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    From the album: Edge Sport

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    From the album: Edge Sport

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    From the album: Edge Sport

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    vehicle-2 copy 2.png

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    Cargo and coutresy lamp - need bulbs

    Have you checked your owners manual for the bulb spec and tried Autozone for replacements?
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    Stalling issue (couldn't find a tab on this)

    Get the stored error codes read, be be aware that not all code scanners are reliable - I learnt that lesson and now only use Forescan Lite to read codes.
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    Purge Valve Hose Clip...AGAIN

    Please consider adding your location and vehicle Model and Year to your signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
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    Purge Valve Hose Clip...AGAIN

    Post a photo of the broken clip. If its the retaining clips, then it will have no impact on the valve or engine unless the connection falls off - the O-ring inside the fitting keeps it sealed. EVAP Tube Quick Release Coupling Clip - where to buy? - 2.7L EcoBoost - Ford Edge Forum
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    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Give the forum search feature a try.
  11. Edge Guide Any chance you could address this?
  12. Might have used the wrong ID. robertlane
  13. Bump @Robert Lane
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    Forscan driver asst menu

    Please add your vehicle details to your profile signature - Settings - Ford Edge Forum
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    Forscan driver asst menu

    @Zand Zadyen Frank please add your Model & Year to your profile signature. headlamp assembly - Accessories & Modifications - Ford Edge Forum
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    ST Mud Flaps

    I'd forgotten, so took a look and see that the front use the plastic rivets and the rear uses the existing hex head screws. Its a lot easier if you take the wheels off.
  17. 1004ron

    Idling issue… 2014 Edge

    From around 2010 vehicles no longer used an IAC - electronic throttle body is what they use. I would start by getting the stored error codes read.
  18. Is it the original battery? Need to get the battery load tested - you could jump start it and have a place like Autzone test it.
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    ST Mud Flaps

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083L9NS9D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 Same issue with the Sport, Ford don't make any that match the profile of the body trim. I don't know how different the ST body trim is, but the ones I bought on Amazon are perfect - you could contact that seller and see what they have for the ST.
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    From the album: Edge Sport

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    From the album: Edge Sport

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    Soft Pedal

    Firstly, keep it to this thread - stop cross-posting. If air got into the system then you'll need equipment to bleed the ABS system - sounds like your 3 mechanics aren't suitably qualified and equipped, so consider taking it to the dealership or find a reputable independent shop. Note, I haven't read your first post because the wall of text doesn't make for an easy read - it wouldn't take much to use a little punctuation.
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    Help please! Acceleration stops on freeway!

    Tell us what you've already checked. Have you had the stored error codes read?
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    Short Rant

    I'm a relatively new wireless CarPlay user - I can switch from any app such as Waze to Sync, turn on or off the steering wheel heat and while on the Sync screen hit "maps" and I'm back in Waze, or any other Carplay app.
  25. My local dealership said it was a major undertaking to try and get the keypad code from Ford, and to date they'd never actually accomplished that. With the photo that I had of my keys with the code they cut a physical key for me which allowed me to get into the car - this was when I accidently locked both sets of key fobs and keys inside the car.