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  1. OK. So, is it specially designed for the Edge?
  2. Even though my Edge has done only 10,000 miles I noticed that the driver's side car-mat was getting worn-out already. So instead of letting it deteriorate any further I decided to replace all four mats and put the Ford ones away for later. There were a lot of replacements to choose from, and not too expensive either, so I thought I'd try a set with coloured edging. I chose what I thought might be a good match with the exterior. Not sure though whether I 100% like them. But they didn't cost much and can always replace them later if I decide I don't!
  3. niceonept

    How many Fords have you owned?

    That's a lovely Edge. I don't think I've ever seen one that colour before. The only red ones we have over here seem to be "Ruby Red" a much "redder" colour than that. Mind, you I've never seen one of those on the road either! The Edge is that rare that other than my Canyon Ridge Edge I've only actually seen black white and silver ones!
  4. niceonept

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    That's probably why they updated it. The fact also the rear windows are all blacked-out is probably the reason why the cargo cover was never included as standard (well it wasn't here).
  5. niceonept

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    Having seen the video of the 2016 Edge just posted by Omar I would say it probably does exist. My cargo cover is different.
  6. niceonept

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    Interesting. That's a 2016 Edge he's got there and it has a different cargo cover to the one I have in my 2018 Edge. Mine isn't attached at all to the rear seats. So I guess I have the updated version.
  7. niceonept

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    It's a bit dark to go outside now but this is a pic I took a while ago.
  8. niceonept

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    Same here. Guess mine must be the updated version.
  9. niceonept

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    How has it been updated?
  10. niceonept

    New Member! - 2009 Edge SEL here

    Hi there. Welcome to our forum.
  11. niceonept

    New Member

    Thanks. I would have preferred one in Electric Spice (below) but they'd discontinued it in the model years I was looking for. Canyon Ridge was my second choice but it's a great colour and really makes the car stand out in a crowd. Yours doesn't have the tow-bar attachment fitted as standard then, just needing to add the removable hitch?
  12. niceonept

    New Member

    Nice looking Edge... they look good all in black don't they? They are very rare over here too. I see another one about once a month at most! You can see some pics of my one here.
  13. niceonept

    New member with a 2016 Titanium

    Welcome to our forum Ronkeras. Always nice to have someone else join us from this side of the pond! Do you have any pics of your Edge you can share with us?
  14. niceonept

    New member with a 2016 Titanium

    Hi Ben. All the Euro Edges are AWD only. There's only one engine option available too, and that's the 2 litre duel turbo diesel - 210 HP for the automatic and 180HP for the six-speed manual.