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  1. July will be two years for my 2016 Edge, and I'm still on the original wipers. They wipe as well as when new. Last year, when I ordered filters from Rock Auto, I ordered the Motorcraft replacement blades, but I haven't had to use them yet. In over 40 years of car ownership, I've never had wipers last this long.
  2. normkol

    Lug Nut torque 2016

    Which makes me wonder what the effect of tightening to roughly 100 lb. ft. would be? The average garage probably has their guns set to that, and won't change. I wonder if even the Ford mechanics know to adjust for the higher torque on these suv's.
  3. Step #5, you can answer YES and tell it to remember that answer, that is on the phone. It will not ask again, it will just download contacts automatically every time you connect the phone or start the car. It only takes about 5 seconds.
  4. Have you cleaned your battery posts/and or clamps frequently? Using those wire brush cleaners remove some of the lead from the post every time you clean them, eventually the post diameter is too small for the clamp to tighten around. This link shows battery post shims, which can bring the post back to proper diameter. https://www.grainger.com/product/25KC79?cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!166595346872!!!!82495988037!&ef_id=Wdy3wwAAAFu4LEX5:20171010165732:s&kwid=productads-adid^166595346872-device^c-plaid^82495988037-sku^25KC79-adType^PLA
  5. normkol


    We're headed to Seattle next week on vacation. I ordered a Ford Escape from Budget, but I doubt it will have Navi. I'll use my Garmin that I keep for these occasions, or my phone with either Waze or Google Maps. No rain at all in the forecast so far, I hope that holds.
  6. I don't know your model year, but on my 2016 I recently got a message on the left display to replace the batteries in the Intelligent Key fob. It wasn't displaying any symptoms, yet. In the 2016, there are two batteries per fob.
  7. normkol


    If you have Sync3, you can get the latest release with Android Auto and then use Google Maps or Waze, all free.
  8. I just got a Garmin High Speed Multi-charger. It plugs into the power port, and has two USB's and a socket for a car adapter. The USB's are rated at 2.1a output each, the socket at 2.4a. I'm wondering if I used all three at the same time if it would overload the power port?
  9. normkol

    2016 Edge Backup Camera

    I'm very happy with the b/u camera in my 2016 SEL. My wife, who has a 2016 Odyssey, is jealous of the Ford camera. Even in nighttime, the view is quite good.
  10. There was a whole thread on this about a year ago. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/20253-2015-16-rear-bumper-cover-wear/?hl=%2Brear+%2Bbumper+%2Bprotector&do=findComment&comment=155836 I got mine on Amazon.
  11. Thanks for the heads up about Waze. I tried it the other day and it it is great! We now have 3 options of GPS in the car, OEM Ford, Google Maps and now Waze. No need to ever upgrade the Ford GPS, Google and Waze do that all the time. As an example, a bridge, the Goethals bridge, that I take every day, has been replaced by a new one built right next to it. Ford GPS shows me driving out over the water, since it doesn't have the new bridge in its data base. Waze correctly shows me on the new bridge.
  12. Speaking of Canada, I was in Montreal last Fall. I spoke, then typed in addresses, in English. No go. I finally typed in the address in French and voila, it was found.
  13. normkol

    Air Filter

    I changed my air filter and found, like you, the OEM has the lines of glue but nothing attached. I installed the Hastings filter with the styrofoam and had to press pretty hard to get the housing to clamp together, but it did come together. The car is running fine. I was curious so I ordered an OEM Motorcraft from Rock Auto. Lo and behold, the replacement Motorcraft has what you call a pre-filter, just like the Hastings. Now I'm curious if perhaps that pre-filter separated from the main filter and is still in the housing. That would explain the lines of glue on the original filter. One day I have to open it up and take a look. No urgency, the car is running fine.
  14. Most bumper protectors come with an alcohol wipe, to completely clean the bonding surface. So, I would install the protector before any waxing or sealing, letting it adhere directly to the paint.
  15. Congrats, I did the same thing last year. Ford's are great in that they still allow on board programming, most other makes don't. I bought an extra prox for my wife's Odyssey, but I still haven't brought it to anyone to program in.
  16. normkol

    Mileage or oil life indicator?

    I'm at about 6500 miles since the first oil change. The Ford dealer use the Motorcraft semi-syn oil on the first change. My state inspection is due in July and I'm going to wait for then. The oil minder is around 35%, and that is well within spec.
  17. normkol

    Air Filter

    I'll be changing mine in a couple of weeks and will look out for the fit issue. In NY, you have to get your car inspected by a private station, I'll be going back to the dealer. They love to change the air and cabin filter and charge crazy prices. I always change those before going, it saves at least $100 from letting them do it.
  18. normkol

    Air Filter

    Here it is. They are probably using styrafoam instead of felt.
  19. normkol

    fuel filter location 2015 edge

    Rock Auto is showing a simple in-line filter, similar to what my 2002 Tribute had. Is that in addition to the filter in the tank?
  20. normkol

    Ford Edge factory repair manual

    These people are obviously not Ford or Helm. I would not risk using them.
  21. I, too, bit the bullet and did the upgrade on the way home from work this afternoon. Worked great, exactly 20 minutes and it was done. I waited until I got home to turn the car off and back on. I didn't wait after turning it off, and that may have caused a slight problem. Navigation went on for about 15 minutes without rebooting and downloading contacts also wouldn't complete. I then turned the car off, opened the door and shut it, then waiting about 5 minutes. When I restarted the car, the map came right up. Downloading contacts took just seconds. The biggest pain was getting the file to unzip properly. I couldn't separate the two files needing to be in the root directory from the zip file. I finally got it to work, and everything else went well. Thanks to all who came before me and educated us on this process.
  22. normkol

    Keys won't program

    The locksmith should tell you if he is cloning or programming. If he doesn't come out to your car, he is cloning.
  23. normkol

    Keys won't program

    This is a remote (pun not intended) possibility. If one of the keys is not original and is a clone of the other, the car will see them as the same, instead of two different keys, and not go into programming mode. Are you the original owner of the car?
  24. normkol

    Seats giving me a back problem

    My wife and I took a vacation to Vermont, 1,000 miles round trip (took a detour to Montreal one night). We both found the seats to be very comfortable. She even said they compared to the Volvo we used to have. And, we both have back problems. Like another poster said, you can't make a seat that will satisfy everyone.
  25. My wife AND daughter are both like that - refuse to use AUTO. They claim they can get the car to cool/heat up faster by manipulating the controls. My daughter I believe is symptomatic of her generation - she also will not give a song more than 15 seconds before changing to something else if she doesn't like it. They have little patience to let something work. My wife, who knows??