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  1. 20,000 Miles problem free.  Its been tuned pretty much the whole time as well.  Only issue has been the torque converter heat soaking and stuttering at highway acceleration.  but it doesn't really bother me.  Doesn't happen without the tune, or if it does i didnt notice.


  2. 1 hour ago, CrackedDSM said:


    Those are good numbers but I can see what you mean when you say the top end kills you. That’s crazy! You can see on mine where traction kills me. If I can get the 0-60 down to 4.6-4.7 I’d be booking. Need moar traction! 


    You have the altitude advantage too, I saw in one of your dragy results your DA was negative 1100. Lol, I’m jealous of that for sure. It’s definitely gotta be something exclusive to the edge ST tune because the top end difference on mine is phenomenal. In the 93 tune I was so disappointed at the top end. On e30 it’s straight ridiculous. 


    These tigerpaw 245’s gotta go, man. No traction is killing me. I’m willing to bet at an actual drag strip I’d get better results because of the prep and be in the 12’s. I do eventually want to go with lightwheels wheels and some sticky tires but one step at a time.  Currently getting my EMT certs so time and money is at a premium. 



    Couldn't hurt to reach out to LMS and say hey, this douche in an edge sport has way better top end on his e30 tune than I do, is there something different in the st tune? 



    Edit: just thought of something, how are you blending your e30? Are you testing the e85 and then mixing based off of that? Or are you just mixing e85 and pump without testing? 


    Yes, i am testing the E85 regularly.  its very consistent.  I lean towards e35 to be sure.  I have 275/40r20 Pirelli Centurato sport all seasons and they provide enough traction. 


    I am running 4.9-5.0 in positive DA on the regular.  Basically at 55 degrees, its a 5.0 or under 0-60 everytime. 

  3. 7 hours ago, CrackedDSM said:

    Also: here’s a before and after 0-60. First pic is before second is after. 







    Right on.  I just realized that you have a Ford Edge Sport.  I have the ST, so different transmissions, and perhaps LMS is afraid to push it.  anywho, The only noticeable difference has been 0-60.  But only minimal.  The top end power is a joke and honestly is worse than the 93 Tune.


    93 0-60 Best run 4.93

    E30 0-60 Best run 4.88


    93 best 1/4 13.47 102

    e30 best 1/5 13.53 101


    ZFG is telling me that they can hand me an e85 tune on the stock pump (+intercooler) and easily hit 12s.....and easily hit 13.2 on e50 otherwise stock.

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  4. 7 hours ago, CrackedDSM said:

    I’d ask torrie if he’d be willing to do an e30-e50 tune for you. My LMS E30 tune really make a significant difference in power compared to 93. If torrie can’t or won’t then I’d try ZFG. I don’t think you’ve got much to lose either way. 


    Do you have any Dyno or Dragy numbers to back that up?   I do, and the 93 and e30 might as well be the same tune.

  5. On 11/4/2020 at 6:34 AM, onyxbfly said:

    Heard nothing but good things about Torrie and Unleashed tuning. No blown engines and, or shoddy customer service that I am aware of.  The world's fastest edge is tuned by ZFG and a few others are tuned by ZFG as well.


    The world's fastest edge has many thousands of dollars in other mods.  But ZFG will get you e50-e70 on an otherwise stock car and you will see impressive gains.


  6. On 10/14/2020 at 3:57 PM, Xtra said:


    The stock injectors and HPFP reach their limit with E85 and a tune. The HPFP can have pressure fluctuations trying to keep up with the demand, and injector life will be shortened considerably.  The safest and best way to run E85 is with the Xtreme DI HPFP and new larger injectors. Snmjim & Special_K are testing and working on bringing the new larger E85 injectors to market now.


    So the edge can safely run e50-e70 with no upgrades?

  7. On 10/3/2020 at 11:01 AM, Edge5280 said:

    I'll add my .02. I've been running the Livernois E30/91 octane tune now for nearly one and a half years with zero issues, except maybe hurting my PTU with over zealous launches when I was figuring out launch points. My shifts are really firm and I would expect and want them to be for a performance tune. If you want buttery smooth imperceptible shifts except for the tach moving, then maybe this hasn't the sophistication for you.  I come from the era of nasty cammed 455 cu in backed byTH400s with stout calibrations that knock your fillings out on the shifts. Quick firm shifts used to mean less band wear and faster ETs in my experience. Anyway, I live at a higher altitude, nearly 5000' and race track is 6000. With Draggy 13.3 and high 4 0-60, couple 10ths slower with just the 91 performance tune, I consider great for a 4660 lb  family vehicle especially in my location. Livernois has been great answering all my questions and I have tunes from crap 87 to 93/E30 to 100+ race gas. I'm completely satisfied and drive mine everywhere in this tune. I understand more is better, too much is not enough for some, and fully support anyone wanting to go faster. I would think when you cross the line from stock tuning to aftermarket bigger and better, upgrading to a custom hands on dyno tune should be part of the plan. I'm hoping to find a reasonable dyno day to get comparative numbers for myself. 




    Looks like we were neck and neck until i started going uphill.  plus the sport is proven to be faster than the ST.  I am running the E30 now and can't get the power down through my current wheel setup.  Ive got some lightweight rims and grippy tires on the way.  should be able to run 13.1-13.2....


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  8. On 9/3/2020 at 11:39 AM, 1004ron said:

    I have never been interested in a "tune" and this thread has made me less likely to consider it in the future.


    that is a silly conclusion to draw.  


    I have been the running the LMS 93 and not only do i have the fastest ST because of their tune, i really enjoy the customer support and the comfort of knowing i went with a proven Tuner of ecoboost engines.

  9. 1 hour ago, jamie1073 said:


    To get your LMS Tune updated did you just have to email the tuning email address and ask for an update?  I am going to schedule my service with the dealer this week and am curious as to what I may need to do with LMS to get their update.  Thanks.


    Emailed help desk. Had to give them the new codes because they changed. They had to re calibrate the tune for the new codes. 

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  10. 27 minutes ago, Tronjo said:

    Same here. Maybe not that strong as before, but still there ☹️


    Haven't had any problems, but then again it only clunked a couple of times....

    Installed my new LMS tune and holy hell it's fast.  Down shifting the paddles in sport mode is so sharp and fun!  I ordered a dragy! 

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  11. 6 hours ago, ktp1598 said:

    Just got ours done. Most of our issues were when she first starts the car but it definitely feels better. Tip in in sport mode is beastly and shifting in both modes is very smooth. 


    After 24 hrs, you are correct. Sport mode is substantially better than before. Thos downshifts are silky.

  12. On 10/22/2019 at 6:47 AM, zinc03svt said:

    I have worked with Torrie for years on different platforms. Who has this setup now and can comment on the changes? No interest in LMS.


    Not sure why the hesitation with LMS, it's a great tune,  but to each their own.  I would also like to see other companies taking up the Edge ST....


    I know i would be excited for a 5 star tune as the videos they have on youtube with the 2.7 TT in the ford 150.  It hit Legit 0-60 in 4.83 (albeit on a prepared surface)...


  13. 1 hour ago, AMulally said:

    Just had the new TSB done as well today; immediately feel the difference in the response, shift quality, shift timing - just seems well put together now. Was sick of clearing the adaptive cache every few weeks. My biggest issue prior; along with the drop-the-trans-out-the-bottom reverse engagement; was a constant dead pedal feeling - that is now gone. Just a hair on the accelerator now and it's moving briskly. I have not tried sport mode, but this is a seriously powerful motor so it should feel quick on it's feet.


    To piggy back on this:

    1.  Sharper shifts, power band has been increased. 0-60 feels about the same.  still drops into second before banging into 3rd through 60....

    2.  down shifting on the paddles is immediate and well done.

    3.  sadly upshifting is still lacking response and nannied at Red line.

    4.  if you have a TUNE, the car throws new CODES so you will have to get your tuner cleared and save the new stock.  LMS has to build a completely new tune for my car, which i am estatic about!!!


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  14. 5 minutes ago, vmaxbaby said:

    19EdgeSTeve you will be a could person to tell us the difference since you know how it is tuned and how it is right now stock.  Of course the LMS would have to be better in the end but can't wait to hear what you think of the tune from Ford to see if it is better not just with the trans issue but better performance.  I tuned my Shelby once my warranty was over and never had an issue but this thing...sadly I don't trust it yet..and my dealer sucks if a headlight stops working he would blame it on the tune..LOL


    I will post the results for sure.  But driving the car now in normal Drive makes me understand why the ST got some of the reviews it did.  The engine really does deserve better than what Ford Performance did with it.  It's  a really fun car when you push, but you really have to push it.  With the LMS tune, it's a completely different vehicle.  thrills at every level of throttle.

  15. 22 hours ago, STEdGeST said:

    Hello folks,  Got the TSB completed on the ST. Picked up today and what a difference. Smooth engagement and much better shifting. Sport mode is awakened as well with better controls through the paddle shifts. To me, seems they tweaked more than just the tranny. Feels much more responsive and seems power band was increased. Slips rear tires at ease. Happy Camper right now. Folks if you're having the issues get this completed ASAP. Hope this helped. 


    I get mine tomorrow AM.  I am now curious if the LMS tune will be more or less effective with the new Software.....I will say that i have been driving around for 2 days without the tune and i miss it so bad.

  16. 7 hours ago, Perblue said:

    24 hour update


    So far so good. It hasn't slammed into reverse or drive once, which is the longest it hasn't done it. There is also no noticeable delay going into those gears.


    I'm curious about others results too though because it seems and feels like they played around with more than just that. It could be my imagination but my family noticed it too. It seems snappier. Shifts seem better. It seems more willing to downshift and accelerating feels stronger.


    So if i say that i want the newest TSB i just request it?  or do i need to say i have problems.


    also, anyone know if i do take it i should i flash my car back to the stock tune?

  17. 3 hours ago, jamie1073 said:

    Honestly never felt it on mine.  I tend to not drive gently though and would be accelerating quite hard. 


    It's not a gentle acceleration.  somewhere between full throttle and light acceleration.  And it didn't do at all yesterday.  Re loading the stock tune this weekend to check it out.

  18. 1 hour ago, cds71 said:

    does it feel like a subtle surge....very minor but still can be felt slightly?


    Not a surge per se.  It's almost like the car is waiting for me to floor it and can't maintain steady boost, or like the turbos aren't boosting at the same PSI.  The boost needle will literally jitter. you can feel it in the car to.  

  19. Tune works great for accelerating from a stop and great with city driving. 

    Having an issue with highway driving. Medium acceleration from 40mph-60mph and 60-80 and i can see and the feel the tubo boost jitter. Very very sloppy and i dont like the way it feels. At all. 


    Livernois hasnt heard of this and asked me to check connections and codes. Nothing there...


    Anyone else have this issue before? Im definately going to reload stock tune and check if the same prob persists. 

  20. I get that you want to be faster in a straight line. But what i love about the st and the tune is the power across the rpm band. I have no doubt that a stock edge sport would smoke a tuned st in the quarter mile.  But i also  have no doubt that the linervois 93 tuned ST would smoke most $60,000 SUVs around a track. Including any tuned edge sport. Honestly a stock ST would smoke any stock tuned sport around any track. 

  21. 7 hours ago, jamie1073 said:

    So I am curious now and I am going to ask Livernois if they could either make the trans skip 2nd when at WOT or just eliminate it all together so it reverts basically back to the old 6 speed with an extra overdrive gear.  I think we could definitely be at least a tenth quicker to 60 and maybe more to the 1/4.  I get such a hesitation/skip when it quickly bumps 2nd at the end of 1st and goes to 3rd.  There is no need to 2nd under hard driving conditions and it really only helps in maybe making city driving a little more smooth.  But I have a tune so I do not care for that type of behavior and it was good for the previous models to have no gear there.  I think if it did not have to pause there for that 2 gear shift boost would hold better and of course it would be quicker without that pause. 


  22. On 9/30/2019 at 10:29 PM, Jombi said:

    I just got the Livernois MyCalibrator Touch for my 2019 Edge ST.  I got three tunes, an 87/89 octane, a 91, and a 93.  I’ve only done the 91, and it was a noticeable difference.  


    It was noticeable just driving, but to get real numbers, I used a mobile app, CarScanner, connected to the OBD port with the ohp WiFi adaptor, to do 0-60 timings.  Before the tune my best was 6.0 seconds.  With the 91 tune, my first try was 5.66 seconds. And it was on a slight uphill.  This is in sport mode, but not using the paddles, trac-off.


    I haven’t had the time to go deep in the boonies to a good, long, flat, and traffic-free road, so I find a decent road nearby, then loiter slowly till I’m the last car, check behind me, then stop dead, reset the CarScanner 0-60 line, brake-torque to about 2500 and hit it.


    Aside from fuel/air changes, one of the key things that helps is that it lets you actually hit the redline before it shifts.  Even in sport mode, the stock calibration seemed to shift well before redline, sometimes skipping a gear, leaving you well below the powerband in the new gear, costing a few tenths as the engine lugs.


    I’ll post results of the 93, I’ve heard others on this forum say it’s phenomenal.


    The 93 is a BEAST.  I really want to take it to a dyno, because this thing has to be putting down more than 280ish hp to the wheels that LMS advertises.  Before my tune i was getting 6.1 0-60, now im in the 5.1 range....almost a full second to 60!  

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  23. On 9/27/2019 at 3:26 PM, jamie1073 said:


    When I returned to stock and used my Dragy I got between 5.6-5.8 0-60 on the same road I use to do it with my tune, where I have got as low as 5.1-5.3 consistently.  Today with a .37% up angle road I got 5.25 with a (1ft) roll of 5.02, which should be close to what you get at the track.  My 1/4's are in the mid 13's depending on the launch.  I need to hit a track to get an actual time now that I know the sweet spot to launch.  You need to get past the 1000 miles break in to get full boost on the stock tune.  It is limited before that mileage.  And stock it is limited in 1st and 2nd, it is tuned as well but not as much. 

    I couldn't even wait 1000 miles.  LMS 93 installed and Holy crap does it pull.  

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  24. Hello ST world.  I just picked mine up about a month ago.  Really like the ride.  It has a very confident feel to it.  Performance is solid, but like many here, I know that engine can do better.  So I just ordered my Livernois tune baby!  ships tomorrow and I will have it installed soon!  stay tuned.  


    I've seen a guy here doing stock 5.8 and under 0-60 consistently and maybe it's my launch, but I am definitely not getting close to that.  I don't have dragy, but what i do have puts me at 6.1 at the fastest.  Looking to get around 5.5 0 -60 and a sub 14 1/4 mile and ill be stoked.