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  1. I have a 2007 edge and 2008 Milan. I love the fact that I can throw the keys inside and lock the door. 


    I cant do this on my 2017 edge titanium. The car senses the keyfob and the doors will always open. I want to lock the car and access the car via the keypad like my older edge. 


    Is there a way to disable this situation?  The keypad is useless to me if I can’t leave the keys inside. 

  2. Battery hold down problem solved. Took battery to get it tested. It did test as a bad battery.


    I just do not understand how if the battery would start the car, why would fuel pump not run? I would assume it takes more power for the starter versus the fuel pump.

  3. Original battery. 126k on odometer. Transmission flash at 30k. plugs and belts at 115k. oil every 5 and trans flush at 60 and 120.


    i have a new battery. bought a project truck and figured i would use old battery in project until i figured out which direction i was headed with project.


    battery hold down bolt snapped. while im certain plastic hold down is not threaded, it will not budge. bolt is white from corrosion not rust.


    today i will see if it will start and try to get battery changed if i have to just hack the hold down to pieces with the dremel. then have battery system and old battery tested.


    i have a fuel pressure tester that i will tackle today.

  4. 07 edge quit on me yesterday. it would seem to fire up for about two seconds and die. beat on the tank but it did no good. had it towed home. today i went outside and it fired right up. drove it to the parts store and it showed no history of any codes present. im frustrated.

  5. I have the smaller hitch on my 2007 edge. I bought the Ultra Tow folding hitch from northern tool. With the adapter to go from 1 1/4 to 2 inch, i can actually open my back hatch with the hitch in the folded position.


    If walmart had the folding kit available when i purchased my hauler, i would have went that route. the rails are nice but do limit you on wider loads.

  6. the mustang they used in the 1000 lap challenge at bristol speedway got like 48 miles per gallon. it had engineers all over it before the run started. i would have been more impressed if they simply went to the local ford lot and took a complete stock car and did the challenge. may not have gotten 48 mpg, but at least it would have been closer to a real world test.

  7. igciting, with the plug and play displays on certain models, all of the single line displays on the factory radio are viewable at once. that is why i want to go the the plug and play radio. will also save on subscription. i currently have two fords and a plug and play unit on my account. while i can only listen to one at a time, i am paying for three.

  8. between the time i decided to purchase my edge and the time i drove it back to the dealer, i changed my mind a million times as to whether or not to put the bracket on the front. finally decided to go with the bracket cause i have to show my tarheels pride. and steelers in the hitch out back.

  9. I noticed that they are going to offer a cargo accessary package (#471) that includes a rear cargo shade, cargo floor protector AND a rear bumper step protector. If wonder if this will be available for sale seperately for 2007 and 2008 owners?


    all of these are currently available individually through fordaccessories.com. i had the bumper protector and cargo liner included in my deal when i bought the edge.

  10. 7800 mile and the only issue was my wife having to wait 2hr to get the oil changed. It must be some special oil. Its great that our local Galpin Ford (supposedly the biggest in the wold) has a Starbucks, and a restaurant, and their own customizing company. I am sure the nail salon is soon to follow

    starbucks and a restaurant...i can hear your tongue in your cheek. that is precisely why it takes two hours for an oil change.