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  1. So, while loaned out, driver's wiper stopped moving. My friend tightened the nut and it started working again, for a while.  
    I checked and the motor is working - shaft is turning inside the arm.
    I pulled the arm, set the position and tightened it down....things seem OK, but I'm wondering.....should the taper on the inside of the arm have splines in it?? Or does it just sort of look like it has messed up splines because it was tightened down, but then stripped by the motor shaft turning back and forth while the arm didn't move?
    Should the splines on the motor shaft just cut their own grooves as you tighten the nut down??


    This is a 2016 Edge Titanium.

  2. I was in sudden need of a car and came across a good deal on a 2016 Edge Titanium.  Formerly we'd had an 06 Escape Hybrid we bought new.
    Enjoying the size and "bell & whistle" upgrades.
    Interested in issues and strong points of the car.


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