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  1. Please add that to your profile signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  2. This wouldn't be much of an issue with our FWD and AWD, but not sure about accident liabilities etc. I had issues with my wife's RWD Mustang and would have got rid of the P Zero's sooner had I know this limitation. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/popping-noise-in-front-passenger-suspension.181435/page-2#post-3676964
  3. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    The key is to monitor your coolant and oil level, and if there's no drop in either of those then its most likely climatic conditions causing water vapor from the exhaust.
  4. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/pirelli-p-zero
  5. Its normal to fill at that rate in winter, and most of it will be condensate - in winter I empty it every second time I gas up.
  6. 1004ron

    2011 Edge dies at idle

    What are you using to read codes? With the symptoms you describe I'd be surprised if there's no stored codes.
  7. 1004ron

    Transmission Fluid change.

    In a couple of months I'll be at 92K miles and plan to do the second drain and fill of the transmission. Where's the best deal on fluid? Amazon 5qrt X 2 = $74.66 (incl shipping and tax). RockAuto 5qrt X 2 = $68.44 (incl shipping and tax).
  8. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    Just checked my coolant level - its at or just a fraction above the MIN mark, which is where its been since I bought the car in March 2017.
  9. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    Coolant loss - in my opinion is a critical problem which will only get worse and could leave you stranded and add to the repair build, or rejection of warranty if not addressed in a timely manner.
  10. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    I'm sure that there's a notice from Ford posted to the forum that the spec has changed to the new Yellow type. This is what's in my manual, but its been superseded.
  11. Shouldn't that be "parallel" ? Not sure, but expect its possible on the Edge, on my wife's 2015 Mustang I disabled the hyperflash using Forscan.
  12. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    My 2017 Sport has just over 85K miles on it and I've never topped up the coolant and it's still on the mark where it was when I bought it new in March 2017. I baby my Sport but have seen many here that give theirs a good beating, and don't recall any posts here reporting issues with the 2.7L. The decision to replace one or both head gaskets would be based on what's found - if it appears that it overheated at some point then pretty obvious both heads need to be done.
  13. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    5 years, or 60,000 miles for the powertrain warranty, so you should be covered. Yes, a head gasket should be covered unless they find and can prove its related to something you did - can't think of anything. The manual calls for coolant replacement at 10 years, so it can't be blamed on that.
  14. 1004ron

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    Maybe @WWWPerfA_ZN0W could explain how he did it.
  15. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    Unfortunately the owners of this forum are unable or unwilling to fix the profile display - only you can see your profile info, crazy but true, and that's why we promote putting it in the sig.
  16. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    What model, engine and year? - please add that to your signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  17. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    If caught in time, damage to the CAT can be avoided - the smell is an indication that unburnt fuel is entering the CAT and will destroy the CAT fairly quickly if the cause of the fuel isn't addressed.
  18. 1004ron

    TPMS sensor error - sensor battery life ?

    You don't need to mount the tires to perform the learn process - when my new sensors were installed the tech did the learn procedure while one wheel was a fair distance away from the car on the balancer - he just walked up to it with the activation tool. You don't have to perform the learn procedure when fitting new wheels and sensors - just drive about 15 miles and it will automatically link to the new sensors and their location on the vehicle - its just quicker to do the learn procedure.
  19. 1004ron

    TPMS sensor error - sensor battery life ?

    I bought two sensors for my BMW motorcycle and a set of four for my 2017 Sport from Aliexpress. The ones for the BMW are Schrader and been in service for more than a year, and the four in my Sport have been in service for 3.5 months - no issues. BMW sells the TPMS sensors for $250 each and I paid $10 each. The ones you bought from a local retailer most likely came from the same factory in China as the ones I bought. My "Made in China" iPhone is still going strong.
  20. 1004ron

    Online Parts Places

    Does https://www.rockauto.com ship international? - The OP is in the United Arab Emirates
  21. There's a few fellow Edge owners in the below thread that might think twice about their dedication to only buy "Made in USA". Rough Idle When Cold/P0301 Code - coolant intrusion - TSB 22-2133 - 2.0L EcoBoost - Ford Edge Forum
  22. 1004ron

    2021 Ford Edge ST Parts for Sale

    If you get this, check on the date it was made - earlier batch was made with hose that resulted in a gas odor, like mine did, but JLT sent new hoses, and all is good now. $50 is a great deal.
  23. 1004ron

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    Could you link to the video that covers this issue.