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  1. 8 hours ago, akirby said:

    Because it DOESNT LEARN YOUR DRIVING HABITS!   Sorry for yelling but this is an urban myth that just won’t go away.  Nowhere has Ford ever said that.  Read what Ford said - it simply measures each shift against the factory target and adjusts the shift pressure to keep it in the target range.  This compensates for wear over time and manufacturing tolerances.  And it’s based on gear, throttle position and rpm.  So it takes a long time for normal driving to hit all of those different combinations.




    I don't doubt what you're saying but that's what I've been told by two different dealer service departments.


    I just had my Edge Titamiun in again to look at the bucking issue.  According to Ford, they were required to reset the PCM before looking at anything else.  When I picked up the vehicle the service advisor told me to "give it 1000 - 1500 miles for the car to learn my driving habits". 


    Do you have any documents from Ford you can post that states that?  Would like to take it along and give it the the service advisor on my next visit.


  2. Have a question for those knowledgeable in Ford vehicle technical service.  Here is a cut and past from Edge 8F35 TSB 19-2331.  


    NOTE: Advise the customer that this vehicle is equipped with an adaptive transmission shift strategy which allows the vehicle's computer to learn the transmission's unique parameters and improve shift quality. When the adaptive strategy is reset, the computer will begin a relearning process. This relearning process may result in firmer than normal upshifts and downshifts for several days.


    How long does it take for the transmission to learn your driving habits after a PCM reset?   If I'm reading the TSB correctly, it says several days.  Why would my dealer tell me it will take 1000 - 1500 miles vs several days?

  3. 6 hours ago, Fingernip said:

    10886 miles on my 2019. Had the torque converter replaced due to lockup failure resulting in a bad buck at 2-3 shift and every TSB applied for the trans shifting. Other than that I have not had any issues. 


    11,000 on my 2019 Titanium.  Slow speed buck/surge since mile 1.  Year and a half later and six trips to three different dealers and still no fix.  Look here for details on the adventure:   https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/26728-2019-edge-low-speed-surgebuck/


    Curious how you managed to get the torque converter replaced?  I can't get anyone to look past the "there are no codes" and "it's normal operation".

  4. My Edge Titanium is back from service.  All that was done was reset the adaptive learning on the transmission.  I'm need to drive the vehicle for 1000 -1500 miles for it to learn my driving habits.  That is supposed to fix the problem.  ?  That same reset was done 18 monts ago and did not fix the problem. 


    Buck/surge is still felt even after the reset. 


    PM me if you would like another suggestion.

  5. Mine is back at the dealership for another (number five I believe) try at fixing this bucking/surging issue.  Service manager did a road test and verified the buck/surge did infact exist. 


    After four days I was told resetting transmission adaptive learning appears to have corrected this problem.  Said they wanted to wait till the next morning to do another road test.  I then told the service advisor that was tried over a year ago with no success.  One reason why it's back in for the same issue.


    Waiting for Monday to see what will happen next.


    Over the past month I have been talking to an individual at Ford Executive.  They recommended I take the vehicle back for another service visit.  They have also been talking to the dealership service manager but I do not know any details of their conversation. 

  6. Matthew, can you post the repair specifics?  Were exactly was the leak?  What was done to fix the leak?


    Would like to provide the info to service department at my next visit.   Would be helpful if they know where to look and how to correct.



  7. Yep, only states the 8F57 transmission.  I have a 2019 Titanium.  Also do not see any mention of slow speed lurching in the TSB.


    I had TSB 19-2331 performed by the regional field service engineer.  Did absolutely nothing for the slow speed buck/surge.  I doubt she even drove the vehicle after the update.   I have also had the PCM reprogrammed in the past and it did nothing to correct the problem. 


    So, the ST is getting attention but doesn't appear other Edges are.


    Time to file another complaint with Customer Care.

  8. Just found this forum post.    https://edgestnation.com/topic/3355-2019-edge-st-with-8f57-transmission-issues/


    The latest TSB is 20-2190.

    Released June 2, 2020.

    I had it done and all the issues have been resolved.

    No more slow engagement from 3-4.

    No more harsh engagement from R to D.

    No more lurching at 6 mph when upshifting.

    It looks like Ford did a really good job on this one.

    I am just curious to see how long it will last.

    The last TSB only lasted 4 months

  9. No improvement on mine either.  Frustrating driving at a slow speed. 


    I have called Ford Executive at  313-518-7309.   Spoke to a lady several times regarding this issue.  She did email Engineering and the reply stated they, Engineering, do not know of any fleet wide issues with Edge bucking/surging. 


    I replied that it's difficult to believe with all the posts here and the many times all of us have had our vehicle to service for the issue.  Apparently in Ford's view we are a limited few.  All that was suggested was to schedule yet another visit to dealer service. 


    Before I do, I plan to take the vehicle to a local transmission shop for their assessment. 

  10. On ‎04‎/‎09‎/‎2020 at 3:44 PM, Drunklahey said:

    I currently purchased a 19' Titanium with about 10,000 miles on it.  I'm in Canada.  Totally have this problem.  I read through this entire thread God bless a few of you who have been trying to fix this with Ford's suspect service departments.  I think the biggest issue is the average person either isn't going to notice this problem or they notice it but don't really care or think its just normal.  Mainly "non car" people is the nicest way to say it.  So its not getting reported enough for Ford to really care.


    I've been waiting for this pandemic to be over so I can take it into the dealership for this now I wonder if its even worth it.  I guess I'll call Ford CS and put my complaint in.  Pathetic anyone has to deal with this especially with a $51K CDN vehicle.


    Drunklahey, Sorry to read about your Edge.  I mailed another set of letters to Ford managers on 28 January.  Never received a reply   At this point I don't believe Ford will ever correct the issue. 


    I concur with your idea to call Customer Service.  It probably won't help but will be an exercise in frustration.  From my experience Ford CS knows nothing about Ford vehicles.  Your assessment that most think it "normal operation" for this vehicle is correct.  I received that exact statement from all three dealer service departments that have looked at my Edge.


    Please post an update if on your efforts. 

  11. Johnny,


    What you wrote is almost exactly what has happened to me at three different dealerships.  It's the reason I mailed a letter directly to Ford executives.  Another one will be sent shortly.


    Why are the service departments and field service reps saying it's the transmission programming code?  I asked that question but received no reply.  Has anyone considered it might be a power train component problem, the whole transmission, torque converter, maybe it's the engine.  One thought that leads me there is why the buck/surge appears go away when on cruise control. 


    The other question is why others are not complaining?  If their vehicle does not have the problem then there's something wrong with ours.  Either way it's a defect and should be corrected.  If it's only a few vehicles, replace the engine or transmission in our vehicles and fix the problem.  I'm sure Ford can afford it.  So if our vehicle's headlight would not turn On but no one else had that problem, Ford would not be concerned about fixing ours?


    Appears to me it's a design problem with the new eight speed transmission and Ford is hoping we will give up and live with the problem.


    Has anyone called the 313-518-7309 phone number posted earlier?  I believe the poster said it was Ford engineering.

  12. Kcbbriggs,


    You will need to open a new case with Ford Customer Care.  Their number is:   800-392-3673.  From my experience don't expect much help.  They just take information and give you a case number.  You have to be polite but assertive to get action.  Ask for a call from someone that can help you.


    You may also want to send Ford a letter stating your concerns.  Earlier in the thread I gave the mailing address and names I addressed my letters to.


    Here is the latest replies from Ford dispute resolution team.  FSE mentioned is the area Field Service Engineer.

    Good afternoon sir, 

    I have discussed your concerns with the FSE, as well as looked at the TSB in question. At this time Ford Motor Company believes the vehicle to be repaired, and is operating as designed currently. While I appreciate that you may not accept this, I would direct you to the back of the warranty guide for more information on how to settle disputes.

     And after I questioned the above reply, this.

    Good afternoon sir,


    The TSB was completed as required, and identified the concern in the vehicle. We are confident the vehicle is operating as designed.

    Time for another letter to Ford executive team.

  13. Johnny B,  yes, interesting that a TSB 19-2331 was performed and the TSB had nothing to do with our issue.  I was not given the opportunity to talk to the FSE even though I had asked when the person would be at the dealership.  I have the FSB's email address but do not receive any written responses to my emails.  I have also emailed the dispute resolution specialist several times but only receive a read receipt. 



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  14. Had TSB 19-2331 performed on my Edge.  I am still feeling the buck/surge and can see the tach jumping at around 20mph on initial drive.  Updated Ford via email that the TSB did not fix the problem.


    Question for others.  The service department stated it will take up to 2,000 miles for adaptive learning to update, and I guess fix the issue.  I have read, I believe here, someone mentioned their service department stated if could take up to 500 miles for adaptive learning.  Is adaptive learning actually involved or is this a standard statement to get the vehicle out of the service department?  How can one service department say 2,000 miles and another 500?


    Could this actually be an engine issue and not the transmission?

  15. Mikey, I tried cruise control at its lowest speed, 20 mph, and I also noticed the smoother drive.  No buck/surge.  Thanks for pointing that out.


    I received a phone call from a consumer affairs legal analyst with Ford's Dispute Resolution Program.   We talked and I explained the Edge problem.  I emailed all the documents I had physically mailed to Ford.  Several days later I received an email with a service appointment in December.  Ford's field service engineer for my region will be at the dealership to work the problem.  No idea what will be done.  I will update them with what Mikey found on cruise.



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