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  1. A few days after the windshield install I went through the car wash and when I got home I saw a little water on the drivers side mat, so went through the car was again this afternoon checking the mats are all dry before - I have a leak. Will call tomorrow to schedule the fix - wonder if it means removal to reseal.
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    P0456 EVAP System Leak

    Two threads merged - one was in "Off topic Lounge". Here's a direct link for you to add your vehicle details to your signature: Settings - Ford Edge Forum
  3. I'm not an expert on this but believe that it is possible to add NAV but it would need a new APIM and GPS antenna - this is what I did on my wife's 2015 Mustang. I can PM you the contact for the person that sold me all the Ford hardware needed, all configured. On my 2017 Edge Sport I no longer use the in dash NAV after getting a wireless Carplay device - Waze is all I use for navigation.
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    My other ride!

    WOW that looks brand new - I remember them - they were legend one of the first bikes to go water cooled - I couldn't afford one of those in that era and had its smaller brother the GT250 Ram Air, then later the Kawasaki Z1000.
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    2008 MKX Idle Issue

    I would start by reading the stored error codes using Forscan or other device that's know to have the capabilities with Ford. After that I'd use the scanner monitor the O2 sensors paying particular attention to when the engine is warmed and the A/F ratio switches from Open Loop to Closed Loop.
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    FORD EDGE 2009 HELP! - no acceleration and jerking ?

    See what I was getting at with regards the scanner? I would start by checking out the transmission selector and linkages, and the connector to the transmission range switch - if that all checks out good then get a wiring diagram and confirm the range switch is giving the correct output at its connector when selecting each gear position. My model had a recall due to issues with the synthetic bush connecting the cable to the transmission range lever - wonder if that's good on yours. Maybe @Haz could help with the wiring diagram.
  7. Safelite replaced my windshield today and did a great job. The only trim removed was the plastic cover at the bottom edge of the windshield. The spec label on the lower right corner is exactly the same as the original windshield. They took it for a 10 minute drive with their calibration device - I never use the lane guidance but tried it on the drive home and it works as it always has.
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    FORD EDGE 2009 HELP! - no acceleration and jerking ?

    I wouldn't be taking any advice from that Scotty fool. The BlueDriver is a good OBD2 adapter, so that adapter with ForescanLite (Free) will reliably read the codes, which will most certainly be there based on the symptoms you describe.
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    FORD EDGE 2009 HELP! - no acceleration and jerking ?

    Agreed, reputable, but if it were me I'd scan it with Forscan or Forescan Lite. That's my recommendation based on personal experience.
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    FORD EDGE 2009 HELP! - no acceleration and jerking ?

    What scanner is that?
  11. I doubt that kerosene would do much for the sludge build-up on the oil pump suction strainer and the screens on the VVT control valves if the engine isn't run. Most folks are very wary of using an engine flushing product, but I think when an engine has been allowed to sludge up like this it may be the only option - if you do this plan to do a good few short interval oil & filter changes.
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    Newb - service questions

    PTU drain plug drill and tap - Page 10 - All Wheel Drive (AWD) - Ford Edge Forum Any quality fluid that meets or exceeds the specs in your owners manual is suitable for your Engine, Transmission, RDU (Diff) and PTU. I use Ford fluid for the Trans, Mobil 1 for the Engine, and Amsoil for the PTU and RDU. Transmission Fluid Replace? - Transaxle (FWD) - Ford Edge Forum Try the forum URL in Google with key words.
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    Ford Edge Forum: WHAT HAPPENED?

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    Ford Edge Forum: WHAT HAPPENED?

    This forum is the slowest out of all the ones I frequent and at times, like this morning it just fails.
  15. If you're really confident that the VVT equipment is good, then its likely the timing has jumped. Checking the resistance of the VVT valves isn't confirmation that they're working. Next step would be to use a scanner to verify the Crank / Cam timing correlation.
  16. What's the oil change history - oil change interval, oil used and oil filter? Have you checked the Variable Valve Timing oil control valves? HOW TO FIX CODE P0015, CODE P0016, CODE P0017 ANY CAR, ENGINE LIGHT ON - YouTube
  17. @Haz thanks very much for that. Any chance you have instructions for removing all the trim, glass, etc. and re-installation?
  18. @Haz any chance you have instructions for the windshield replacement? Of course I'll be watching the whole process.
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    BMW-2 - resized.jpg

    From the album: Edge Sport

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    From the album: Edge Sport

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    BMW-3 - resized.jpg

    From the album: Edge Sport

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    SLOW acceleration

    My bad, I didn't notice that. What did you use to scan for codes?