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  1. Your Sport is in perfect cosmetic condition, but for me the performance modifications would exclude it if I was in the market for one.


    There might be a few more folks out there who are like me that wouldn't consider a modified used vehicle, so it might be worth a try advertising it without mention of the MOD's or that its been raced, just to draw attention of prospective buyers. 

  2. 4 hours ago, SportS351 said:

    I had my 4th oil pan put on my Edge in Jan.  My ext warranty is up at the end of March.  Will Ford continue to replace oil pans at their expense or am I stuck?  Need to make my decision to sell it or keep my Edge.

    As far as I can tell those that have had their oil pans done correctly as per the procedure haven't had any issues, so I question the skills of your dealership.


    It might also be a good idea to contact Ford Customer service and let them know your concerns and possibly with that on record it might be covered if it leaked again, and I'd definitely take a different dealership.

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  3. On 9/18/2021 at 5:20 PM, 1004ron said:

    Today I did the second RDU oil change and this time I extracted more of the old oil than the previous time.


    I attached a section of flexible silicone tubing to my oil extractors tubing with about 12" of coat hanger wire inside the tube, so that I could form a shepherds hook.


    The look of the oil each time I've changed it, I'd say you can safely follow the owners manual, and forget about changing the RDU oil.

    I've got 90K miles on mine and have changed the RDU oil three times and the above mentioned method extracts just about the full volume of oil.


    The last fill I used Amsoil SEVERE GEAR® 75W-90


    My RDU oil has looked like new each time.

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  4. Quote

    Environmental Fallout (Limited Coverage)

    Although this is not a factory defect, damage caused by airborne material / environmental fallout (such as rail dust or acid rain) to exterior finish has limited coverage outlined in the Warranty and Policy Manual. Refer to the OWS User Guide for correct claiming sub code and the Workshop Manual for the environmental fallout removal procedure. (Figures 21-22)

    My 2017 Sport paint is completely etched from the acid rain from the power plant that I work at.


    I'm very surprised that there's any form of warranty on this - need to look what the fine print says about this.  

  5. What are you using to read the codes? - I ask because an app that I trusted didn't read codes that were present and showed using ForscanLite.


    You could try a shot of starter fluid - that would identify if it was a fuel delivery issue and if it has spark.