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    My solar GT stripes are a little off. 🌅
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    How to embed a google drive video? ZV8
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    SSM 46412 - PTU Idler Gear

    I ordered a new Ford 2015-18 PTU yesterday. My local Ford dealers scoffed at the low price I paid saying it was less than what they pay for it. I'm calling BS but their 900+ compared to under 600 from another Ford parts only source is a no brainer. My whining noises have gotten bothersome and the tip in clunk, like a sloppy ring and pinion noise is now pretty loud. Fluid is still clean and always been, so I'm blaming this mostly on myself. After adding my LMS tune trying to find the sweet spot on launches I encountered really harsh wheel hop on occasion. Especially if I don't set traction control off. 2100-2200 stills spins a lot but about right with the Scorpion Verdes. A touch more rpm and blow first and second into wheel spin. If you hit the limiter it has to wheeze and cough and limp a bit before recomposing itself. I'll probably take it easier on the new PTU at least launching. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NRynLa1wDA4tO-AfJhi_H1VhoZ7miD0U/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14zyrIyprqvbo4ShUR3HQd0nQXNIs36kH/view?usp=sharing --the VTA noise is for my pesky neighbor with an EVO, just to bother him lol
  4. Edge5280

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    I'll add my .02. I've been running the Livernois E30/91 octane tune now for nearly one and a half years with zero issues, except maybe hurting my PTU with over zealous launches when I was figuring out launch points. My shifts are really firm and I would expect and want them to be for a performance tune. If you want buttery smooth imperceptible shifts except for the tach moving, then maybe this hasn't the sophistication for you. I come from the era of nasty cammed 455 cu in backed byTH400s with stout calibrations that knock your fillings out on the shifts. Quick firm shifts used to mean less band wear and faster ETs in my experience. Anyway, I live at a higher altitude, nearly 5000' and race track is 6000. With Draggy 13.3 and high 4 0-60, couple 10ths slower with just the 91 performance tune, I consider great for a 4660 lb family vehicle especially in my location. Livernois has been great answering all my questions and I have tunes from crap 87 to 93/E30 to 100+ race gas. I'm completely satisfied and drive mine everywhere in this tune. I understand more is better, too much is not enough for some, and fully support anyone wanting to go faster. I would think when you cross the line from stock tuning to aftermarket bigger and better, upgrading to a custom hands on dyno tune should be part of the plan. I'm hoping to find a reasonable dyno day to get comparative numbers for myself.
  5. I changed the PTU fluid again to Redline shockproof, clean and clear drain, but feel better. Still clunks on tip in, but abused on a Procharged Nissan Z. Really good view in the rear view mirror. Sweet cars.
  6. Edge5280

    Already April!

    My engine blew last night right after blowing the doors off a pesky McClaren. I decided to swap in an old Cadillac 500 I had sitting by the shed along with a 67 Olds Toronado TH400 to maintain the FWD. Handling and power is soooooo much improved. Happy April, stay safe and healthy.
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    SSM 46412 - PTU Idler Gear

    So I lifted it and checked out fluid. Mine luckily has a drain, first service! Fluid came out darker than new, but clear. A dab of sludge on the tip of drain plug. Good I suppose for 40k miles. I'm trying to decide if the amount of play I feel and hear is just going to be part of the car now, kinda like some of the Dodge Charger owners are experiencing. Having a reference in degrees or whatever of ok/not ok driveshaft or wheel rotation play would be helpful. It wasn't there 10k ago. Hard launches, wheel hop maybe added some clearance to the gears in the PTU. Time will tell.
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    Nuevo en el foro

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    MRT-Collins Muffler-Loveland.jpg

    Go to MRT exhaust website, pick the type that fits your vehicle. Take the shipment to your favorite muffler shop or DIY
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    2015 Edge Sport

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    SSM 46412 - PTU Idler Gear

    My year is in my profile next to posts, but I see it's not on everyone's. Anyway it's a 2015 so 2015-2018 will work. The bulletin states: AND BUILT ON OR BEFORE 30-JUN-2016. I'm locating a lot of salvage 2018 Edge/MKX with 20K and under miles. F2GZ-7251-C New best price is $682 with core. Used around $400. Not ready to pull the trigger yet, but I'll see how it progresses. FWIW I think my sound comes more from the PTU ring and pinion area. I had a few old GM rear ends that sounded similar. Good advice on the fluid changes. My 2002 Escape XLT has over160K on the problematic CD4E and I'm sure regular fluid changes and flushes are a big part of why I still have zero issues.
  12. Edge5280

    SSM 46412 - PTU Idler Gear

    Anyone ever have experience with repairs or replacements or long term outcomes due to this? I'm chasing a clunk on accelerator tip in, pretty soft knock/clunk sound and getting more persistent. I can here it most of the time I go from reverse and into drive as well. I have an old set of chassis ears, you know the alligator clips with microphones on them, put on the headphones and click between locations. It's absolutely coming from the PTU. If it comes down to yank and replace it would seem like the '17, '18 versions would be best and probably have fewer miles. I'm not opposed to repairing either, just looking for the best route when it comes up.
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    I scaled it at 4660 lbs. Yikes! My 240 Z V8 car is 2550!
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    I like the black shiny 21 wheels better than the original dark gray.