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  1. Ok fellow edge owners, I am coming up empty here, so maybe someone has found a solution.


    I have a 2010 Edge SEL and I changed the wheels on it and the new ones do not have TPMS sensors, so I have the obvious warning lights, and message.  I can simply press reset and it goes away, for a little while anyway, but it does come back at least 2 times during my commute each way.


    I have FORSCAN and the ELM which I have used on other fords to disable this warning, but it is not an option for the 10 edge.  for those of you familiar with forscan is there somewhere in the ABD that I can edit this?

    I also have a tuner on it SCT Livewire but it also does not have anything for the TPMS, but if anyone has a custom tune for that unit and you would like to send it to me I would be grateful.


    Thank you for any help you all can provide!!!!!