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  1. HotLights

    Protect Dip Emblem Review

    So its been almost 7 months and I'm back with the final product review. This stuff is still intact after countless washes and the Canadian winter. Here are some pics:
  2. HotLights

    2014 SEL Sub+Amp Install

    Installing a sub and amp in place of the factory sub but without the option of it being there already.
  3. Has anyone thought about vinyl wrapping the rocker panels instead of painting?
  4. Just to clarify! My Edge did not come with the factory sub woofer and hence did not come with an enclosure. What was in place was a small cubby hole about 10"x10". That is what I modified to create an enclosure.
  5. I also would l think that. However, I did see an edge with a 20" light bar in that bumper area. I guess one would just have to estimate how much airflow would be lost, and if it is substantial enough to cause an issue. If you're towing I imagine it would be a bad idea.
  6. I guess it's just my way of pretending I have a Subaru. LOL I should of just bought one when I had the chance.
  7. Did some quick photo editing: Or with the smaller style lights:
  8. Has anyone ever thought about doing this or seen it on any edge out there? (I realize this is for Subaru and it looks really good like this) I would really like to see a rally style edge, I have looked around a bit and haven't found much. Thoughts?
  9. I've created an album: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/gallery/album/702-2014-sel-subamp-install/
  10. Well that's interesting, they were up ever since I posted it on the 9th. I don't know why they would of been moved?
  11. HotLights

    2014 Edge SEL Sub Install?

    http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18995-2014-sel-aftermarket-subamp-install/ Here is a link to the install I just did.
  12. Final product! This whole project took me about a week to complete. Because I was not constantly working on it and because all the cure time I had to wait for the epoxy and fibreglass. It turned out good, it does rattle some areas but not so bad. Sub sounds good but could sound better. I plan on building a custom wood enclosure to mount behind the trim and keep the sub in the existing location. If you have any questions please let me know!
  13. I had a better line out converter on order, but it's still in the mail. So I had to make a late night run to Walmart and pick up this thing: A good mounting spot is between the passenger front and rear door. The only problem is that I was unable to tap into both rear speakers as the instructions suggest: There was a perfect spot to ground the LOC and after tapping into the RR speaker I had to run the RCA and Remote Turn on wires: Because this is a temporary LOC I only twisted the wires together and used electrical tape. It's ghetto but it works: Because it was hard to find a constant 12v wire for the remote turn on, I had to run a wire from the main power at the amp and connect it to the yellow wire at the LOC. I then ran the remote turn on wire back to the amp. The reason I did it this way was because the LOC has something interal that turns on/off the remote turn on. Even with a 12v constant going to it. If I just jumped the remote turn on straight off the main power, the amp would never turn off!
  14. Next it was time to mount the sub in the trim panel, I created a template and cut it out: It fit fairly well. However, I did use a gasket sealant maker to ensure it was nice and airtight: I ran the speaker wire under the grey sound mating: