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  1. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Paint chip/scratch repair

    I have a 2017 ford edge Titanium 3.5L V6 AWD that is white platinum and has only 32,000km. I have a chip type scratch that is deep to the metal. If you take a cigarette filter and cut it in half it would look exactly like that in shape.....maybe slight longer hut not much. For the time being i used ford motorcraft touch up paint pen UG for my exact model but it looks horrible. I called a paint shop in my city and they want to spot paint the chipped area and then clear coat that whole panel. The scratch/chip is right next to the rear wheel and on the rear door. So I assume they would be clear coating the whole rear door panal after paint the chipped spot. My concern is having that erea look much different than the rest of the SUV because the top coat will be newer and cleaner then the rest of the vehicle. Plus the touch up paint is exactly the same paint already on the SUV but it looks grey and not white like the rest of the SUV. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get this fixed the best way that will look great? Besides having to remove all the paint on the vehicle and painting the whole thing. Has anyone had this type of fix where the scratch got painted and then the whole panel got clear coated? Where I live in Canada we have tons of road salt in the winter and this open metal will rust quickly. For now that pen paint is gonna help for rust.
  2. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Rotors & Pads..Power Stop, Stoptech or EBC?

    I should be getting the Z23 kit anytime. Hopefully these don't warp like oem brakes. I did notice something recently. In the manual for the 2016 to 2018 they specifically say to torque lug nuts to 162 lb.ft. I looked into it and it's not a typo either. The usual for M14 x1.5 is 150 lb.ft on the F-150 but I'm wondering if the reason I got a warped rotor was because I torque them to 162 lb.ft 2 months before one of them warped. It seems the reason for the extra 12 lb.ft is because the F-150 has 6 lug nuts and ford edge only has 5. I guess the extra 12 lb.ft makes up for the lack of one. I'm not sure how precise my torque wrench is but I did put it at exactly 162 lb.ft on the setting. So possibly could of been 10lb.ft more who knows. I might just go to 145 lb.ft on these new rotors.
  3. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Rotors & Pads..Power Stop, Stoptech or EBC?

    Sorry, I should of quoted. I'll resend msg below this msg Does the´╗┐ Z23 kit come with blank rotors? I was looking on Amazon but only shows slotted and drilled.
  4. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Rotors & Pads..Power Stop, Stoptech or EBC?

    Does the Z23 kit come with blank rotors? I was looking on Amazon but only shows slotted and drilled.
  5. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Rotors & Pads..Power Stop, Stoptech or EBC?

    I was thinking drilled and slotted would help in preventing warping from happening. Helps eliminate water, ice and keep cool. I'm sure that helps with warping issues. A few times in rain I got warped rotors. I may just get slotted to help remove water and snow, ice. When I think about blank rotors I just imagine ice rotating around rotors and staying wet. But when i think of a grove, i can see how it would help grab ice, snow and water and direct it outwards. What do you think? I could be wrong. The drilled holes aren't necessary and I can see how it should weaken rotors but I was thinking slotted may have a benefit as a cleaning help.
  6. Been looking at rotors and pads to go on my 2017 Ford Edge titanium 3.5L V6 AWD. The stock ones on it don't cut it for me. At 33,000km there pretty much done toasted. I bought it at 30,000km so possibly the owner before me drove the brakes hard. But still seems fast to burn through the rotors. The back rotors are just a bit less then a 1/4 inch thick and one of them is warped. I need to hit brakes a half a block away from red light so I can come to a normal stop. A few times I had to smash the gas down to go through a half yellow and red light because no way was I gonna be able to stop lol. Anyway I'm looking at Stoptech, Power Stop, and EBC. I was specifically looking at the Power Stop Z23 evolution sport performance brake kit or I was looking at StopTech premium Sport Drilled/Slotted Disc rotors with EBC yellow pads or EBC green pads. Im in canada and we get 6 months extremely cold and 6 months extremely hot. So I'm looking for brakes that bite cold and hot. My only wish is no noise. I can't stand noisy brakes. Dust is fine. I'm a bit worried about the yellow EBC pads for noise, and I'm not sure if they would work in cold weather. So does anyone have a good pad recommendation? One that would work best in my environment? Price isn't an issue. I know semi metallic pads are best for cold but I think they would be noisy for sure. I don't race or track. Just do some long highway traveling from 8 hours to 20 hours driving and plenty of city driving, stop and go. Looking for best performance without noise and cold some decent cold bite and hot. Seems hard to get something that fits in this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. That would be great.
  8. I looked everywhere online and the only thing I find on fuel pump being primed is when vehicle door opens that when it primes some fuel pumps or when ignition is turned. The only other thing I can think of is brake fluid being pumped into brakes for a safety thing, encase engine shuts off and you need brakes. it's vacuum air being pumped in so brakes work maybe? Although I'm not sure because I can't find anywhere that someone has that question or issue being asked about strange noise in the rear when pressing brake with engine off. It sounds like the emergency brake releasing but the problem is that this noise happens with my emergency brake already activated.
  9. I actually thought that also. I had my vehicle at ford dealer today getting straps on the gas tank to stop sloshing gas in tank. When I went to start my edge it stalled quickly after pressing ignition, but I think I pressed brake and quickly after hit ignition button. So maybe the fuel didn't have time to prime itself and after they played with the tank it may of left air spots. I'm not sure, but for some reason I only noticed that sound today after they did that TSB strap assembly on the gas tank. I do have a hissing sound near gas tank for last 2 months and I think it's my fuel pump, but each time i tell ford about it they tell me they can't hear it. I'm assuming there in the vehicle and aren't stepping out to hear it. I'm gonna be buying a fuel pump and paying to have it installed. I'm under warranty but pretty much done with my local ford dealer lol. They have 4 mechanics and all under 25 years old looking. Every time I go there I have other problems.
  10. I don't know if this is normal or if this noise has always been there, but today I noticed when I get in my 2017 Ford Edge and I first press the brake before pushing ignition button, I hear a noise in the back that sounds like something disingaging or engaging. It sounds almost exactly the same as when the emergency brake get disengaged. After I press brake when vehicle off and noise happens I can't repeat it and get the noise to happen again unless I start vehicle and turn it off again. Then when i press brake before hitting the ignition button I hear this noise again right before I start vehicle. Does anyone hear this also and knows what it is?
  11. ThugFordEdge3.5

    What is this black plastic peice?

    I think it may be gear oil coming out of the ptu vent. I did clean it off and so far so good.
  12. ThugFordEdge3.5

    What is this black plastic peice?

    Noticed some yellow clear oil around this black plastic peice near the transmission underneath my 2017 Ford edge titanium 3.5L V6. There is 2 Plastic looking screws holding it in place and that black peice was really loose also. Had to tighten it. But I'm worried about where that oil is coming from. I changed the ptu oil about 2 months ago the only other thing is I got done was krown rust proofing done about 5 months ago. There isn't any oil anywhere else but here it doesn't leak on the pavement either. It's just stays how it is in the pics. The dealership fixed my emergency parking brake the other day and replaced the cable. Anyone know what that black plastic part is and why oil is around it and on it?
  13. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Local Ford dealership used tap water for coolant mix

    What I ended up doing is using 50/50 orange motorcraft coolant. I drained out about 5 liters and filled with 50/50 and ran the engine with heat on for about 15 minutes and rev here and there at 3500 rpms and then I drained again and repeated. I did this 2 times and on the 3rd time I left it in. I will do a flush on the next change. The tap water here is 45mg/L and one of the lowest in Ontario.
  14. ThugFordEdge3.5

    Local Ford dealership used tap water for coolant mix

    I'll be doing a flush for sure on the next change. I haven't changed coolant types. This was the first coolant change ever for this edge. A bit early but I like to get everything changed after 30000km to 35000km oils and filters.