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  1. On 12/3/2020 at 6:08 PM, CrackedDSM said:



    It’s a part of why I went with the edge. I cannot have a slow daily so I needed something with some boogie enough to keep me satisfied, but that wasn’t ridiculously priced or seriously unreliable(friends with Jeep SRTs and trackhawks have had nothing but problems and they’re expensive...) and if I get bored and need a fast car, I’ve got others. :) 



    Lessons learned the hard way are what I try to share with others to prevent history repeating itself. I’ve modified my daily seriously and bought a slow daily and both resulted in the same thing. Heartbreak. The edge is honestly one of my favorite cars ever. Every time I drive it I remark how I love this thing. Lol. 


    But honestly a foxbody, an older LS1 f-body, or if you can find a non abused clean dsm for a fair price(good luck) are all amazing cars to get to satisfy the go fast bug. All three will go 10’s reliably(key word reliably. You can throw nitrous on a stock junkyard block for pennies but it ain’t gonna last)for $5,000. Hell of a lot cheaper if you’re good at finding deals and have some luck! 


    Yep, I wanted a quick daily also. The Edge was quick stock, but then I wanted to try a tune after I found this place. But then after the Livernois tune I wanted more. Speed is addictive. 😄 My first new car as a kid was 95 Z28. I kept it stock back then because I couldn't afford to modify it. Also had a firebird formula with the same LT1 as the Z28. I just can't see myself getting in and out of those low riding cars now like when I was in my early twenties. I am drawn to the Jeep SRT and fast suvs now because I like to sit higher up. Those jeeps are expensive though. I would have thought that they were very reliable considering you don't really need to modify something that fast to begin with. If I did buy a car now it would probably be a Stinger GT or Charger SRT. But then again those are low riders to me.


    I am getting ready to start tuning with ZFG racing again soon. I liked the way the tune ran before my engine problems. After my replacement 2.7L was installed I was told that my one turbo wasn't spinning properly. So I sent my comp turbos to be inspected. Was told that due to the engine problems my one turbo was full of carbon on the back of the turbine wheel and wasn't spinning barely. So I had to have them both rebuilt. Finally getting them back today. And tuning should start in a week or two hopefully. This is my last attempt. lol.

  2. On 11/27/2020 at 4:36 PM, CrackedDSM said:


    There’s a saying I live by: “don’t seriously modify your daily”. A lot of people break this rule and are miserable when it fails. Basic stuff and if you have a go fast bug, get a separate car so when it’s down you’re not down too. 


    This is very sound thinking. Next time I will just buy fast enough off the lot. Lesson learned. This is the first vehicle that I have ever modified in my life so I guess I didn't realize all that could go wrong.

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  3. I am in the process of remote tuning with ZFG. I will post the results when I finish. To be honest it has been a long hard road since I started in July. lol. I have comp turbo technology hybrid turbos and am trying to tune with ZFG racing. I ran into problems in Sept. The first ZFG tunes were amazing. It felt like a 50-75 hp bump over Livernois or Unleashed, both of which I used for the prior year on my stock turbos. But I wanted more than my stock turbos could give. On revision 3 of remote tuning I began experiencing misfires on #6 cylinder and sometimes on #3, and it felt like I had my stock turbos back again because the power suddenly disappeared.  I was so confused and lost to be honest. I am not mechanically inclined and don't do any work on my vehicle myself.  I consulted many people and ZFG said that was was a problem with my #6 cylinder. I had two bad injectors so was told that running lean on ZFG scored my #6 cylinder.  This was confirmed with borescore inspection. Cylinder 6 is badly scored. I drove on misfires for 6 weeks because I was told it was a tuning issue, not knowing my injectors were bad.  So after replacing plugs, coils and injectors I decided to replace the engine. I honestly feel that something went wrong with my comp turbos also. In the process of replacing the engine I am having the turbos inspected. This has been a long, expensive process. I will never modify another vehicle other than a tune after this one. lol. Power is fun, but getting it work properly has been much more involved than I ever imagined. I will post how the ZFG tune does after my engine is replaced. This forum and its members have been a tremendous help to me in the past year. In hindsight, I wish I had spent a bit more on the BNR turbo upgrade option after reading about many people having problems with comp turbos. I will post if my comp turbos are ok.  I don't want anymore to spend money on something that can't hold up. I hope nobody has to go through this much headache.

  4. I would like to thank Xtra, Snmjim and SpecialK for all their advice on upgrading my edge sport turbos. Their upgrade thread made it easy for a novice like me to find the parts I wanted. They answered my countless questions.  I am have upgraded comp turbos, up intercooler, side pipe, and 170 thermostat installed today. Obviously the turbos will make the most difference. I am excited to see if it will meet my expectations. I will tune it with ZFG racing.


    Thanks again guys. Hopefully I don't blow anything up. LIfe is too short to go slow. 🤘

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  5. 12 hours ago, snmjim said:




    That's only $175 per Turbo, that's almost insulting, lol, considering we just sold a set for $600 with S&H. Checkout our packaging on Instagram @ edge_redefined.


    Recommend you do some homework to see what a quality set of used 2.7 Turbos go for.


    Note: we have 2 others that want this set that's packaged & ready to ship however their waiting on payday so it's a first come first serve and offers will be provided to all interested parties to allow out bidding for those that are ready to buy.


    Nice try, no cigar...;-)

    Ok, that was a little low I guess. :) How about $610 and I can transfer the money today by Paypal if you want.





  6. I have tried many tunes and I guess it comes down to personal preference. I am never going to a track to test it. I have just read all the information here thanks to all the smart people who have posted. 


    I first tried the Livermois 93 aggressive v3 and liked it. But  I got curious as to what unleashed would be like. Torrie was great and very patient but I was getting impatient with the datalogging. That is a long process. But finally I got a tune that seemed fast as Livermois but it didn't quite shift as smoothly wot to 60 mph.  But it feels like it has more tip in on take off. Very close though.


    Last I wanted to try the Livermois v2 93 aggressive because I heard it might be better for some. After trying v2 93 aggressive for awhile it feels like it might pull harder 0-60 but a bit less 60 and above. Has anyone else compared v2 versus v3 for livernois? I thought v3 had more torque so why does v2 feel so fast?

    Also Torrie said his tune would add 50/60 hp. So why does Livernois claim like 90hp increase over stock ? But the two feel close. One of them is not right. Anyone know the dyno numbers for the unleashed tune?


  7. Hi fellow edge owners. I got my 2016 edge sport recently. I have never had an suv before. I came from V8 Camaros and Trans ams in my 20's. Then I switched to sedans after my 20's. I wanted a change to an suv because I like sitting up higher. But I also like power. If I was wealthy I would just get a Trackhawk (lol), but I love the edge. I have it tuned and it really moves now. People ask my why I bought such a big vehicle because it is just my and my wife. I don't have a good answer other than I wanted something different. I drove a fusion sport also, but power wise I found them similar. I know I am not the average suv owner because most aren't looking for something that does 0-60 in around 5 seconds modified. Most suv owners are looking for something roomy and safe.

  8. Wow. There are some people getting some really good 0-60 times here. Are those dragy devices accurate? Think I will get one.  I would be absolutely pleased with 5 seconds to 60. I have been using my iPhone for my stopwatch. Is it true that winter weather means worse times? It is cold here in Chicago now. 

  9. 5 hours ago, jamie1073 said:


    Yeah I am going with he most likely has AWD.  My ST will spin the fronts a little but not enough for wheel hop to occur before it shifts the power to the rear as well as the fronts.


    Here is mine from when I first got the tune. 



    Yes, that is about the amount of tire spin I get most times. But I have to kind of ease into it. If I mash the gas to the floor at 2000 rpm about releasing the brake I get alot of spin.

  10. I got the LMS 93 aggressive tune. It really makes a difference. The vehicle is much more fun to drive. I like the quicker 0-60. I was watching some videos online of the tune. How does this person take off like this? I tried many times boosting to around 2000 rpm, but I spin my front tires and it is bumpy sometimes because it feels like I am hopping the wheels. How is this person able to turn off traction and get zero tire spin. A completely smooth take off. Are my tires shot? lol. They look to have decent tread still. They are scorpion verde 21 inch tires.



  11. 11 hours ago, Nick Halstead said:

    You do not want a SSI tune. I dont know how he is still tuning vehicles. 

    normal everyday driver. You will not notice a difference between unleashed and LMS. Its literally tenths of seconds at the track. cant go wrong with either on the sport but LMS has a shitty rep with they way they tune (not to customers but other tuners are not a fan of some of the risks they take) I’ve been Unleashed tuned for 60k now. 


    Thanks for the info. What risks are you referring to with LMS? Is their tune more aggressive? I read they were very conservative somewhere. I emailed Torrie at unleashed asking a few questions. He told me most people run low 13’s in the 1/4 mile. Is this true? Are his tunes more up to date than LMS?

  12. Hi, I am new to the forum. I want to tune my 2016 edge sport now that the warranty has expired. I have read many of the older threads here on LMS vs Unleashed tuning. Is there a noticeable performance difference between the two. I am interested in improving acceleration 0-60. also is SSI a good tune? I want something with 93 performance tune. What are your recommendations?