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    2016 Ford Edge SEL 3.5L

    That thought of it being a smart charging system was also in my head but had no idea that was actually a thing now. Before getting this Edge, I came from a 1994 Toyota Corolla so everything for me is different with this. But that would make sense since it drops and goes back up when it needs charged. Because it never stalls and always starts instantly every time. Thank you!
  2. eXodusK3

    2016 Ford Edge SEL 3.5L

    Alright, so far I think I have 2 issues. 1 - I think something with either battery or alternator is wrong. I know it's not the best way to check but I have a police radar detector that shows the voltage the vehicle is running. When we first bought the car in February 2019, voltage was around a little over 14. For the past month now, every now and then, the voltage drops to 12.5 while it is running but often goes back up to 13.6-13.9 also while driving. Some times it stays around 12.5 area but when I turn the car off for a while and restart it jumps back into the upper 13's. I also, when getting up to 60MPH I hear a whining/humming sound, which also I believe to be the alternator but am not sure. 2 - Every now and then, it doesn't happen often but when I first get into the Edge and SLIGHTLY turn the wheel, I will hear a clunk noise from the front left side. Could this be a ball joint going? It doesn't happen on every turn of the wheel, only periodically. Some things I think I probably should take in to the dealer but going to ask here first. I got the Mechanical Protection Plan Silver package when buying the vehicle so if something is wrong, hoping that would cover it.
  3. Hello, I have a 2016 Ford Edge SEL and every time I lock my vehicle it will lock then unlock and then finally lock again. Is that a standard feature? Any way to turn that off? Thanks!