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  1. So I'm going to start off by saying that I'm back, but most of you probably never knew I left. I stopped in a long time ago and made a post about my '15 two toned Electric Spice Sport. Well since then I was in a pretty traumatic accident and my love was destroyed, but somehow I managed to come out alive. I will say that it saved my life and I'm a VERY fond believer in that. 20200514_131606 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr After the accident I started shopping again and found myself a Lightning Blue Metallic '18 Sport. Everything else is a blur after that. I started spending like it was going out of style, but it was a sort of coping mechanism for me after the wreck. I'm sure many of you can get where I'm coming from. After the purchase, I got with my painter and was ready to get it into the body shop to install the SS Tuning body kit and front splitter that I had originally purchased for my 2015. I ended up purchasing a set of used 3pc AMF Forged 22x10.5 wheels that had originally came off a Edge that was built for SEMA a couple years back. The car also got a different stance using the H&R Springs that everyone knows and loves, as well as a Addco rear sway bar. After I got all that ironed out, I scheduled a photoshoot and here's a few from the group. AAS_6505 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr AAS_6516 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr AAS_6452 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr AAS_6626 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr And from there, I started working on the little things. Completed a full stereo install. 20200912_150409 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20200912_140314 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Full two step paint correction... 20200717_172042 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Minor change, but new blue spiked lugs 20200808_130311 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20200808_131447 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr And most recently, I installed Oracle Colorshift underglow and wheel rings.... 20201007_200100 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20201007_200038 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Next piece of the puzzle is to start on the interior. Plan is to wrap most of the trim pieces in Hexis forged carbon fiber and then all the stainless trim will be color matched to the outside of the car. We all know its NEVER done so we will see where it goes from there. Thanks for looking. Please ask any questions and feel free to comment.
  2. There are a few different options as far as coilovers. Main options are BC Racing and D2 Racing. I was and still technically am running the BCs.
  3. I'm from Muncie. The H&R Springs were sold to another Edge member in Wabash. After he bought them he never installed them and bought coilovers.
  4. So it has been a long time since I last posted. I mean a LONG time. I am just here to update this post. So since my last post I had my stock hood modified and installed a GT500 center vent and 10-14 Mustang GT side vents into the hood. I got tired of the fact that there was no aftermarket option available so I had my painter(s) get me fixed up. Over last winter I did a lot of work to the car. I had some more work done to the hood. I blew my 2 piece wheels apart and had the center sections powdercoated to something that would really get some attention. I also tore my headlights apart and re-retrofitted them. I color matched the reflectors as well as the projector shrouds. I took the HID projectors out and replaced them with bi-led projectors that were also etched with the "Ford" emblem and also have demon eyes installed and added new DRL strips. I now have a set of dual projectors that work on low and high beams. Also as of recently, within the last couple months, I had installed air ride on the car which has been a major change and I am so happy with it! This has been the majority of the changes. I am extremely happy with the car and how it looks.
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    Following closely. Interested!
  6. Thank you! His name is Cash. He is not quite 2 years old now.
  7. Finally getting an account up and going after fighting to get a confirmation email for my account. My name is Matt. Purchased a 2015 Edge Sport with 18k on the clock back in March. 20190325_110817 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Then proceed to get the front windows tinted in 15% to match the rear windows and had the windshield tinted in 35%. 20190403_094053 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Next on the list was a drop on H&R Springs 20190601_151126 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr And then tinted the tail lights with Luxe dark smoke film 20190518_124726 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Interior was wrapped and painted by yours truly 20190626_195224 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr And then I had the car partially wrapped by a good buddy of mine 20190630_171856 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20190630_172258 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20190630_172400 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20190630_172059 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr And most recently I pulled the grey insert out of the grill, painted it black to match the rest of the Sport grill and then color matched the black inserts to breakup the black 20190713_133230 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr The ca is also tuned by Unleashed and running the 93 Octane tune. Very impressive to say the least. all the door speakers(tweeters and mids) have been replaced with DC Audio convertible components. Next on the list is purchasing the PAC AmpPro, installing 2 8" Ampere Audio AA-2.5 RVEs in a 4th order box and run them off a SounDigital 3k nano amplifier. When I install the PAC AmpPro I'm planning on installing a Rockford Fosgate 360.3 as well to allow me to tune the system as it should be tuned. Wheels and tires will be purchased next year as I don't hate the stock Sport wheels. Not sure how much I will post, but I know how much information can be found on forums so I will be hanging around for a while.
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    I never actually talked to him. I had to change my email address and then forward it back to my personal email to go through the back door. Pain in the ass. Started to lose hope.