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  1. The seating's heating of my ST is excessive, both on the driver and passenger sides, regardless of the setting.  Even at lowest, after a several minutes it becomes unbearable. Anyone else has the same problem?   

  2. On 10/23/2019 at 4:04 PM, Tronjo said:

    I already contacted McGard and will post the reply when it arrives. 

    It is strange though, that there is no specification on the max torque posted on McGard website.

    Just an update: No reply from McGard so far.

  3. Hi guys,

    Anyone uses McGard Wheel Locks?  A technician in the tire shop said these should not be torqued to Ford-recommended 160 lb.ft because the key may brake.

    Anyone has knowledge about Mcgard max torque specs? Any experience?

    Thanks and happy driving :)

  4. Thank you omar302.  I believe it is  F2GZ-1A189-A - 315 MHz.  I did some search on my own and read somewhere that the 433 MHz model F2GZ-1A189-F has been discontinued.  I am wondering now as there the frequency is set,  is there is a need for some programming of the sensors / vehicle?  And if there is, then what happens in the spring when I switch back to the all-season set?


  5. Recently we made close to 4,000 km trip Vancouver BC - Yellowstone and back with a lot of driving in the park. The board computer averaged 8.5 L/100km.  When we started the odometer was showing about 500 km.  Gas was always Costco premium and I was always driving with the max allowed speed.    

  6. 3 hours ago, Gadgetjq said:

    I suspect that's by design to protect us from ourselves.    At least with a locked in code those who forget their 'personal' pin can reset and start over.  If our personal pin replaced the OEM code and we forgot it (because humans do stupid things) we'd be hosed.

    Liked that! 😃

  7. 2 hours ago, omar302 said:

    I noticed the same thing when reading info released on the ST. Felt like they ignored that the Sport ever existed and did not state what exact improvements where made compared to the Sport. Thanks for the feedback. Also, did you have the 21" or 20" wheels on the Sport?

    On the Sport I had 21".

  8. 14 hours ago, omar302 said:

    Congratulations on the new ST. Tell us more on the 2016 Sport vs 2019 ST differences please.

    There is nothing much more I can say now on ST vs Sport. Maybe in a week or two or after a longer drive out town.  One thing that may sound strange, knowing that the coil stiffness had been increased,(front by 10% and rear by 20%), is that ST seems more agreeable to small bumps compare to Sport. I am driving the same streets as the last three years and ST is definitely more enjoyable. I am not sure that the stiffness increase I red about was relative to the Sport model and not the the regular Edge, never saw this directly claimed. So maybe the whole new suspension  redesign and tuning plays some role here .      

  9. Today picked my Edge ST: Magnetic, 20", 401A. Before it drove 2013 Limited and 2016 Sport, both with 401A . Here are my first impressions: It looks like Sport, but it is different animal. Smoother and quieter. The seats are probably the best I have ever been into. The balance between performance, convenience and enjoyment of driving is excellent.  And frankly, I don't care some saying that it "does not deserve the ST badge".  If Ford say it does, so be it.  And I believe that the next iteration will be even better.   

  10. 24 minutes ago, handfiler said:


    Let it go bud. It's a forum about cars. Things always go for shit when the conversation gets political. We joined the rest of the world and went metric, we eat french fries. They eat freedom fries etc.

    Yes, you are correct! 🤐

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  11. 1 hour ago, IWRBB said:

    We produce the most oil and gas now too. 




    Sorry for the political rant- the patriotic talk gets me going!

    With all due respect to your patriotic feelings, I still fail to understand how are they related to the measurement system in use.