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  1. 1 hour ago, STBEAST said:

    I was hoping you guy could point me in the right direction. I went on the J&L website. Looks like they are mostly for Mustang's and wondered what specific model to get. Thanks

    I checked my email from the time I purchased and its the JLT Model: 3031P-B






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  2. My 2017 Sport has lived a "sheltered life", never driven hard, has had a catch-can on it from 27K miles, and it is running as smooth and efficient as it did when I bought it in March 2017.


    When I next do a spark plug change I'll take a look at the intake valves - when I did the first plug change the combustion chambers and intake were spotlessly clean, which could be due to it only using Costco Top Tier gas.


    I was surprised to see that my Honda lawnmower had a wet timing belt - at 7 years its still going strong and haven't heard of failures - I'm in a wait and see mode on this type of application.




  3. omar302  the only difference that I could see was with the rear wipers mounting clip, its slightly different.


    I stick with these because the front ones are lower profile than any other brands I've seen, so that when they're in the parked position there's very little of them visible from the drivers seat, and they last 2 to 3 years for me.

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  4. With Amazon and eBay its hit and miss getting the OEM beam type wiper blades and that's why I order them only from RockAuto.com


    The part numbers have changed but I couldn't find any difference with my recent purchase last month.


    Price including shipping was lowest from RockAuto.





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  5. On 2/7/2024 at 8:31 PM, TourGuide said:

    Have you ever lifted all 4 wheels on the Edge to jack stands Cerberus?

    I have - Lift one side and place the jack stands, then left the other side and place jack stands - leave the jack it place after lifting the second side for back-up.


    First tire rotations done at dealership they chipped the rims around the lug nuts using high speed spins off with impact wrench, and since then I've done the tire rotations on the four jack stands.


    I also do it when replacing brake fluid.




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  6. When I purchased my 2017 Sport new I bought  the extended warranty (100,000 or 84 months) for $1,950 and it expires in about 200 miles - never claimed on it.


    Mine is labeled "National Vehicle Service Contract" appears to be a Ford product.


    I've been receiving mail reminding me that its about to expire with links to renew, but no price mentioned - I've decided not to renew and continue with my maintenance regime.





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  7. 1 hour ago, nevans said:

    I had the shop re-check the charging system.  Everything checked out OK, still getting charging system alarms until yesterday.   Dash lit up like a christmas tree and car is dead.   I had it towed in again......verdict......ECU is bad.  Possible that bad alternator replacement cooked the ECU?  I am considering getting this to a dealer, however, I will not pay for 2 alternator replacements.   Thoughts?  comments?   Yes we've already replaced the engine due to coolant intrusion.  I am dumping this thing soon. 

    It sure sounds like the shop you've been using is incompetent, and agree a visit to a dealership is likely what's needed now.


    Who do you owe money to for the two alternators?

  8. Thanks for that omar302


    I would be concerned for the front differential and would limit the distance as best possible using the smaller diameter spare on the front, and the same goes for the rear.


    I can see the reason to disable the AWD because the wheel speed sensors would make it appear that one wheel is slipping, but my concern is the two differentials whenever there's an odd sized wheel used.

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  9. One of the downsides buying too cheap.


    Crutchfield prices are very competitive and tech support cannot be beat.


    You will probably need an adapter like the ones in the below link, but which ones will depend on your vehicle model and the 3rd party head unit.




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  10. On 7/5/2022 at 7:06 PM, 1004ron said:


    On 12/10/2023 at 5:33 PM, fishx65 said:

    Just had my first TPMS sensor die in my 2011 SEL.  I'm guessing it's a good idea to replace all of them  since they're 13 years old?. Any decent aftermarket brands out there????