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    Side Mirror drip

    The water drip issue is a huge pain. Just when I think the water is all drained from the mirrors and I've dried off the doors for the final time I'll come out an hour later and there will be a long water spot streak down the sides of the doors. The last thing I want to do is carry a leaf blower around with me every time I go to the car wash lol. Looking under the mirror I can see that most of the water is dripping from the seam where the plastic trim fits around the mirror. I am considering using some clear silicone to seal it up or maybe drill a small hole so it drains quicker.
  2. Did you ever resolve this? My 19' Edge ST, which I purchased new, started doing the exact same thing after about 18 months of owing it. Only the driver's door consistently locks / unlocks with keyless touch. The other doors work intermittently, but most of the time do not work. Tonight I disconnected the positive terminal on the battery for about and hour and and after reconnecting it I tested the doors and they all work. Time will tell if it continues to work consistently.
  3. Is that washer already on the vehicle or does it need to be added? Anybody tried this?
  4. The alignment corrected both front and rear toe. The front camber was ok but the rear is out and still is, but not so bad that its a major issue as long as I keep tires rotated. Does anybody make adjustable rear camber arms for our vehicles?
  5. Got the springs installed this weekend. I think it looks really good, (even with the snow tires) more street beast and less 4x4. Overall the install went good, the only issue was with the 21mm nut that holds the strut hat on. I had to find a way to hold the nut and turn the 10 mm on the shock. I ended up using a pair of needle nose vise grips. Thanks for all the info. I'm off to get an alignment done today.
  6. Thanks for the tip about the wipers and the pics. The Edge looks a lot better lowered! How has the ride and handling been for you?
  7. Awesome to hear that the install went well for you. I plan on installing my h&r springs next week and this is the write up I was going to use. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wQ3WRD6zvzHaAbxE3hCZpyKIwbBI3-Gs/view , from this thread https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/22579-hr-sport-springs-on-g2-edge-sport/?page=7 Is this the same one that you used, any issues or tips? Also, can you post some pics from the side and front. I am curious how much the wheels/tires are tucked in due to lowering and if I'll need to use wheel spacers to compensate.
  8. Gregertech

    2019 Edge ST amplifier install

    Good informative video. I just wanted to note that there is also a spot on the drivers side firewall, behind and below the battery to run the wire (battery must be removed). I have 1/0 gauge wire running through it to the back. It is important to note that you want to have protection around the wire as it goes through the firewall. I put a hole through the middle of the existing grommet. If the amp wire is laying against the metal hole through the firewall, it could overtime wear through the wire's shielding and eventually come into contact with the metal. This also brings up the importance of making sure the amp wire is properly fused. I have an extensive audio build log over on diymobileaudio.com for those that may be interested. https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/2019-ford-edge-st-build.417123/
  9. Gregertech

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    I filled up with 93 octane and installed the LMS performance tune for the first time yesterday and Wow! The ST just wants to go, the traction control light is always flashing and I'm hardly pushing it.
  10. Gregertech

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    The day is near. I'm just waiting for Livernois to send me the performance tune so I can upload it. 😀
  11. Gregertech

    2.7 Ecoboost Dyno Record

    Who have you submitted it to? Are you looking to get royalties. Have you looked into crowd sourcing?
  12. Gregertech

    2.7 Ecoboost Dyno Record

    This is why somebody needs to find out what it can do. BTW apparently LMS has an updated tune for the ST that is pushing more power.
  13. Gregertech

    2.7 Ecoboost Dyno Record

    Congrats! Now somebody needs to do something like this to an ST!
  14. Gregertech

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    Perfect! Have you done any other mods? What air filters are you using?
  15. Gregertech

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    It might sound counter intuitive but I'm curious about the gas mileage you get when running the 93 performance tune and driving normal.
  16. Gregertech

    Another 2019 Edge ST Owner

    Congrats! Performance Blue is a beautiful color on the ST!
  17. Gregertech

    Lowering the ST

    Thanks for the feedback. I was concerned that the ride would be too harsh. The ST looks a lot better when lowered and sitting level, especially with that rear fender gap. I'm not sure if I'll put them on myself or not but it looks like there's a good write up here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wQ3WRD6zvzHaAbxE3hCZpyKIwbBI3-Gs/view from this thread. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/22579-hr-sport-springs-on-g2-edge-sport/?page=7 I have installed lowering springs and coilovers on previous vehicles and they are always a bit of a pain in the butt. I don't have the time I used to, plus it's winter out and I don't have a heated garage, so I may just have a shop do it this time. Otherwise I'll wait until warmer weather, but In the meantime, I'm going to get the LMS tune and have some fun with that.
  18. Gregertech

    Lowering the ST

    Bumping this thread up. I'm contemplating lowering my ST with the H&R springs. The H&R website list part# 28759-2 as being compatible with 2015-2020 models, appears to be the same springs that they've offered for awhile now. Has anybody tried these on the ST yet or have any feedback?
  19. I wanted to start a comprehensive list all of the new features and improvements that were made to the ST as compared to the outgoing Edge Sport. Feel free to list anything I may have missed or more details on what I have listed. Updated, more modern front and rear fascias. Gloss mesh grill (40% more airflow than titanium), LED High & How beams, LED Fog Lamps, Integrated LED DRLs, updated LED tail lights, revised inverted hood (annoying humps on left/right side of old hood are gone). Increased HP and Torque (+20 hp, +30 ft-lb). The quickest ST sold to public so far. New Eight-speed automatic, quicker & smoother off the line acceleration (performance tuned for ST) Intelligent All-Wheel Drive Disconnect Engine Auto Start/Stop Increased real world gas mileage, +2 mpg city/hwy/mixed Performance Brake package, 21" gloss black aluminum wheels, larger front vented rotors and front pistons, red calipers, high friction pads, vented brake shields & Brushless Radiator cooling fan. (package removes spare tire and replaces with flat tire kit) 21" gloss black aluminum wheels are optional without brake package Larger solid sway bars, Monotube shocks in rear, stiffer springs 15% f / 20% r. less body roll without sacrificing ride quality Torque Vectoring Control AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability and Curve Control) Performance tuned suspension Slightly heavier steering feel (adaptive steering removed) New front seats with improved side bolstering, ST logo & stitching Co-pilot 360 (BLIS w/ Cross Traffic Alert, Adaptive Cruise with stop & go, Lane keeping, Pre-collision assist with automatic braking, Evasive Steering) Thicker leather wrapped steering wheel with white stiching Bang & Olufsen sound system (very noticeable improvement over previous Sony system) Rotary Gear Shifter with Sport button (frees up interior space, easier to use) Wireless charging pad Ford Pass connect with WiFi Hotspot Ford+Alexa use Amazon Alexa from the road Integrated Tow package is standard (factory tow package was not available on previous Sport models) Rear camera washer (seems insignificant but this is awesome, especially if you drive in snowy conditions) Brighter LED rear backup light, improved rear camera visibility at night (prior models were noticeably dim) Interior door handle LED lights change color to red when headlights are on and doors open. (I assume it's to help alert oncoming traffic. did not notice if this was on the sport or not)
  20. Gregertech

    Edge ST features & improvements over Edge Sport

    I noticed a nice feature that I don't think my Sport had. When the front wipers are activated and you shift into reverse the rear wiper will activate to clear the window. The first time or two this happened I thought I may have accidentally activated the rear wiper or left it on. Now I know! :)
  21. Gregertech

    Borla Has An Exhaust the ST Finally :)

    Anybody else getting one? I would love to hear a sound clip. Hopefully there's no drone at cruising speeds.
  22. Gregertech

    USB Cable out of storage/media hub

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Gregertech

    "Ingot Silver" ST pictures anyone?...

    The body lines really pop in that Silver color.
  24. Gregertech

    "Ingot Silver" ST pictures anyone?...

    Do it! The ST is worthy of an upgrade.
  25. Gregertech

    ST at Bradenton dragway

    Just curious how many miles do have on the odometer? and what is boost pressure holding at under full throttle? What fuel?