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  1. Edge does have a five star crash rating in everything except a rollover. Seeing that back window shattered makes me wonder how safe third row seats are on the suv/cuv's that have them up against the back window. When I was shopping for my first Edge I looked at the Mazda CX-9 because of the third row and was not excited about where it was.

    It's a good thing you didn't get that, from what I've heard/learned, third row seating is incredibly unsafe, especially in rear end accidents.

  2. I'll start with mine, first winter with new tires.


    Weapon-R cold air intake

    After market chrome on pillars and mirrors

    Resonator delete

    Mud flaps (not necessary, but look awesome!)

    Four new pioneer speakers + 10" sub

    Hopefully in the near future;

    Replacing mufflers with glasspacks, and new tips. Plus I plan to detail the car with plastidip. It's only in plans now. If anyone wants to see the Photoshop rendering let me know.


    Please, I would love to see everyone else's edge! I love to see how people design their vehicle.


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