a Titanium model with the 301 package which MSRP's at $39,995. I am getting a Costco quote of $37,100 (not including T,T,L) prior to any rebates or my $750 coupon. This seems like a very god deal, but also looking at the Taurus that as some huge rebates. Going back and forth as there are certain things I dislike about each but the Taurus will be about $5000 cheaper.
  17. garrett62

    $750 Ford Coupon

    Thanks for the input. Very Helpfull.
  18. garrett62

    What are people paying for 2015 Edge

    So it has to be off the dealer lot in order to utilize the coupon?
  19. cab2g....where would you be getting this information from? Thanks
  20. garrett62

    Price paid for 2015 Edge Thread

    Atom, what was your sticker price vs the Costco Price??
  21. Would the mileage quoted on the window sticker be based on 87 octane?? Thanks
  22. garrett62

    Price paid for 2015 Edge Thread

    To Akirby, You are correct, if there is a trade-in involved, then it is hard to say what the car sold for but if no trade, then the pricing information is helpful. Thanks
  23. garrett62

    Price paid for 2015 Edge Thread

    Sean, Good link for reference. Some nice pricing on the Fusions! I wonder if the dollar savings on the 2015 Edge's is all from the dealer or if there would be any factory incentives in there?