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  1. I like your pillar pods, can you give any info on them? I want to instal Nguage on the pillar

    Any. Pillar pods will work the key is to get a heat gun and while the edges are soft form them with the pillar of your car once they are formed use the screw button caps to secure them as you can see in my posted pic if you zoom in unless you wanna go the extra mile and screw them down, use body filler....sand and paint them

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  2. The nitrous is just a little bonus mod, my main thing I loved is the Dyno tuning and the different programs I got. Yeah the nitrous is illegal in my state connected with hoses but definitely not something I wanna let my insurance know about lol this project started after I lost my parents and something to do to keep my mind busy...I just wanted to do something that no one has done before

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  3. Thanks, Im running 245/60/22 Perellis and versantie rims. I had the motor Dyno tuned actually with my SCT X4 tuner and I have a street program I run daily which gives me an out right 325HP and 295 max torque. I have a Nitrous program I run which retards my timing -4 degrees when running my 75 wet shot. Basically all my engine mods have been a pain in the ass cause their is little to no aftermarket parts for an edge and everything I get is Integrated for my 3.5 L Mustang, focus or fusion

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