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  1. On 9/5/2020 at 4:53 PM, Xtra said:

    I have a 2016 Sport and I would not recommend doing this but I have had my transmission accidentally kicked into reverse and park when driving at 60 to 70 mph on the highway....This has happened several times by children playing in the car by accident. Guess what happened? Nothing the car went into neutral as a failsafe and I had to step on the brake to shift it back into gear while still at speed. Thank Ford for that safety feature or I may have needed a new transmission, crashed, or worse. The kiddos won't do that anymore.... I had a nice talk with them  Lol. Shifting from Drive to Sport and back while driving is fin, no problem.

    Yea, saw that on Youtube, people did tests shifting to P or R while driving, and nothing happened, but even so I dare not try it.

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  2. My 2019 Edge ST sometimes shakes when shifting from Parking to Drive mode, but I'm sure that I applied the break properly before shifting. No issue noticed after shifting to D and while driving.

    It's only about 6,000 km, and noticed this for some time already. Could there be any problem with my Edge ST or is this a known or common issue for this model?

    Thanks all!

  3. Hi, just wondering if I can turn on/off the S mode while driving, would that cause damage? Or it must be turned on/off when it's in a complete stop?

    Not sure if it's like shifting transmission, I just know one should never change gear selection when moving.

    Thanks all!