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  1. I have had my Edge almost 3 months now and have put on only 2000 miles. I recently had the Edge out for its first good highway test of approximately 350 miles. Observations below:


    Cant believe how quiet the car is on the highway. A plus


    Averaged 26/27 MPG going at 75MPH and 2100 on the RPM's


    I have the base 4cyl ecoboost engine. NO issues whatsoever in getting the Edge up to speed or passing.


    Al in all, very pleased wit its highway performance.



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  2. I have had my Edge for a month now, with 1000 miles. Thankfully I have had none of the issues that some of the forum members have had. (though I just read the issue on the cooled seats getting hot, so I will need to check that one).


    One thing which is slightly annoying is is seems to me the gas pedal could be longer? Or angled differently?? Sometimes my toe slips off the pedal. Anyone else think this is an issue?






  3. I am still working my way around the MFT system. I downloaded 181 songs onto a USB from iTunes. The songs were a combination of MP3 and MP4. When I place the USB into the car, it reads 201 songs or so. It seems to be duplicating some songs. The problem is that these "duplicate" songs are corrupted and will not play and cause problems going from one song to another. This has happened on two different USB drives so I do not think it is the USB.


    Any suggestions?



  4. I have had my Edge Titanium FWD for 1 week. I have only put on 150 miles. So this is my initial review with very limited data to go of off


    No water leaks as of yet. My build date was end of May.


    No issues with the steering wheel being off-centered with the seat.


    No issues with big gaps between frame and doors


    No rattle yet from the back of the SUV or the pano roof


    Very comfortable seats


    Very satisfied with the base ecoboost engine performance


    Still some trouble with receiving text messages. Need to work on this.


    Wish the door armrest was 2 inches higher but overall better than other cars I test drove.


    Hard to believe no applink on the upgraded MFT. Makes no sense


    Will update again with more miles

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  5. I think it is most usefull for preventing stones on the road from hitting the front of your hood and chipping the paint. I have utilized these on previous suv/minivans and they have worked great.


    But correct, they do nothing for stopping all of the dead bugs in the grill.


    Maybe "stone deflector" would be a better name!